How To Measure A Beagle’s Height (Step By Step Guide)

You might want to keep track of your Beagle’s growth. You also need to know the height of your Beagle if you wish to get costumes, clothes, and other accessories made for them. To be able to do that, you need to know the correct and proper procedure of measuring your Beagle’s height. In this article, we will show you exactly that. Read on!


How To Measure A Beagle’s Height?

How To Measure A Beagle's Height
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1. Instruments You Need

You will require very simple and easily available tools for measuring your Beagle’s height. Mentioned below is what you are going to need.

1. Wall

This is the basic frame against which you can mark the height of your doggy. Marking the height of your Beagle on a wall will help you in witnessing and keeping track of their growth. You can also use a door or any other frame if you wish to.


2. Measuring Tape

The height of your Beagle is to be measured using a measuring tape. A basic one will do the job.


3. Pencil Or Marker

You can use a pencil or a marker to mark the height of your dog.


4. A Carpenter’s Level Or A Ruler

A carpenter’s level will help you with accuracy and preciseness. It can be used to ensure the correct leveling on your dog’s shoulder while measuring its height.


2. Steps To Measure Your Beagle’s Height

You are required to follow these few simple steps to get an accurate measurement of your Beagle’s height.

1. Let Your Beagle Stand Against A Wall

Make your Beagle stand against a wall. You will be using the wall as a frame to measure its height. Make sure that the Beagle stands in an upright position on its four paws. Its head should be straight. Neither should your Beagle be sitting nor leaning. The legs should not be bending but should be perpendicular to the floor.


2. Measure At The Beagle’s Withers

The right way to measure a dog’s height is from the withers. It is the highest point on your Beagle’s shoulder. You can locate this point simply by feeling it with your hand.


3. Place A Level Across Your Dog’s Withers

Place a carpenter’s level across the Beagle’s wither. Make sure it is straight and it’s one end it is touching the wall. Next, mark the wall accordingly, at the end bottom end of the carpenter’s level. You do not need to worry if you cannot find a carpenter’s level. You can use a ruler or stick, instead.


4. Measure

You can now measure the mark starting from the ground. Let your dog move, and using a measuring tape, measure from the mark to the level of the ground. That will tell the height of your Beagle.


3. Measuring Your Beagle’s Height Using A Measuring Stick

Using a measuring stick is an efficient way to measure your Beagle’s height accurately. You can find one online or from veterinary suppliers.

These tools have an adjustable arm attached to them. While the stick rests on the ground, the adjustable arm is convenient in measuring the dog’s height. This is done by placing the arm right above the Beagle’s withers.


4. Measuring Your Beagle’s Height Using A Wicket

You can also use a wicket to measure your Beagle’s height accurately. It is a U-shaped device that is readily available online. Wickets are mostly used to measure show dogs.

What you need to do is to fix the wicket on the ground. Next, bring your Beagle underneath the tool, and take the measurement. Your dog might now be very comfortable standing under a wicket, but try to make it comfortable.

Tip: If you want the proper measurement of your Beagle, make sure it remains still during the process. Beagles can get stubborn sometimes, so you can take the help of someone for holding your Beagle in place.


Needs Of Measuring Your Beagle’s Height

There can be many reasons for which you would want to measure your Beagle’s height. Let’s look at them.

1. Measuring Your Beagle For Crate

If you want to get a crate for your Beagle, you need to make sure the crate is spacious enough for your little buddy. Your Beagle should be able to lie down, stretch, and stand in it comfortably.

You will have to measure your Beagle’s height and length to get a suitable crate. This time, while taking the measurement, you will have to include your Beagle’s head and neck too. To measure its length, go from its nose to the end. For height, start measuring from the head up to the ground.

While measuring the height of your dog for a crate, you must include the head and neck as well. Start measuring from the top of his head to the ground. For length, start from the nose to the butt. Again, make sure your doggy stands still and straight while you are measuring it.

Always choose a crate that is about 5 – 7 inches bigger to make sure your doggy is comfortable and has enough space.


2. Measuring Your Beagle For Costumes And Clothes

Measuring Your Beagle For Costumes And Clothes
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Does the idea of taking your Beagle’s measurement for clothes intimidate you? Well, it is not that difficult. You need to take care of the neck, chest, and body.

In order to measure the neck, grab a simple measuring tape the neck. Wrapping the measuring tape around your Beagle’s neck, note down the measurement. The measurement must be done midway, between the ears and base of the neck.

You can measure your Beagle’s body by starting from the withers to the bottom of its tail.

In order to measure the chest of your dog, you will have to wrap the measuring tape around their withers and note down the measurement.

These measurements can aid you in buying any sort of clothes for your Beagle buddy.


3. Measuring Your Beagle For Muzzle

Measuring your Beagle’s muzzle can be a little bit difficult since it requires taking a lot of measurements. To measure the size of the muzzle for your Beagle, you will need an inch tape, a ruler, and probably an assistant to help you hold the dog.

First, measure the area between your dog’s eyes up to its nose. Next, measure the circumference of your Beagle’s snout. After this, measure the distance between your Beagle’s eye-line up to the back of its ears. Now measure your dog’s neck circumference. Using a stiff ruler, measure the width and height of your Beagle’s snout.

As per these details, you can get your Beagle’s muzzle made.


4. Measuring Your Beagle For Harness

Measuring Your Beagle For Harness
Photo By thecleo_corner

You need to take three measurements of your Beagle for a harness- chest, neck, and girth. Start by measuring the circumference of your Beagle’s neck using a measuring tape. To calculate the girth of your Beagle, run the inching tape around its body right behind the two front legs.

Now, start measuring below the Beagle’s throat for the chest strap and bring it up to the point from where you started measuring the girth. Make sure the chest measurement is perpendicular to the girth measurement.

Tip: Remember not to wrap the measuring tape too tight while taking measurements of your Beagle. Let it be a little loose.



1. How To Locate The Withers On A Beagle?

Withers are the highest point on a dog’s body, excluding its neck and head. Behind the neck of your Beagle, you will notice a bony point which is the withers. You can feel it by touching the area.



You must be aware by now of the proper way of taking your Beagle’s measurements. Be it for tracking their growth or for the sake of getting their costumes and other accessories made as per their size, you must know the trick!

Aren’t you excited already? Let us know what all costumes you’re planning to get made for your Beagle buddy.

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