How To Stop Your Beagle from Chewing Things?

Being a Beagle pet owner brings joy. Beagles are adorable, but not when they chew almost everything in your house.

To be specific, there are various reasons why Beagles chew furniture or objects. One could be that they are teething. At such stages, dogs require supervision to ensure they get strong teeth without any bite marks around your home.

However, your doggo can be trained not to chew things. Firstly, it’s crucial to understand why your Beagle is chewing before. Then, all you’ll have to do is follow good strategies.

This is why we have prepared a short guide for all Beagle parents! It has details right from the why to how. You’ll also find some additional tips too that’ll make things easier to understand. So without further ado, let’s go ahead with our article!


5 Reasons Behind Chewing

A puppy may chew on things to ease teething, for anxiety relief, or because of boredom. If the chewing is excessive, then you must take steps to stop it.

You should note other reasons behind your Beagle’s chewing, like medical problems like dental disease or gum disease. According to reports, about 80% of dogs get affected by oral issues by 2.

Besides, when dogs don’t get proper nutritional food for their bodies, they unintentionally chew things. Therefore, Beagle parents must take quick action to divert their dog’s attention to chew suitable things.

1. Teething

Beagle Teething
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The first typical reason for your dog chewing should be because they are teething. Beagles need to chew to have strong jaws when they grow. Moreover, teething is a crucial growth stage of a Beagle.

Thus, any pet owner cannot neglect this phase and pay attention to their dental health. Regardless, that’s not the real issue here. The main thing is that Beagles get the urge to chew, and it cannot be helped whatsoever.

Apparently, during this period, dogs feel itchiness or irritation in their gums. So, to get relief from this oral pain, your puppy is left with no choice but to chew it away.


2. Separation Anxiety

If you notice that your puppy gets anxious or whiny when you leave them alone and then engages in destructive chewing, it may be an indication of separation anxiety.

Simply put, it is a condition where a dog becomes highly attached to the owner. Your  Beagle may also experience distress when they are alone.

There are many reasons your Beagle may undergo separation anxiety, including being alone for the first time, any previous trauma, or the loss of a family member.

In short, your dog might be feeling lonely without you. Hence, they chew things to calm or comfort themselves.


3. Boredom

Beagle Boredom
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Another relatively common reason is that your dog is just bored. Beagles love to wander and do activities. However, if they don’t get enough playtime, they’ll eventually get bored.

Hence, there are many similarities between a Beagle and a toddler. If you don’t give enough attention, they’ll become cranky.

Anyway, breeds like Beagle cannot always be confined to a space. They need physical activities along with mental stimulation. In the absence of these, dogs chew things out of boredom.

Also, let’s not forget that it’s a difficult task to keep an eye on your dog while he’s roaming around the house. This is why the chewing habit might seem challenging to break.


4. No Physical Exercise

As a Beagle parent, you must have observed that they are super energetic! Thus, sometimes it may even be not easy to put them to sleep. The reason behind this is Beagles prefer to rest during the day and play at night.

Therefore, you have to do various fun activities, or else they use their energy by chewing. Since Beagles are a breed that hunts, they are pretty enthusiastic and full of stamina. As a result, without regular physical exercises, Beagles opt to chew. Also, by chewing unnecessarily, they even display their frustration of not playing as much as they want to.


5. Hunger

Hungry Beagle
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A beagle’s chewing can be a sign of many different things. One of them is a low-calorie diet. Beagles are creatures that have a high metabolism and need to eat often.

You can look for a typical recommended amount of food for your puppy. Beagles that weigh in the range of 25-30 pounds will require 674-922 calorie intake every day.

However, if these amounts don’t meet a dog’s needs with high metabolism, they try to find food elsewhere.


How To Stop a Beagle From Chewing Everything?

1. Dog Repellent Spray

Beagles are notorious dogs and so could chew more minor things or, worse, swallow them similarly; as I have mentioned before, it’s quite tough to check whether or not your dog is chewing an inappropriate thing. Overall it’s too hectic of a job.

So, to avoid such terrible circumstances, Beagle parents can use a spray that’s dog repellent. This spray smells foul and tastes bitter. Even if your doggo tries to put their mouth where they shouldn’t, the bad smell and taste will disgust your dog.

Therefore, it’s perfect for keeping your Beagle away from harmful things without much hassle.

Tip: The repellents may wear off soon and thus need to be applied again. So, this could be a temporary solution until you buy your Beagle a chew toy.


2. Provide Chew Toys

Dog Chew Toy

Since dogs need to chew, you can ensure they do with chew toys! These toys will help your Beagle to redirect their attention from things to their chew toy. Not only will they keep your doggo busy but also keep shoes safe!

Currently, there are many such unique toys available in the market. It can become confusing to choose an appropriate one. Hence, it’s suggested to pick a non-squeaky one to ensure they don’t make annoying sounds with it. Soon, your doggo will get habituated with it and leave your precious furniture alone. Thank me later 🙂 

Warning: Do not give your dog an old pair of shoes for chewing. This could promote bad behavior.


3. Regular Exercising is a Must!

Beagle Regular Exercising
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The best way to avoid this behavior from happening is to take your dog out and provide it with enough exercise. This will not only tire the dog but also offer it a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Generally, an adult Beagle should exercise for about 60 minutes a day.

You can take your beagle for a nice long walk or run with them, go to the dog park with them, or give them some physical attention. Not only will it help them out emotionally and mentally, but by doing so, you will also be getting much-needed exercise for yourself.

Dogs taken out for walks at least twice a day will find these destructive tendencies considerably reduced. This is because they have something to do, and they are less likely to feel bored or left out in the house.


4. Feed on Time

Feed on Time

Subsequently, make sure your dog’s nutritional and calorie intake is maintained. Beagles have their body requirements that are meant to be fulfilled by healthy food. Thus, your Beagle must get all the needed nutrients from its diet.

Likewise, many experts recommend that Beagles should eat a diet with different components of food. You can give them raw meat or vegetables. However, maintain a balanced diet that includes an adequate portion of proteins, fats, carbs, and fiber.

A wrong proportion can lead to your dog having an upset stomach or low muscle weight. So, it’s best to prepare a meal with a good ratio of proteins and carbs.

Another good option is to choose a suitable dog food brand. Nevertheless, It’s unnecessary to opt for manufactured foods, but it’s essential to check their quality beforehand. Apart from this, try to avoid foods with artificial additives.

You can also choose some of the top quality or recommended dog foods just remember to feed them regularly!

Warning: Please avoid feeding your Beagle with dog foods that contain fillers. They have no nutritional value. It’s an unnecessary item that’ll not be digested appropriately by your dog.


5. Ease Anxiety

As you know, Beagles are social dogs and require your attention. Hence, when you are around much, your beagle becomes anxious. To solve this, you can fix an activity to do with your dog.

It would not only help ease the anxiety your doggo has but also strengthen your bond. Even spending just about 15-20 mins with your Beagle will make them very happy!

Tip: Crate training works best to help your doggo get used to being happy without you around.



Altogether, there are several tactics that can stop your Beagle from chewing up everything! Apart from this, you can even train your dog with commands like leave it or stop it. This will help you to convey that chewing anything in the house isn’t allowed. Also, let me remind you that Beagles aren’t so tricky to manage once they are well trained! Other than that, it’s vital that your Beagle is fed on time, does regular exercise, and feels happy.

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