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Whippets are a tall and skinny dog breed initially bred to hunt small game. Whippets are super kind and friendly to kids, but small pets can make their hunt instinct come out. 

If you’re looking for Whippet breeders, here’s a guide for you! We have listed some of the best Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA) for you to have a look at. We have additional information that will save your browsing time as well.

Virginia Kennel Club Inc+1 804-257-0531
Bayshore Kennel+1 540-436-3169http://www.bayshorekennel.com/
Wolf Trap Animal Rescue+1 703-638-2531http://wtarescue.com/
Domino Whippetshttp://www.dominowhippets.com/
JR Whippet Rescue+44 1359 259300http://whippetrescue.org.uk/
Horsetooth Whippets+1 720-839-1102http://www.horsetoothwhippets.com/

Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA)

1. Virginia Kennel Club Inc


Contact No: +1 804-257-0531


2. Bayshore Kennel


Contact No: +1 540-436-3169

Website: http://www.bayshorekennel.com/

3. Wolf Trap Animal Rescue


Contact No: +1 703-638-2531

Website: http://wtarescue.com/

4. Domino Whippets


Contact No: 

Website: http://www.dominowhippets.com/

5. JR Whippet Rescue


Contact No: +44 1359 259300

Website: http://whippetrescue.org.uk/

6. Horsetooth Whippets


Contact No: +1 720-839-1102

Website: http://www.horsetoothwhippets.com/

How much do Whippet puppies cost?

Although being purebred dogs, Whippet puppies are on the lower end of the price scale. However, this price point is dependent on what you’re looking for. Around $2,000 will get you a show-quality dog with good bloodlines. You can expect to pay between $800 and $1,500 for a standard Whippet puppy for companionship purposes. Anything below $800 is purely a scam.

It’s also possible to adopt a Whippet. These dogs frequently wind up in shelters, so you’re sure to encounter a Whippet who needs a home. Adopting a dog from a shelter costs roughly $300.

Here are some of the other factors that determine the cost.

1. Bloodline: 

The litters of parents that have won championships and are great show dogs will sell for more money.

2. Location: 

It is such a large city, and buying a Whippet here will surely be pricey. This is because most breeders who have AKC registered puppies sell the puppy for a reasonable price. 

3. Age: 

Buying a 6-month-old puppy instead of an 8-week-old dog will save you money. On the other hand, adult dogs will be more expensive because the breeder has paid for everything since their birth. As a result, you will be held liable for their expenses.

4. Breeder Excellence: 

Selecting a top-quality breeder for your dog can come at a considerable cost. Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA) who cover the costs of the puppy’s health and other expenses will raise the price. However, the puppies will be healthy and behave well.

Author’s Note: Be aware of a breeder who claims to have passed all the medical examinations. Obtain the breeder’s medical bills to check that they covered the costs and did not make a false claim.

What is the best way to care for a Whippet puppy?

Whippets are known for being devoted to and protective of their owners. Dogs must be well taken care of to be healthy and happy. As a result, be sure to take the following steps:

1. Training

Whippets are great at learning new tricks. Because of their sensitivity, punishing dogs for committing mistakes is not encouraged. Instead, use a solid tone to urge them to obey you. You can train them to be reasonable security dogs since they already have that hunting instinct.

2. Grooming

Brushing Whippets is a simple task because they don’t shed much. Once a week, you should brush them with a soft bristle brush. Dead skins can be removed by brushing their smooth coats.

3. Exercise

Whippets require mental as well as physical stimulation. As a result, you should take them out regularly and engage them in backyard games such as fetch. Food should never be provided to them after exercising because it can cause stomach discomfort. Give them food only after they’ve been working out for at least 2 hours.

4. Feeding

Give your Whippet high-quality, filler-free dog food. Many dog foods these days contain a lot of fillers, which can be harmful to a puppy. So do your research and only feed your dog the best food you can find. Also, please make sure they get enough water every day and don’t let them get dehydrated.

5. Health

When you get a puppy, be sure it receives enough medical care. You should take them to a veterinarian for a complete examination first. Then schedule immunizations and deworming sessions with your veterinarian. These physical examinations should never be disregarded because they can lead to significant health problems.

Online Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA)

We cannot guarantee that puppies will be available at all the listed Whippet Breeders. But don’t worry; there are plenty of online Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA) who can assist you in finding the ideal dog. Here are the top three places where you can get your best friend. 

1. AKC MarketPlace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) is an excellent place to begin your search for a fantastic Whippet. Aside from the dog, their website provides valuable information and guidance to potential clients. 

2. Adopt a Pet

This site is an excellent location to look for a dog to adopt if you don’t want to buy one. This North American non-profit organization simplifies the process by allowing clients to search for puppies using filters. If you haven’t already, have a look at them.

3. Puppies for Sale Today

Since 2008, their main focus has been to locate suitable homes for all pets. Here, you’ll have no trouble finding and bringing home your Whippet puppy.


Is keeping a whippet in a crate necessary?

Crate training your dog will keep them less upset when left at home. Whenever they feel tired, they’ll not depend on you but will go to their crate by themself. 

Do whippets bark too much?

Whippets don’t bark too much. However, if they understand that they get attention when they bark, it will become a habit. They can also bark when strangers come.

Do whippets have separation anxiety?

If Whippets are left alone for an extended period, they can develop separation anxiety. But if they’re trained to stay alone, they will manage it. 


Whippets are a friendly breed that is easy to groom. They make one of the best pets for the family and come with a sporty nature. As they were bred to hunt, they do make decent guard dogs. If trained well, they’ll be a great guard for your home.

We hope that you have found your ideal breeder from our list of Whippet Breeders in Virginia (VA). Let us know your experience via the comment section, Have a nice day!

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