Why does my dog take so long to poop?

Dogs taking too much time while pooping is the most annoying and frustrating thing ever! Almost all dog owners can relate to it at some or another point.

To your knowledge, your dog might do this on purpose, definitely not to trouble you, but there are many science-based reasons behind it.

Sometimes it can be a medical issue too! 

Dive deep into the root cause of such behavior so that you can help yourself and your poop dog!

Why Does My Dog Take Forever to Poop?

Why Does My Dog Take Forever to Poop?

Dogs will make you super confused with their strange behavior when it comes to poop time! But it is a dog thing, and here are some reasons to justify their picky nature:

 How Magnetic Poles Affect Dog Poop

Dogs use Earth’s magnetic fields to align their bowel and bladder movements, and they prefer to relieve themselves along the north-south axis. The study found that dogs actively avoid going to the bathroom east-west.

Fascinating right? So next time when your dog is spinning in so many circles but not willing to poop, maybe you should just check with the direction.

Is My Dog Constipated?

The short answer is no; the dog won’t take long to poop if they are constipated because they rarely get constipated. However, if your dog is straining a lot, having difficulty squatting, or changes in its stools color, shape, or consistency, you should contact your vet.


It might sound bizarre why would your dog feel anxious while performing such a daily routine? But the truth is, dogs have social anxiety! 

They use the droppings of other dogs and animals to receive the “neighborhood update” through the dropping and waste of other dogs.

Dogs can sense what other dogs have been doing, which dog is the most intimidating, sexual status, and many other things. So if there are scents encoded in messages left by other dogs on a particular spot, your dog might just refuse to do their business in the exact location.

Pain and mobility problems

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that affects multiple joints of your dog. Though it’s pretty standard in dogs, it can take your dog longer to go potty due to their inability to squat well. They will walk and squat to pass the urine or poop, which might take longer than usual.

If your dog recently had surgery or an issue, you should talk about other alternatives with your vet.  

Puppy is Shy

Would you like to take a poop when a few people are staring at you? Definitely no! Some dogs feel the same, and it is also known as performance anxiety in dogs. You should start considering the background for your dog, choose a less populated and quiet place, choose a slower time of the day, and empty streets to walk on.

This will help with your dog’s nervousness, making him feel more comfortable doing his business peacefully.

There is a desire to stay outside

Just right when the weather is excellent outside, you would wish to stay a bit longer than usual to enjoy it; well, this is the same with your dogs! 

Dogs enjoy being outside because the view is more fun and happening than a home, especially if they have been inside all day like a good boy.

Dogs need mental and physical stimulation, and being outdoors provides it to both, so you won’t be surprised to know why they take so long to poop.

Take a moment to smell the flowers (and then poop)

You remember, no matter how much love, comfort, endless affection, and free food you give to your dogs, they will run like criminals out of jail the moment they see a ray from an open door! It’s because dogs love to be outside.

So if you are a pet owner who only takes their dogs outside when it’s pre-poo time, think twice about why your dog is taking too much time! 

They will sniff around more, take time in deciding a perfect spot, walk extra slow, and do all other things to delay the procedure!

In such a case, poop time for dogs is the only time they get fresh air and a beautiful view of the other world so they will stall on purpose.

You can make sure your dog gets enough time to walk under the sun and have ample fresh air, and an excellent outdoor playtime will act as a cherry on the top! 

Ways to Help your Dog Poop Quickly:

Ways to Help your Dog Poop Quickly:
  • The ice cube method: take ice cubes and a pair of disposable gloves; put on the gloves and delicately lift your pet’s tail, utilizing your fingers to clear his butt-centric pathway. Embed the ice gradually into your canine’s sphincter and save it for around 30 seconds. Your dog will endeavor to push the awkward body from him, prompting compression. Later, he pushes out the ice shape; he additionally will undoubtedly push out some poop.
  • Training with a potty cue: using and teaching words like “hurry up” and “go poop.” will motivate your dog to go a bit faster. He will take his time, but using these words will give them a message that they need to hurry up.
  • Outdoor playtime: take your dog out more frequently, not just poo-pee walks but random walks; outdoor playtime is also necessary for your dog; this will fulfill his desire of being outside, which will eventually reduce the extra time your dog was taking before exploring the nature and outer world.

FAQs About Why Your Dog Takes So Long To Poop

  1. How to Make Your Dog Poop Faster?

To help your dog poop faster, you can try three methods we have mentioned in our article, outdoor playtime, training with a potty cue, and the ice cube method.

  1. How often should you walk your dog?

A walk of 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day, is the ideal amount of walk your dog needs to be taken on.

  1. When dogs poop, do they get embarrassed?

The short answer is yes, and some dogs might get embarrassed while pooping in public places. You should start considering the background for your dog, choose a less populated and quiet location, choose a slower time of the day, and empty streets to walk on.

  1. Should you let your dog Stop and Smell the Flowers?

Dogs’ noses are designed for smelling, so it’s natural for them to stop and smell the desirable or non-so-hot things. So yes, you should let your dog stop and sniff around, and smell the flowers.

Final Word

Dogs have their thinking and belief system, and we hope that we made it pretty clear in our article, so next time your dog is taking forever to poop, just remember that you have nothing to worry about.

Make sure to take your dog outside not only to poop but also for walks. However, if your dog is straining a lot, having difficulty squatting, or changes in its stool color, shape, or consistency, you should contact your vet.


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