Ask A Vet

You can’t rely on the information readily available on the internet when any wrong step can put your pet’s life in danger. In that case, you may want to trust the voice of a vet who can help you out in the best way possible. To provide the best veterinary advice we, at LovingEarth have built up a team of experienced veterinarians for your assistance.

You can send in your queries to us through this page and one of our team will reach out to you with advisory solutions as soon as possible. That said, you should definitely rush to a vet for any life-risking situation for your pet.

Again, please note that this page is not for any case of emergency. In such cases, you should immediately rush to a nearby vet office or animal hospital. Also, the veterinarians here will not prescribe any medication whatsoever.

The internet has become a cesspool of information. And you don’t want to follow any hyped trend or suggestions when you know it could hurt your pet. Well, to provide you with the right advice, our team of experts will help you with actionable tips and suggestions to address your problems.

No matter whether you own a cat, dog, fish, hamster, horse, or reptile our team has licensed veterinarians from across the US. So don’t hesitate and shoot your questions for expert opinions and advice.

    Our Experts

    Dr. Talon Cheeco (DVM, VETERINARIAN)

    Dr. Talon Cheeco (DVM)

    Dr. Lura Haulina (DVM, VETERINARIAN)

    Dr. Lura Haulina (DVM)

    Dr. Lora LaBranche (DVM, VETERINARIAN)

    Dr. Lora LaBranche (DVM)

    Dr. Ashley Berthelot, D.V.M.

     Dr. Ashley Berthelot (DVM)