How To Potty Train A Beagle (9 Easy And Effective Steps)

Are you worried about your Beagle creating a mess all around your house? Beagles are stubborn, and they will take some time to learn the correct way of doing things. The same goes for their bathroom needs. It is going to take you some time to teach your Beagle the proper bathroom manners.

With the proper training, you can teach your pup the suitable way to relieve themselves. Read on!


Ways To Potty Train Your Beagle

Ways To Potty Train Your Beagle
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It can be tiresome and time-consuming, sure! But the training is worth it. Your Beagle will eventually learn to take care of its bathroom needs on its own. There are a number of things you could do to teach you Beagle the proper bathroom etiquettes. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Crate Training

You can get a crate to potty train your Beagle. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate your Beagle adequately. Your Beagle should be able to stretch and lie down conveniently in it. However, it should not be large enough to make it convenient for your Beagle to pee or poop in it.

Crates can help train your Beagle to hold the pee in instead of doing it right there. You can let your Beagle stay inside the crate for some time or when you are not around. Dogs do not like soiling their beds, and hence they will try to control their urge to pee there.

Staying in crates will help your pup learn that they can control their pee till they can go to the toilet.

Once you let out your Beagle, let them relieve themselves. You can give them a specific corner in the backyard to do the job. This will make cleaning easier.


2. Frequent Toilet Trips

Beagle puppies need to be taken for potty breaks more than adult ones. Make sure to take them out for toilet needs frequently. This can be done after they wake up in the morning or generally from naps. It is also helpful to keep track of their peeing time so that you can take them out accordingly. It would be best if you took your Beagle out to its designated potty area every two hours.


3. Supervision

If you work from home or get to spend a lot of time at home with your Beagle, this method can be convenient for you.

What you need to do is to observe your Beagle keenly for the signs that they need to go to the bathroom. You will notice them sniffing at the floor or going around in circles.

When you notice this behavior, take your Beagle to the yard area that has been reserved for your dog to poop or pee in.


4. Puppy Pads

It can get especially difficult to teach young puppies to hold their pee. They need to pee several times a day. In such a case, using puppy pads can prove to be a smart option. You just need to keep these pads in an area in your house that would be easily accessible to your Puppy.

Whenever you feel your Beagle needs to take a pee, take it near the puppy pad. Keep doing it for some week, and your Beagle will eventually learn to pee on the puppy pads.


5. Build A Potty Routine For Your Beagle

You must have developed a schedule for your Beagles regarding their exercise and meals. Now you need to build one for their bathroom needs.

Take your Beagle out for the bathroom every morning and after each nap. Take them out to pee after all their meals and before bedtime too. We are sure this sounds tiresome, but they will soon get accustomed to the routine and start going out on their own.


6. Using Cue Words

It would really help if you used specific cue words for your Beagle when you expect it to pee or when it is done doing the job. Words such as “Toilet” or “Do the job” should be reserved especially for this purpose. This way, your Beagle will quickly understand what you are trying to say.


7. Reward Your Beagle With Tasty Treats

Reward Your Beagle With Tasty Treats
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It will really help if you show appreciation to your Beagle when it follows all the bathroom rules. You can offer it little treats. This will encourage your Beagle and keep them motivated to keep the good behavior up.


8. Show Patience While Potty-Training Your Beagle

Most importantly, be patient with your Beagle during potty training them. Refrain from punishing them if they end up peeing in the wrong places. Being consistent with the potty-training methods is the key to making your Beagle learn faster.


9. Visit The Vet If No Progress Is Seen

If you feel the potty training is not helping your Beagle at all and it is not showing any progress, see a vet. Taking your Beagle to a vet, in this case, will help you better. There can be health-related issues to it which your Beagle’s vet can detect and suggest a solution for.



How Can I Stop My Beagle Puppy From Peeing And Pooping In The House?

Once your Beagle follows all the bathroom rules, offer them small treats and praise them. This will motivate them to repeat this behavior. Once they realize pooping and peeing in the house is not appreciated, they will learn to refrain from doing it.



To clean up after your dog is one of the major challenges of owning one. We hope that by following the tips we have researched and provided for you in the article, you are able to teach your Beagle the Bathroom manners they need to know and follow.

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