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Who Are We (Our Story):

Hello There!!

Welcome to LovingEarth, a website solely curated for our beloved animal friends!

Lovingearth.co is a Tampa, Florida-based media company in the United States. The website was established in September 2015 for pet enthusiasts. Be it the feline beauties, furry buddies, or basically, any large or small animal, staying in the land, water, or air, under the sun, Lovingearth.co has it all covered.

We have a very dynamic and hardworking team of practicing veterinarians, vet technicians, and doctorates specializing in animal psychology. Together, they develop content backed by scientific research and practical experience with animals. Their expertise helps our website flourish as well as keep you and your pet friends happy.

Lovingearth.co offers practical solutions and helpful advice for animals, coming straight from our very own informed animal experts. Each source and each piece of information is fact-checked several times before it reaches out to you.

After all, we don’t compromise on authenticity when it comes to helping our critter mates!

Our Aim:

At LovingEarth, we aim to,

  • Curate articles with dedication and efficiency for ANY and EVERY pet.
  • Help pet owners and pet enthusiasts with various concerns like pet nutrition, health, grooming, pet behavior, pet safety, etc.
  • Provide articles that are authentic and unbiased i.e., backed by scientific research and practical experiences.
  • Solve any pet-related problems
  • Help you find the right pet accessories
  • Provide pet grooming and training tips and tricks
  • Make your and your pet’s life easier
  • Make you a confident and able pet parent

……And Lastly….keep your pet happy!

What we Do:

At LovingEarth.com, our critter experts are very trustworthy and reliable. They only choose and provide information that has relevant proof, is backed by scientific evidence, and is published or well acclaimed.

We write about cats, dogs, aquarium fishes, birds, hamsters, horses, and other types of pets. You will find information related to:

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Health and wellness
  • Grooming
  • Medical assistance
  • Animal behavior
  • Animal toys
  • Training tips and tricks
  • Breed comparisons
  • Recommended products for animals

And a lot more!!

Not just compile information; we understand the animal’s psychology and behavior traits ourselves. Accordingly, we recommend what could be best for your furry or scaled mate!

We are also acclaimed for suggesting location-specific breeders to make pet parenting an easy process!

Our Experts

Dr. Aram Baker (DVM)
Dr. Talon Cheeco (DVM, VETERINARIAN)
Dr. Talon Cheeco (DVM)
Dr. Lura Haulina (DVM, VETERINARIAN)
Dr. Lura Haulina (DVM)
Dr. Lora LaBranche (DVM, VETERINARIAN)
Dr. Lora LaBranche (DVM)
Dr. Ashley Berthelot, D.V.M.
 Dr. Ashley Berthelot (DVM)

Dr. Baker has worked at Santa Clarita Animal Hospital for over 21 years. We are honoured to have one of the most experienced vets in our team to care for your furry family members.

Our Editorial Process:

Before we publish our articles, our team maintains a proper and thorough process so that you get nothing but complete authenticity.

Step 1. Doing Research:

Our first step is conducting proper and extensive research. We consult veterinarians and pet experts for their practical and real-time knowledge. We also conduct surveys to get a better perspective about the varying pet industry trends.

Step 2. Writing and Adding Media like Images & Videos:

Once we have all the required information, our writers start dribbling. To make our articles more engaging, we include images, videos, and infographics to target a wider audience.

Step 3. Verification based on Science:

We do not leave science behind as we’d like our articles actually to help your pets lead better and healthier lives. We ensure that all the facts mentioned in our articles are scientifically correct so that there are no negative repercussions later on.

Step 4. Verifying By Experts Editorial Team:

Along with that, our articles get checked by our editorial team to make them more engaging and free-flowing. They remove the fillers so that you only get direct information.

Step 5. Checking Facts by Veterinarian:

It goes without saying that before we publish our articles, we get them checked by a veterinarian. As per their notes, we make the required changes, if any.

Step 6. Publishing on Site:

Last but not least, our articles go live on our website, waiting to be read by our fellow pet parents.

How We Earn:

We love pets! And we love writing about any and every animal. Therefore, our scientific and rigorous research along with a team of animal experts helps us to write about any pet-related product.

We are a part of the amazon affiliate program. Therefore, we list and review pet-related products and accessories while providing you with detailed first-hand information about the product.

Any purchase redirected through our website helps us earn affiliate revenue.

We have no hidden agendas, and our information is free of cost for readers and pet lovers. Our sole purpose is to help you reach your desired pet accessory or product and provide useful pet-related information.

By advertising animal products, we generate revenue that helps us maintain and update the website for you.

Veterinary disclaimer

LovingEarth.co does not intend to provide veterinary advice. While we provide information resources and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.