Why Do Beagles Drool? What To Do?

Not just Beagles, but almost every dog of different breeds drools a certain amount of saliva. More giant breeds like German Shepards or Bulldogs drool a lot more than smaller breeds like Chihuahua.

Well, Beagles are the breed that is neither too big nor too small. Thus, an average Beagle is bound to drool on a moderate level. They drool for various reasons, out of which panting to cool their body temperature is the most common one.

In this article, we talk about all the reasons why your Beagle drools. You can read further to learn more about why your dog drools and health issues related to drooling.


Reasons Behind your Beagle Drooling

As we talked about above, the main reason why your Beagle drools is to keep its body temperature maintained by panting. Other than this, excitement or hunger can also trigger salivating in your dog.

It is entirely normal for a dog to drool. If you are a Beagle owner, you should know that Beagles do not drool in an excessive amount. They are moderate droolers.

Let us look at some of the factors that trigger the salivary glands in your dog’s mouth.

1. Drooling before eating

Drooling before eating
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It is no surprise that food triggers the salivary glands in our mouths. Whenever we see a delicious dish, our mouth starts to water. Similarly, dogs tend to drool before they eat their food.

Not only Beagles, but every dog loves to eat. Though Beagles drool less than bigger dogs, they love food, so the first reaction their body gives out before eating is a lot of saliva in their mouth!


2. Drooling before exercise

Drooling before exercise
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Exercising can increase the body temperature in dogs. As we mentioned above, dogs tend to drool by panting when they moderate their body temperature.

This is why when you play around with your Beagle or are training him with exercises, it starts breathing heavily after some time. You should always give your dog a break when you notice heavy panting and extra drool dripping off its mouth.


3. Drooling while sleeping

When you are in a deep and cozy sleep, you often drool without realizing it. Similarly, when your dog is in a very comfortable and deep sleep, it involuntarily starts to drool. This happens because of the relaxed state of your Beagle’s jaw.

If you notice your Beagle drooling in your sleep, do not worry. It only means that your dog is having a great nap!


Other reasons for drooling

There are a few more reasons why your Beagle may drool. They are:

  • Excitement: When dogs get excited, they often start drooling. This does not depend on any breed. Every dog has an equally high excitement level regarding some situations like playing games, meeting their owners after a long time, eating their favorite food, and many more.
  • Stress and anxiety: Though it doesn’t happen often, your dog may start drooling in stressful situations. Going into crowded areas or staying alone at home are some of such stressful situations. If you leave your dog alone at home, it may develop separation anxiety. This anxiety can become a cause for its excessive drooling.
  • Motion sickness: Another reason your Beagle may drool is motion sickness. If you are traveling with your dog, there is a chance it may get motion sick. Drooling indicates vomiting signs. Thus, you must be careful with your Beagle while you are traveling.


Unhealthy drooling

If you notice excessive drooling or drooling in unusual situations, you must consult a vet. Your Beagle might be facing some of these health issues:

1. Indigestion

Upset stomach or indigestion can be a reason why your Beagle is drooling excessively. There may be a chance that your Beagle may have eaten something unsuitable or toxic. If that is the case, contact a vet immediately.


2. Dental issues

Some common dental problems like toothache or tooth/gum infection can cause your Beagle to drool a lot more than usual. You must keep an eye on your dog’s eating movements. Watch out for any signs of unease while your Beagle is chewing food.


3. Throat infection

Another health issue may be a throat infection. If your dog is experiencing any sort of unease in its throat, it will likely avoid swallowing its saliva. This may indicate a throat infection. Contact the vet asap.


4. Organ disease

With age, your dog could develop internal organs like kidneys or liver diseases. Such infections might cause your dog to drool a lot more than usual. Thus, you must always schedule regular checkups for your Beagle to keep its health in check.

Your fur buddy won’t be able to let you know if it is suffering from any of such health issues. Therefore, you must be vigilant enough to notice such symptoms. Make sure you don’t ignore any sign of discomfort your Beagle may be showing, and immediately seek help if the drooling is more than the usual moderate amount.



Understanding a dog requires a lot of observation. Drooling is usually expected in most dogs. Now you know a variety of reasons why your Beagle drools. Well, most of the time, there is no issue of concern if your Beagle is drooling. Nevertheless, if you notice unusual drooling or excessive drooling in your Beagle, it may be a sign of health discomfort.

Hence, it is entirely normal for your Beagle to drool most of the time. We hope this article helped you understand how drooling works in dogs.

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