How To Clean Your Beagle’s Ears? (Detailed Guide)

Hygiene and cleanliness are crucial for your Beagle, as it is for any other pet. Beagles are quite low on maintenance; however, they have some basic requirements and needs that must be attended to. Ear hygiene is one of them.

Now you must be wondering about the proper way of cleaning and taking care of your Beagle’s ears. We will also look at the causes of ear infections in Beagles. We have researched and got it all covered for you in this article. Read on to find out!


Why Should I Clean My Beagle’s Ears?

Why Should I Clean My Beagle's Ears
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Like the rest of the body, keeping the ears of your Beagle is also vital. Beagles have long and floppy ears that are prone to catching an ear infection. Due to the floppiness of their ears, the airflow can be blocked in a Beagle’s ear canal, and this may result in moisture in the ear. That makes your Beagle’s ears prone to the growth of bacteria. They are also susceptible to dirt.

Cleaning your Beagle’s ears will prevent them from getting an ear infection. Honestly, it is not that difficult a task to clean the ears of a Beagle. You need to follow a few simple steps, and you are done. Let’s look at the procedure.


How To Clean Your Beagle’s Ears?

The process of cleaning your Beagle’s ears will not take much of your time. Here are the steps you need to follow to get the job done.

1. Collect The Products To Be Used

You need to begin by gathering all the products that will be required in the cleaning process. These include an ear cleaner and a few cotton balls. Apart from that, you might need some cleaning fluid for canines to get rid of the bacteria. You need to check that the products that you are using for your Beagle’s ears are free of harsh chemicals.


2. Check For Infection

As we have mentioned already, a Beagle’s floppy ears make them more susceptible to infections. This is because dirt and moisture easily get trapped in the ears. You will be able to detect and infect just by looking into your Beagle’s ears.

If you notice some sort of a discharge or swollen tissues, it is a possible sign of an ear infection. If your dog has constantly been itching its ears or giving off a foul odor from the ears, that could be a sign of an ear infection, as well. Constant tilting of the head to one side could also be an indicator of an infection. In that case, you must seek the help of a vet since ear infections can have a serious impact if not treated.

In case you do not see any signs of an ear infection, you can move on cleaning your Beagle’s ears.


3. Find A Suitable Time To Clean Your Beagle’s Ears

It will be great if you keep in mind the right timing for cleaning your dog’s ears. Wait for the moment when your Beagle is in a calm mood. At the time of cleaning of ears, your dog should not be distracted. Hence, the best time to clean the ears of your Beagle would be when it is relaxing or sleeping.


4. Put The Ear Cleanser In The Beagle’s Ear

Grab the ear canine ear cleansing liquid and squeeze a few drops inside your dog’s ear. You will be required to move the floppy ear flap of your Beagle first and then do it. Repeat it for the other ear.

You can get a cleaning solution for your Beagle from a vet.


5. Massage Your Beagle’s Ears

Once you are done putting drops in your Beagle’s ears, you can massage its ears. Close the Beagle’s ear flap, and it a massage near the base of the ear. Doing so will make sure that the cleanser drops reach all the parts of your dog’s ears. Again, do it for both ears. You will have to be pretty careful and cautious while massaging your Beagle’s ears to ensure that you don’t irritate or hurt them.


6. Wipe Ears Using Cotton Balls

The next step would be to use some cotton balls to clean your Beagle’s ears. Cotton will feel soft and gentle on your dog’s ears, and wiping with it will not cause any bruises.

The way to wipe your Beagle’s ear is to move its ear flap and then clean the ear using a cotton ball. Do this on the other ear as well. Clean off any dirt or wax from both ears. Throw the used cotton balls away and do not use them again.

Tip: Use different cotton balls for both ears.


What Causes Ear Infections In Beagles?

Due to their shape, a lot of undesirable things can enter your Beagle’s ears and stay there. Now that is what leads to an ear infection. Let’s see what the things that cause ear infections in Beagles are.

1. Foreign Bodies

Beagles are originally scent hounds. We know they love sniffing on things. Their noses constantly touch the ground, and since their ears are also long and floppy, they might collect a lot of debris in their ears.

Grass awns are one such example. They can travel up to the ear canal and cause a lot of irritation to your Beagle’s ear. A serious ear infection can be caused if it reaches the eardrum of your Beagle.

If your Beagle displays symptoms of an infection, take it to a vet immediately.


2. Moisture

This could be a common reason for causing ear infections in a Beagle. A Beagle’s ear flaps are designed in such a way that they prevent proper airflow inside the air. This results in a moist ear, which is prone to infections.


3. Ear Mites

Ear mites are tiny and contagious pests of the arachnid family and can barely be seen by the naked eye. Due to its contagious nature, ear mites are easily transmitted from one dog to another.

Ear mites feed on the ear wax of your dog. Your Beagle’s ears can get very itchy because of mites, causing discomfort. It may also result in damaging of ears.

It will help your Beagle if you see a vet. Your dog’s vet might recommend an ear solution that will help get rid of the ear mites.


4. Bacterial And Yeast Infections

Again, bacteria and fungi flourish in moist environments. Keep your Beagle’s ears dry and clean. Also, poking too much into the ears can lead to infections of this sort.


5. Swimmer’s Ear

When excess water gets trapped inside your Beagle’s ear, it can cause an infection. It can usually happen after your Beagle’s swimming. Make sure to wipe dry your dog’s ears after the swimming sessions.


6. Excessive Earwax

Do not let excessive ear wax build up inside your Beagle’s ears. This will make them even more susceptible to an ear infection.


How Often Should You Clean Your Beagle’s Ears?

How Often Should You Clean Your Beagle's Ears
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Due to their ears’ anatomy, Beagles are very prone to get an ear infection. While you can try to reduce it, you cannot altogether avoid it.

On your part, you can clean your Beagle’s ears once every two weeks. Doing so will remove the excess ear wax from the Beagle’s ears and also keep the ears clean from dirt and debris. You must also make sure to keep your Beagle’s ears always dry since moist ears will be an invitation to infections.



You must not neglect the ear hygiene of your Beagle. Infections of the ear can be very irritating and sometimes painful for your four-legged buddy. It is your job to make sure that your Beagle’s ears are clean and healthy.

We hope the tips mentioned in the article will help you understand your dog’s ear hygiene and the ways to attain that better. Despite that, if your Beagle catches an ear infection, the best thing to do would be to show them to a vet.

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