Beagle As An Apartment Dog – Pros And Cons

Are you thinking of getting a Beagle as a pet? You must be wondering whether they would be suitable to live with you in an apartment. While Beagles are known to make good apartment dogs, there can be a few concerns that you might want to address.

In this article, we will discuss whether Beagles are suitable to live in apartments. We look at both the pros and cons of having a Beagle as an apartment dog and see how the cons can be fixed.


Can Beagles Live In Apartments? 

Can Beagles Live In Apartments
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The answer is yes! Beagles have the qualities that would make them suitable for living in an apartment. If you want your dog to live with you in an apartment, you would expect few qualities in them. Smaller dogs make good apartment dogs since they can adjust in smaller spaces. Beagles are comparatively smaller in size, and they get along well with people. These factors make them a good choice for the purpose.

Beagles can conveniently live in apartments as long as they are meeting their daily exercising requirements. Making sure that your Beagle meets its daily energy expenditure target will keep your Beagle happy.

Let’s further delve into the advantages and disadvantages of having a Beagle as an apartment dog.


Advantages Of Living With A Beagle In An Apartment

Having a Beagle is having great company. They are loving, active, playful, and affectionate. Here are the pros that you will enjoy with a Beagle living with you in your apartment.

1. Beagles Are Loving And Affectionate

Beagles are very loving dogs and are fond of their owners. They do not shy away from showing their affection. You will find them being all cuddly with you. It only shows that they admire you.

Having an apartment Beagle can prove to be good for you, especially if you live alone. You will have the perfect four-legged company and a constant feeling of being loved unconditionally.


2. You Will Become More Active

We all know a Beagle is one energetic creation! They love and need to run, exercise, play each day. Taking your Beagle for daily walks is going to be your duty. But the good thing is, along with benefitting your dog, this will also help you.

You will have to put your laziness aside and can no longer dodge going for walks. Your apartment Beagle can be the perfect motivation for you to get up, tie your running shoes and get moving. Now that is a healthy advantage, all thanks to Beagles!


3. Low Maintenance

A lot of people look for dogs that would be low in maintenance. Beagles checkmark this quality too. Since they have short coats, they do not need regular and expensive grooming. However, you cannot just completely get away with attending to your Beagle’s needs.

They do require cleaning and regular bathing. Cleaning their nails, teeth, and ears is essential. It is not a tough job to groom Beagles. Other than that, take care of your dog’s appointments with its vet, its vaccines, and its medical needs.


4. They Can Be A Source Of Happiness

You will tend to be happier in the company of a Beagle. Beagles just know how to show affection and have a strong sense of belonging to their owners. They are pretty friendly dogs, and it is a delight to have them around. In addition, they are sociable and good with other people and animals too.


5. Their Size

The size of Beagles is an essential factor that makes them good apartment dogs. Beagles are small. They can grow up to 13-16 inches in height.

It is comparatively easier for them to adjust in smaller spaces. They will need open space as well. Public parks will be good enough for them.


6. Beagles Can Get Along With Cats

This is a piece of great news for all the cat owners who wish to get a dog too. Due to their history of hunting in packs, they are friendly towards other animals that can provide company. A cat is one such animal for them.

Your cat and your Beagle can get along well, but for that to happen, you need to let the two animals get introduced to each other. Also, it would help if you trained your Beagle before bringing it to a family with a cat in it.


Disadvantages Of Having A Beagle As An Apartment Dog

Disadvantages Of Having A Beagle As An Apartment Dog
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Along with a lot of pros, there can be a few disadvantages as well, of raising your Beagle in an apartment. Let’s see what they are.

1. No Backyard

Since Beagles love to spend their time playing and are fond of exploring, having a backyard would be nice for them. They can play there in a carefree manner and have all the fun.

However, living in an apartment means having no access to a backyard. But this isn’t something that cannot be fixed. You can daily take your Beagle to the play parks. This will give them enough space to run around and enjoy the open area.


2. Barking And Yelling

Beagles are pretty expressive in nature. You will find them barking for many reasons. It could be because they want something, or because they spot a stranger, or in excitement. Whatever the reason, it might get uneasy for the other people to tolerate your Beagle’s barking.

This is one disadvantage of keeping your Beagle with you in an apartment. However, you can train your Beagle and teach it not to bark so much. Make sure that it follows your command when you ask it to stop barking.


3. Beagles Can Be Mischievous And Destroy Your Stuff

Beagles are somewhat mischievous, especially the younger lot. You might have to deal with your Beagle chewing on your furniture and other stuff. Residing in a closed and small space can bring out their mischievous side even more.

The trick to deal with this problem is to give your Beagle the toys meant for it. They can chew on the toys instead. In addition to that, keep your important things away from them.


4. Apartment Regulations Around Pets

There can be regulations laid out by your landlord regarding pets. There can also be certain landlords who do not allow pets in their apartments. In that case, it can get difficult for you, and you might have to look for a home for your Beagle or move out yourself.


Training Your Beagle To Live In An Apartment

If you intend to live with your Beagle in an apartment, you will have to give certain basic training to them. Let’s see the two most crucial things your Beagle needs to be taught before becoming an apartment dog.

1. Teach Them To Obey Your Commands

They need to learn to obey and follow your commands. Your Beagle can not go on barking incessantly in an apartment. Your neighbors might get disturbed and would not appreciate it. It is essential that your Beagle knows to stop barking once you command them to do so. You can begin by teaching them simple commands. Teach them by using certain cue words to remember.


2. Give Your Beagle A Potty-Training

It is absolutely necessary to teach your Beagle the right way to relieve themselves. You wouldn’t want to see the mess all-around your house. Nor would you like your place to stink. Your Beagle needs to learn where would be the suitable place to go for potty.

You should design the schedule of your doggy, keeping in mind their toilet timings, and take them to the bathroom accordingly till they get used to it and become fully trained. Take your Beagle to the toilet after all of their naps.



Your Beagle might need some time to get adjusted to the apartment life but will eventually come around. Training is the keyword here. With proper training, whatever little problems there could be can be avoided.

Moreover, it is for you to remain patient throughout the process because it is going to be worth it. Beagles can make amazing apartment dogs, and you will love every bit of the time spent in their loving company.

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