Can a Beagle be an Inside Dog? Is a Beagle dog good for a small house

Can a Beagle be an Inside Dog

Beagles are a popular choice among people for being one of the “ideal family dog breeds.” Their warm and friendly behavior makes them excellent companions to your family. Beagles were initially bred as hunting dogs, which makes them perfect for the outdoors. Now, the question arises: are Beagles suitable for staying inside? The answer is … Read more

5 Ways to Help Teething Beagle Puppy – Beagle Puppy Teething Stages, Age and Timeline

5 Ways to Help Teething Beagle Puppy

Did you know Beagles are born toothless, and when they grow old, they have 42 teeth? Yes, they have 10 more teeth than us! Teething can be an unpleasant experience for your Beagle. They will go through problems and may act differently as a result. They may become aggressive and nibble at your hand. So, … Read more

How To Help A Beagle Lose Weight : 9 Easy And Effective Ways to Help Your Beagle Lose Weight

Help Beagles Lose Weight

Beagles are fond of food; that is why they tend to gain weight quickly and can be affected by obesity. Two factors are critical in preventing obesity in Beagles: first, provide them with a balanced diet and daily exercise. They can gain unhealthy weight if you cannot manage any of them. Obesity in Beagles also … Read more