10 Things That Make Beagles Happy

Have you ever heard the phrase: tired dogs are happy dogs? Even if you haven’t, it is undoubtedly the truth, and Beagles are no exceptions.

Beagles are naturally happy dogs. Usually, their happiness stems from exertion. But apart from regular exercise (which is a must!), what are the other things that keep them that way? What creative things can you do to satisfy them?

Look no further as this article will tell you exactly that.


What Make Beagles Happy?

1. Meals

Dog Meal

We have a range of versatile food. Why can’t dogs have some varieties? Interesting meals equals a happy Beagle. For instance, you can make their meals appetizing by adding new ingredients to their regular meals on a daily basis. Introduce them to different tastes slowly because just like us, they need options. Otherwise, they will get bored.

Give them dog-friendly fruits like apples, bananas, oranges, and pears.

Beagles are food-lovers, so they are very responsive when given treats during training. For treats, you can use carrots and apples. If you want to keep your Beagle preoccupied and happy for longer periods, you can get them frozen carrots and apples to munch on.

Just providing them with a balanced diet should keep them pleased.


2. Dog Parks

Dog Park

Beagles are social dogs. They get along well with others and are friendly. However, socializing them early on can make them very welcoming. Beagles crave company and love the outdoors.

A dog park is a perfect spot. It has tunnels and slides for them to play with, but most of all, they have more dogs! Interacting with other dogs will keep them happy and energetic. They can also get rid of all the stored up energy.

Warning: Please refer to this dog etiquette guide before taking your dog to the park.


3. Sniffing

Sniffing Beagle
Photo By polly_the_beaglegirl

Beagles are hounds, so they have a strong sense of smell. They can lock on to something and wander around sniffing whatever it is. But they love sniffing things. Their sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than humans. They have 220 million receptors and can sniff up to 50 different odors.

So, let them sniff out!

Although it is safe to keep them on a leash every time you go for a walk, don’t tug on them when they are sniffing. You can play hide and treat to keep them happy and curious. Beagles were part of hunter dogs, so they love tracking. You can take them on barn hunts to see them in action.


4. Keeping Family Around

Keeping Family Around Beagle
Photo By a_beagle_named_bruno

These dogs are family dogs. Moreover, they are kid-friendly and sociable. A Beagle will happily spend his time meeting new people and socializing. Even if you don’t have social skills, your dog will make up for it.

Take them to family gatherings and get-togethers. They are very affectionate and love bonding moments with humans. Familiarize them with your people.

A house full of entertaining people is practically a happy haven for Beagles.


5. Tug of War

Tug of War With Beagle
Photo By barry_the__beagle_baz

Beagles are energetic and always ready to play.

Since they love food and tracking things, Beagles are very mouth-oriented. They love tug of war as it involves chewing and licking, and pulling. It will not only release their energy but also deliver serotonin, a happy hormone, to their brains. Chewing also reduces stress and anxiety.

But you need to know the right way to play tug. People claim that letting them “win” can make them aggressive, but the opposite is true. Check out this link to know more about this theory. If you scroll to the end, they also explain all the rules.


6. Play Dates

Beagle Play Dates
Photo By cest_mu0301

Like we mentioned before, Beagles are social creatures. They are playful and outgoing. Hanging out and playing with other dogs will make them happy as they were initially bred in packs.

Dogs deserve their own set of friends. To make it more active, you can involve toys too.

You can ask your friends or family members to bring their dogs. But if that is difficult, then modern technology is the solution. There are plenty of play date apps on PlayStore.


7. Play Various Games

You can get creative in this aspect. They are not only athletic but playful and full of mischief. And, they always want to engage in fun stuff.

Beagles are also intelligent, curious, and clever. So, you can spice it up to keep them mentally stimulated.

Things you can do:

  • Food puzzle
  • Fetch, Hide and Seek or Hide and Treat.
  • Cup game
  • Tug of War
  • Brain games
  • Obstacle course

As these dogs are good sniffers and love to dig, you can also try Treasure Hunt. Make them smell something and let them find it.


8. Massage

Beagle Massage
Photo By carolinebuchanan284

Why should we limit massages to just ourselves? Beagles love human contact, so they definitely love messages. Moreover, massages can make anyone happy and relaxed.

You can either get them professionally massaged or learn how to do it yourself. Don’t do it when they are anxious, do it when they are calm or sleepy. Preferably after walks.

Beagles are known to get hip dysplasia. So, massage can be good for their body.

You can include this to be a part of the grooming process. This is a great time for you to bond with them.

Keep the sessions short. Make them fun and interesting. Remember, treats and praise always make everything better.


9. Flirt Pole

A flirt pole is a long pole attached with rope. The end of the rope has a toy to catch the Beagle’s attention. All you have to do is hold the pole and drag it across the floor or mid-air.

Since Beagles love activities, this game is perfect for them to keep them satisfied. It is a fun game that involves a lot of running, jumping, and chewing. This is a chasing game, and Beagles love to chase. It arouses their natural instincts and reminds them of catching prey.

This is also a very tiring game for them and no effort for you. You can simply watch them revel in their happiness.

You can also make your own at home. Here is how:

  1. Get a PVC Pipe, rope, and a dog toy.
  2. Thread it through the pipe and tie at the end.
  3. Attach the toy to the end of the rope.


10. KONG Toy

Kong toys are the most famous producers of dog toys with good durability. Since they love solving puzzles and adore food, you can fill the toy with dog food. Cover the top with peanut butter or something they like and freeze it before letting them have at it.

You can do something similar with a water bottle and see how long it takes to open the cap.

This toy also encourages them to grow healthy chewing habits.

Regarding toys, don’t hesitate to buy them new ones. Sometimes they can get bored with the old ones and want something new.



The happiness of our dogs is paramount. These are beings with their personality, quirks, and behavior. As owners, it is not only a privilege but also your duty to make them happy.

All you have to do is keep choosing from various things to do that make them happy. Tiring them out will make them happy and healthy. But you can also get them to interact, play games, and try to raise their curiosity.

Experiment, but take it easy.

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