Can Dogs Eat Cookie Dough? Are They Safe For Dogs?

Imagine the scene: you’ve put on your mittens and are ready to keep the cookies in the oven for baking. When you are about to pick up the tray, you witness your dog devouring the cookie dough!

Does your dog try to persuade you to feed him cookie dough with his adorable eyes? Are you concerned about the effects of cookie dough on your dog?

Do you want to know about the risks attached with giving cookie dough to your dog? Then, this article is for you. Read on!


Is Eating Cookie Dough Safe For Dogs?

Is Eating Cookie Dough Safe For Dogs

If your dog has accidentally eaten up slight amounts of cookie dough, it would not harm him much. However, certain factors come into play while figuring out if cookie dough is safe for dogs or not:

    Type of flavor present in the cookie dough

    The size of your dog

    The pedigree of your dog

    Whether the cookie dough has chocolate chips or not

Warning: Excessive consumption of cookie dough can lead to mild gastrointestinal issues in dogs like diarrhea and vomiting and diarrhea for a day or two.


What Are The Risks Of Eating Cookie Dough For Your Dog?

What Are The Risks Of Eating Cookie Dough For Your Dog

The following risks are involved if your dog has a habit of secretly consuming cookie dough in large amounts:

Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (GDV) 

The raw cookie dough expands inside a dog’s stomach just as in an oven. This leads to bloating and might even cause twisting of the dog’s stomach. This condition is called gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV).



The excess carbs in cookie dough get converted into fats which is further deposited inside your dog’s body. High amounts of cholesterol reduce blood circulation efficiency. And all of this ultimately leads to obesity in dogs



Low activity levels and sluggishness in dogs are outcomes of obesity. As you feed large amounts of cookie dough to your dog over a long stretch of time, he’ll become lethargic. 

The high quantity of sugar and low amounts of fiber in cookie dough contribute to sluggishness in dogs.



Do not get surprised if your dog starts defecating uncontrollably after consuming cookie dough in excess. Diarrhea happens to dogs when their diet lacks fiber and is high in carbs. 

After eating a lot of cookie dough, diarrhea is accompanied by the severe problem of dehydration.


Dental Cavities

To the contrary belief, dental cavities in canines constitute one of the most severe issues for dog owners. 

Excessive consumption of unnatural food items like cookie dough exposes dogs to the risk of dental cavities. Sugary compounds in cookies remove a dog’s enamel, followed by holes in their teeth, which then start falling off.



The moment you increase the sugar content in your dog’s regular diet, they become more prone to diabetes. If consumed in excessive amounts, cookie dough can put your dog at the risk of developing the condition. Symptoms of diabetes in dogs include:

    Constant thirst

    Smelly urine

    Frequent urination 

    Excessive licking of genitals


Resistance to Insulin

When your dog has abundant sugar compounds in his bloodstream, he is more likely to become resistant to insulin

Gradually, he might become absolutely unresponsive to insulin. That condition irregulates the blood sugar levels causing diabetes mellitus and hyperglycemia.


What Amount Of Cookie Dough Can Your Dog Eat?

What Amount Of Cookie Dough Can Your Dog Eat

Dogs are not humans. They are not as adapted to tolerate large amounts of processed fat and sugar. More than 30 grams of butter, fat, and oils are harmful to dogs.

If your dog has chunked down one or two small bites of cookie dough, he would not face any adverse reactions. However, you should not let such instances get repeated.

Also, the appropriate amount of cookie dough depends on the size of your dog, as mentioned earlier. 

If your Great Dane has accidentally consumed 2-3 tablespoons of cookie dough, he might not need urgent medical concern. However, if your poodle eats up a similar amount, it is more likely to be a health threat for him.

Author’s Note: Call your vet immediately in case he has eaten an entire bowl of cookie dough. 


What To Do If Your Dog Has Consumed Cookie Dough?

As discussed before, you need not worry if your pooch has mistakenly eaten just a little amount of cookie dough. However, you could try the following methods for his speedy recovery:

    You can try inducing vomiting with recent ingestion in dogs in case they are not exhibiting clinical signs. However, you must note that the gluten-based properties of cookie dough would make this removal difficult.

    In case your dog is not being able to vomit, the vet might attempt gastric lavage. Herein, the vet flushes your doggo’s stomach with water as he is under the effect of anesthesia. This process slows down the rate of yeast fermentation and helps in the removal of the cookie dough. . 

    In rare cases, surgical removal of the cookie dough might also be required if your pooch has ingested cookie dough in excess amounts.



Q. Can dogs eat chocolate cookie dough?

No. Chocolate in itself is a poisonous substance for dogs. And if combined with the cookie dough containing high carbs and sugar, it could be deadly to your dog. 

Q. Can dogs eat cookie dough of macadamia nut flavor?

No. Apart from chocolate, macadamia nuts are also considered highly toxic for dogs. Thus, it would be best if you refrain from feeding cookie dough of macadamia nut flavor to your pooch.



So, the bottom line is that dogs should not eat cookie dough. Treats like cookie dough deteriorate a dog’s health by causing gastrointestinal, obesity, dental, and blood-related issues. 

Still, if your doggo’s cute eyes easily persuade you, look up online for some homemade dog-friendly cookie recipes. Do not ever use ingredients like chocolate, raisins, and macadamia nuts in your dog’s regular diet or rare treats.

We hope the information mentioned in this article will aid you in deciding whether you should give cookie dough to your dog or not.

Got any doubts? Wish to share your personal stories? Feel free to jot them down in the comments section below.

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