Are Beagles Good Family Dogs? The Good And The Bad

Are you planning to add a Beagle to your family? You must be wondering whether Beagles make good family dogs or not. We will take you through all the essential information you need to know about Beagles as family dogs- the good and the bad!


Pros Of Owning A Beagle

Pros Of Owning A Beagle
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Beagles have proven to be great family dogs and are preferred by many. Here are a few qualities that make them desirable as family dogs.

1. Beagles Are Sociable

What makes Beagles so good as family dogs is their quality to be sociable. Beagles are bred to live in packs. Hence, they have it in them to be sociable. They are happy, affectionate, and playful little dogs.


2. Beagles Are Medium-Sized

Beagles Are Medium-Sized
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The size of a Beagle makes it a good option for living indoors as a family dog. It can also adjust in apartments due to its size. Beagles usually grow up to 13 – 15 inches in height. Hence, they do not need a lot of space.


3. Beagles Adapt Easily

Beagles can be quite versatile that way. They can live in rural settings as well as urban settings. It is good to have an open yard for them to play and run around in, but they can also adjust to being apartment dogs. You can take them to dog parks as well.


4. Beagles Are Friendly In Nature

Beagles are known to be friendly dogs. They are good with people, as well as with other dogs. In fact, if you already own a cat, you have nothing to worry about. Beagles are good with cats as well.


5. Beagles Are Low Maintenance Dogs

This has to be one of the greatest benefits of having Beagles. These dogs tend to have a shorter coat, hence do not require complicated grooming. However, you need to take care of their hygiene and make sure they are clean. Take your Beagle to the vet for check-ups.


6. Beagles Can Make Good Watchdogs

Beagles usually start barking when they spot strangers or something unusual. They are also protective in nature and have guarding instincts, which makes them suitable as watchdogs. Even though they are not aggressive in nature, their barking can make you alert.


7. Beagles Are Energetic Dogs

Beagles are highly energetic dogs and need daily exercise and playtime. They can prove to be good company for you and your family during walks, jogging, or running. An added plus point to this is that Beagles can help you get rid of your laziness. You’ll have to play with them regularly and take them for walks, which will also help you with your fitness.


Cons Of Owning A Beagle

While a Beagle dog is an excellent choice as a family dog, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration before getting one. Here are the cons of having a Beagle as a pet.

1. Beagles Bark A Lot

Beagles Bark A Lot
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Now this one can be a problem. It can be pretty annoying for your neighbors when your Beagle starts barking or whining. Beagles can sometimes go on barking incessantly, which can be disturbing for the people in the family, as well. A Beagle’s loudness is one of the things to take into consideration before getting one.


2. Beagles Can Be Destructive At Times

Your Beagle might chew on your furniture or other stuff. In fact, you will find them chewing on anything they find. This happens especially when they are puppies. However, they can be given toys that they can chew on instead. Also, it is better to keep your important stuff out of your Beagle’s reach.


3. Beagles Love To Dig

Beagles also have a habit of digging in the dirt. This is one of their favorite things to do. They will often surprise you with holes in your garden or backyard. The solution to this is to keep an eye on your Beagle and training it not to dig around.


4. Beagles Undergo Seasonal Shedding

While we know Beagles are low maintenance dogs, they undergo seasonal shedding of their fur. You will notice a lot of Beagle hair scattered here and there in your house. Also, it can get a little messy to clean it all the time.


5. Beagles Can Be Stubborn

You will have to deal with the Beagle’s stubborn nature. It is not so easy to train them and can be quite a challenging task! Beagles have quite a strong sense of smell since they are scent hounds. Due to this quality, they might get distracted easily and start sniffing things. Your Beagle might also ignore your commands at times and do what it wants to do.

All you need is a bit of patience while dealing with a Beagle. They are adorable, and with some training, they will learn to behave.


Are Beagles Suitable For Working Families?

Beagles are affectionate dogs who crave company. They are the happiest when with families. If you leave your Beagle alone, they might develop separation anxiety. A Beagle does not handle loneliness very well.

Being left alone can cause your Beagle to develop stress, which in turn will result in destructive behavior.

In case everyone in your family is working, you must consider this factor before getting a Beagle.



By now, you must be aware that Beagles can make amazing family dogs. We have framed both their pros and their cons for you. Taking all the factors into consideration, you would be able to decide better whether a Beagle would be suitable for your family or not.

Also, we hope you soon find the perfect dog buddy for yourself and your family.

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