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Getting a tiny and cute dog is common. Getting a witty dog is rare! If you are looking for such a breed, Basset Hounds are the ones for you! Basset Hounds are popular breeds. It is essential to get them from the most reputable and ethical breeders to ensure quality dogs. 

Here we provide you with a brief overview of Basset Hounds, helping you understand their appearance and personality and how you can take good care of them. Nonetheless, we bring places to connect you with the most reputable and ethical Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA).

Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue57 Mine Hill Rd, Washington, NJ 07882, United States+1 908-256-0598
Basset Hound Rescue League+1 301-292-3020
Hydens Hounds+1 260-578-5282

Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA)

1. Mid-Atlantic Basset Hound Rescue

Address: 57 Mine Hill Rd, Washington, NJ 07882, United States

Contact No: +1 908-256-0598


2. Basset Hound Rescue League


Contact No: +1 301-292-3020


3. Hydens Hounds


Contact No: +1 260-578-5282


Basset Hound Overview

Basset Hounds are unique breeds. Haven’t you seen them in almost all the movies? The term ‘Basset’ and Basset Hound comes from the French word ‘Bas’, meaning low. Basset Hounds became increasingly popular after being published in the Times Magazine of 1928. Basset Hounds came to the United States first in the 20th Century.


Basset Hounds can be easily identified in a crowd of dogs. They are rectangular, with short but powerful legs and long backs. Basset Hounds are no taller than 14 inches. Compared to other breeds, Basset Hounds are slow to mature. They do not reach their full size until they are 2 years old. Basset Hounds weigh around 50 to 65 pounds. 

Basset Hounds have drooping faces and trailing ears. Their ears are velvety and long. Nonetheless, the most distinctive features of a Basset Hound also include large domed heads with heavy bones and massive paws. 

Basset Hounds have smooth, hard-textured, tight coats with no long hair. They may be red and white. Occasionally, they are also seen in tri-colors. 

Author’s Note: A Basset Hound can be distinguished not just by their appearance but by their unique voice as well. Basset Hounds have low yet persistent barks, which is pretty different from other dogs’ barks. Moreover, some people define the barks of a Basset Hound as melodious.


Basset Hounds are talented and determined. They are alert and independent. Nonetheless, when indoors, Basset Hounds are calm, lazy animals. They love relaxing all the time too. Thus, Basset Hounds are perfect companions for long walks and lazy Sundays! Basset Hounds rarely have temperament issues and are mild-mannered. They were initially hunter dogs that used to hunt small animals like rabbits. 

Basset Hounds have an excellent smell tracing and tracking ability. They have over 220 million smell receptors. Nonetheless, they also can isolate and track one smell out of many smells. Hence, they are excellent tracking dogs that may run after any scent that comes their way. 

Basset Hounds are lovely family dogs. They are fond of children too. Basset Hounds quickly get along with everyone. However, socialization of Basset Hounds at an early age is necessary. Basset Hounds love having company. A Basset Hound can not be left alone. When left for more extended periods, a Basset Hound may become aggressive. 

Basset Hounds should only be out in the open under supervision. If you have a yard, ensure that it is properly fenced. Nonetheless, while taking your Basset Hound outdoors, leash them. 

Basset Hounds are lazy and highly prone to weight gain. Hence, regular exercise is essential. Moderate exercise or regular walks at moderate paces may help keep them healthy and fit.

Training a Basset Hound is essential. However, training them is difficult. Basset Hounds are stubborn. Hence, they do not follow orders and may pass by unheard. You must be consistent, persistent, and patient while training them. Praise and reward them frequently to ensure that they train well. Do not train them rashly. Basset Hounds do not like being mistreated. They may shut down when treated bad.

Author’s Note: The long ears of Basset Hounds, along with their short stature, help them stay close to the ground. These features of a Basset Hound help them enhance their olfactory or smelling sensations, making them better-tracking dogs.


As we previously discussed, a Basset Hound is prone to obesity. Obese Basset Hounds suffer from back and leg problems due to their stature. You should ask for the best diet food for a Basset Hound from a veterinarian. A veterinarian will also help you design exercises for your Basset Hounds to ensure that they stay fit and healthy.

Basset Hounds drool a lot. Their drooling is a reason owners soon get rid of them. Basset Hounds also shed regularly. However, regular brushing will help control the amount of hair they shed.

A Basset Hound requires regular bathing. They are very close to the ground and quickly catch on dirt and germs. Since Basset Hounds have long, flappy ears close to the ground, and they may get dirty. Hence, You should regularly clean the ears of your Basset Hound. Nonetheless, the eyes of Basset Hounds require frequent wiping too. Trim the nails of your Basset Hounds once or twice every wont to prevent tears. Brush the teeth of your Basset Hound regularly to prevent any gum problems or bad breath.

Author’s Note: Ensure that your Basset Hound does not jump on and off furniture. Due to their short height, they may suffer from joint problems if they jump a lot.

Having learned to distinguish a Basset Hound and how to take care of them, it’s time to get your own Basset Hound. In the next section, you will find a list of marketplaces that will connect you with the best Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA).

Online Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA)

1. Adopt a Pet 

Adopt a Pet helps you get your Basset Hounds from animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies. They have over 21,000 sources to get a pet from and advertise them to millions of adopters every month. With Adopt a Pet, you can adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, and more.

2. AKC Marketplace

The American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace is one of the oldest and most renowned web places to find your desired Basset Hound. AKC Marketplace ensures that you are connected to ethical, responsible, and faithful Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA). AKC Marketplace also helps you find a groomer and trainer for your Basset Hound.

3. Good Dog

Good Dog connects loving families with responsible Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA). At Good Dog, you can be assured of the quality of both your breed and breeder. Good Dog has designed rules and standards with veterinarians and animal welfare experts. Breeders complying with these standards and rules can only list on the website. Good Dog screens all breeders for ensuring that they practice responsible breeding and prioritise the welfare of dogs.

4. Puppyfinder

Puppyfinder is one of the most common places to get Basset Hounds. At Puppyfinder, you will find over 1000 breeds along with tips on breed selections and articles beneficial for dog-related information.

5. Petfinder

Petfinder will help you find your perfect Basset Hound Breeder. Petfinder has the most high-quality breeds, and its database is updated daily. It is one of the largest directories of adoption centres and rescue groups. Petfinder has articles and videos that guide you to take utmost care of your Basset Hound. 

Let’s now solve your last few doubts with our Frequently Asked Questions section. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Basset Hounds lazy?

Basset Hounds are one of the laziest breeds. They are okay with lying on the bed all day unless someone engages them in exciting and fun activities. Lazy Basset Hounds are known to sleep for 18 to 22 hours on their initial days and may sleep for 13 to 18 hours after turning one year old.

Is a Basset Hound a good house dog?

Basset Hounds love having people around them. They are sweet, cheerful, and lively. They are great family dogs that will get along with your family members.

What problems do basset Hounds have?

The health conditions of a Basset Hound depend on its morphology too. Basset Hounds have a short lifespan of 8 to 12 years. However, a Basset Hound most commonly are prone to Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), gastric torsion, elbow dysplasia, thrombopathy, entropion, otitis externa, ectropion, glaucoma, von Willebrand’s Disease (vWD), and canine hip dysplasia (CHD).


Basset Hounds are a gifted friend to you! They are witty, tiny, and active. Getting your own Basset Hound can be one of the most pleasant moments of your life. To ensure that you do not suffer from the hassles of finding a breeder, we provide you with a list of only ethical and responsible Basset Hound Breeders in Washington (WA)! We are sure that you will find the perfect Basset Hound for you!

Drop in a comment below and let us know your experience of owning a Basset Hound.

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