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Are you looking for a tiny best friend who can shower you with love and affection at all times? Do you want a tiny friend that is cheerful and makes all your problems go away? Well, Cavapoo is here! One of the most fascinating and cute breeds, Cavapoo, can be your best mate in all forms. So, if you are looking forward to getting a Cavapoo for yourself, you are at the right place. 

Here we provide you with a brief overview of Cavapoo and bring to you all available online Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA) that are genuine and ethical. 

Brasken Kennels13765 Old Morro Rd, Atascadero, CA 93422, United States+1 805-462-9188
Precisely Poodles26100 Newport Rd ste 12-1, Menifee, CA 92584, United States
Windy Hill Doodles100 Dienstag Rd, Waterford, CA 95386, United States+1 209-573-0418
Valley Cockapoos34877 Bernard Rd, Tracy, CA 95377, United States+1 209-640-2958
Riverdoodles770 S Brea Blvd #202, Brea, CA 92821, United States+1 714-784-6770
LovealabradoodleHeath Creek Dr, Wrightwood, CA 92397, United States+1 951-295-9393
Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles4949 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, CA 92107, United States+1 619-530-8733
Lipscomb GoldendoodlesRedding, CA 96001, United States+1 530-604-2412
Fischer Farm316 Hutchison St, Vista, CA 92084, United States+1 760-630-8377
Castle Creek Cavaliers+1 760-518-8160
Silicon Valley Goldendoodles719 Pronto Dr, San Jose, CA 95123, United States+1 408-780-2300
Classic Heritage Golden Retrieversproximity, this is a, Newcastle, CA 95658, United States+1 916-259-3887
Windy Hill Farm100 Dienstag Rd, Waterford, CA 95386, United States+1 209-573-0418
Rainbows End Puppies3935 E Copper Ave, Clovis, CA 93619, United States
Adorable AKC Yorkshire Puppies for sale – 8 Weeks old –102 Halsey St, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States
Cavapoo Central+1 559-967-0615
4E Kennels+1 702-278-9388
Fancy Paws Puppies & Boutique+1 530-216-0177
Aprils Poodles and Doodles6356 S George Washington Blvd, Yuba City, CA 95993, United States+1 530-755-6737
San Diego Puppy1430 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950, United States+1 619-677-5716
Castlewood Standard Schnauzers407 San Roberto Pl, San Ramon, CA 94583, United States+1 925-336-0172
Domino Schnoodles+1 951-544-2419
Cavaliers of HealdsburgBailhache Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448, United States+1 707-481-3934

Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA)

1. Brasken Kennels

Address: 13765 Old Morro Rd, Atascadero, CA 93422, United States

Contact No: +1 805-462-9188


2. Precisely Poodles

Address: 26100 Newport Rd ste 12-1, Menifee, CA 92584, United States

Contact No: 


3. Windy Hill Doodles

Address: 100 Dienstag Rd, Waterford, CA 95386, United States

Contact No: +1 209-573-0418


4. Valley Cockapoos

Address: 34877 Bernard Rd, Tracy, CA 95377, United States

Contact No: +1 209-640-2958


5. Riverdoodles

Address: 770 S Brea Blvd #202, Brea, CA 92821, United States

Contact No: +1 714-784-6770


6. Lovealabradoodle

Address: Heath Creek Dr, Wrightwood, CA 92397, United States

Contact No: +1 951-295-9393


7. Mini Tuxedo Goldendoodles

Address: 4949 Santa Monica Ave, San Diego, CA 92107, United States

Contact No: +1 619-530-8733


8. Lipscomb Goldendoodles

Address: Redding, CA 96001, United States

Contact No: +1 530-604-2412


9. Fischer Farm

Address: 316 Hutchison St, Vista, CA 92084, United States

Contact No: +1 760-630-8377


10. Castle Creek Cavaliers


Contact No: +1 760-518-8160


11. Silicon Valley Goldendoodles

Address: 719 Pronto Dr, San Jose, CA 95123, United States

Contact No: +1 408-780-2300


12. Classic Heritage Golden Retrievers

Address: proximity, this is a, Newcastle, CA 95658, United States

Contact No: +1 916-259-3887 


13. Windy Hill Farm

Address: 100 Dienstag Rd, Waterford, CA 95386, United States

Contact No: +1 209-573-0418 


14. Rainbows End Puppies

Address: 3935 E Copper Ave, Clovis, CA 93619, United States

Contact No: 


15. Adorable AKC Yorkshire Puppies for sale – 8 Weeks old –

Address: 102 Halsey St, Chula Vista, CA 91910, United States

Contact No: 


16. Cavapoo Central


Contact No: +1 559-967-0615


17. 4E Kennels


Contact No: +1 702-278-9388


18. Fancy Paws Puppies & Boutique


Contact No: +1 530-216-0177


19. Aprils Poodles and Doodles

Address: 6356 S George Washington Blvd, Yuba City, CA 95993, United States

Contact No: +1 530-755-6737


20. San Diego Puppy

Address: 1430 E Plaza Blvd, National City, CA 91950, United States

Contact No: +1 619-677-5716


21. Castlewood Standard Schnauzers

Address: 407 San Roberto Pl, San Ramon, CA 94583, United States

Contact No: +1 925-336-0172


22. Domino Schnoodles


Contact No: +1 951-544-2419


23. Cavaliers of Healdsburg

Address: Bailhache Ave, Healdsburg, CA 95448, United States

Contact No: +1 707-481-3934


Cavapoo Breed Overview

Cavapoos are as cute as their names. They are also called Cavadoodle or Cavoodle. Cavapoos are hybrids or mixed breed dogs. They are produced by crossing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle dog breeds. Australians crossed these two breeds of dogs to combine Poodles’ intelligence and hypoallergenic nature with the outgoing nature of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Cavapoos came into being in the late 1990s.


Cavapoos are cute and beautiful. They are pleasant to the eyes and soft and cuddly too! They have curly, soft, short, and wavy coats. Cavapoos are available in various colors: cream, fawn, chocolate, gold, chestnut, or even white.

Cavapoos are usually available in different sizes, ranging from 9 to 14 inches. The height characteristic of a Cavapoo is inherited from a Poodle. Hence, if the Poodle that produced a Cavapoo was small, the Cavapoo might be small too. You can enquire your breeder about the Poodle’s heights.

Author’s Note: Cavapoos might gain weight quickly and become unhealthy. Hence, it is essential to check on the activity levels of your Cavapoo, ensuring that they are always in their best shape. 


Cavapoos are lively, cheerful, and affectionate. They are always eager for affection and crave love and attention. Cavapoos love having company at all times. Hence, Cavapoos might also suffer from Separation Anxiety. A Cavapoo doesn’t usually get aggressive, but they may bark, chew, or dig a lot when they are triggered.

Cavapoos have a varied temperament which depends on their mood. However, this nature of Cavapoo might be beneficial for you! If you are in the mood to laze around and just sleep on your bed all day, a Cavapoo will have no problem accompanying you and staying in bed with you all day. Nonetheless, Cavapoos also make great exercise partners that you can chill with on weekends. They are like the perfect roommates that become best friends.

Cavapoos are also great at detecting the mood of their owners. If they see you sad, they may try their best to shower you with love and attention. They will ensure that you feel good and loved at all times. A Cavapoo will never let you feel lonely!

Cavapoos are great family dogs. They get along with anyone and everyone! A Cavapoo can be a great babysitter too. They are unlikely to get aggressive with children or with their habits. However, Cavapoos are tiny and fragile. They are pretty susceptible to breaking bones or bone fractures, and hence you must take precautions when they are with children. They are usually very playful with other dogs and cats too.

Cavapoos are intelligent. They learn tricks very quickly and are easy to train. However, Cavapoos do not react well to harsh training techniques or voices. Training Cavapoos with love and frequent praises can make them the most agile breeds. Breeders usually start training Cavapoos after they are 8 weeks old. 

Author’s Note: Owing to the friendly nature of Cavapoos, they do not make an excellent guard dog. Hence, if you are looking for a guard dog, Cavapoos are not for you.


Owning a Cavapoo is a delight but taking its responsibility is essential too. Cavapoos should be taken care of pretty nicely.

Cavapoos are indoor dogs and may not be suitable for extreme temperatures. It may make them crave attention and will bark all day. They should not be left alone for long periods outdoors. 

Cavapoos do not shed a lot. However, grooming a Cavapoo might be difficult. Professional grooming is recommended once every 4 to 6 weeks. The grooming needs may be different for all Cavapoos and depend on the coat of the Cavapoo. However, Grooming at least twice a week is recommended. With regular grooming, Cavapoos become less prone to infections of the ears, skin, and eyes. Regular brushing is necessary for Cavapoos to prevent knots, tangles, or matting. 

Cavapoos are tiny and hence prone to dental issues. Hence you should brush their teeth daily. Good chew toys, dental treats, and annual professional teeth cleaning will also ensure that the teeth of your Cavapoos are in the best shape. It is also necessary to trim their nails at least once or twice a month before they grow long. You can also check your Cavapoo’s ears for debris and pests and regularly clean them. 

Cavapoos love eating and may gain weight quickly. Hence, moderate levels of exercise every day are a must. Constant training and exercises of at least 30 or 60 minutes are essential for their physical and mental health.

Author’s Note: Cavapoos do not smell. However, if their coat smells, there’s a high probability of dirt on their coat. Hence, regular grooming is essential in a Cavapoo.

Online Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA)

Aren’t you excited to get your Cavapoo? To add to your happiness, we bring you a list of online pages that will connect you to the most ethical and responsible Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA) to add to your happiness! 

1. Good Dog

Good Dog provides you with the most ethical and quality Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA). Like Uptown Puppies, they have a set of standards and guidelines that every breeder must comply with. The standards set by Good Dog consider the health and well-being of the dog. It has been designed in collaboration with veterinary and animal welfare science experts. They support you throughout the process, right from finding a breeder to bringing your Cavapoo home.

2. PuppySpot

PuppySpot connects you with the most responsible Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA). Nonetheless, PuppySpot also mandates a comprehensive screening process that all breeders must pass annually. Nonetheless, PuppySpot also provides a nose-to-toe check of the dog before handing them over to you. Hence, you know that you are getting the best Cavapoo for yourself!

3. Premier Pups

Premier Pups offers you a premier experience of finding a Cavapoo Breeder. Premier Pups ensures that they are always there for you, from the breeder’s selection and even after the breeds are handed over to you. They have routine checks at the kennels breeding the dogs to ensure that they are in good health and care. Nonetheless, Premier Pups also ensures that all breeders comply with the standards set for the well-being and nurturing of the breed. Nonetheless, Premier Pups gives a 10-year Health Guarantee for all their breeds.

4. Infinity Pups

Infinity Pups works at connecting responsible individuals with responsible breeders. They visit the breeders, check their location and breeding practices, and interact with the dogs. On completion of the process, the breeders are listed on their website. Infinity Pups also sets standards for all breeders to list their breeds on the website, ensuring that you only get access to quality breeders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get your Cavapoo ensure that you learn all about a Cavapoo. These frequently asked questions will help you have complete knowledge of what you get when you get a Cavapoo!

Is a Cavapoo a yappy dog?

Yes, Cavapoos are yappy and may bark a lot. However, Cavapoos are not known for their barking until they develop a deep bark. Nonetheless, if you train your Cavapoo for a quiet command, they will obey you.

Do Cavapoo dogs shed a lot?

Cavapoos shed less and are recognized as hypoallergenic dogs. However, the shedding quality of Cavapoos may differ sometimes. Cavapoos get their shedding quality from Poodles; hence, if the Poodle breed that bred the Cavapoo shed a lot, it’s likely that your Cavapoo will shed a lot.

What are Cavapoos’ problems?

Cavapoos are healthy dogs. Developing a genetic disease for Cavapoo is less likely. However, some Cavapoos might develop health issues like syringomyelia, mitral valve disease, cataracts, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), skin issues, and epilepsy.


Owning a Cavapoo is like having a soulmate for yourself. Cavapoos have everything that you may desire in your pet. However, since Cavapoos are hybrids, they must be bought from reputable and ethical breeders. Finding a Cavapoo breeder is no longer a difficult task. We are sure that you will get in touch with the most quality, ethical, and responsible Cavapoo Breeders in California (CA) with our listed online pages. 

Drop in a comment and let us know if you got your Cavapoo home!

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