Why do Beagles like to Sleep Under the Covers?

According to the American Kennel Club, all dogs would build den-like structures to burrow into them. They would do this to keep themselves safe from other animals. Moreover, all dogs descend from wolves. So, it is natural to sleep with the pack.

Dogs would also create dens during pregnancy and raise the puppies till they walk correctly.

This ancestral trait has been passed on to domesticated dogs. So, if your Beagle likes to sleep under the covers, it’s because they feel safe and seek companionship. It is natural if they want to sleep in a pile. It is a sign of affection towards you.

In this article, we will burrow our way into the reasons and how you can prevent this habit.


Is It Okay for Dogs to Sleep Under the Covers?

Is It Okay for Dogs to Sleep Under the Covers
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It is perfectly okay for dogs to sleep under the covers. They are just trying to show that you are family.

Beds act as an excellent substitute for dens. It has the perfect formula for snuggling: warm, soft blankets and pillows. When they sleep under the covers, it means they feel safe and relaxed.

You may worry about them getting injured or suffocated, but dogs are highly adaptable. They won’t sleep still for the whole night. They will roll over and move to a position where they can breathe.

If they feel uncomfortable, they will find a way to let you know.

Whether you want them next to you is a personal preference. Take a look at the benefits and drawbacks before you decide:


  • Beagles create dens in your bed because they love to burrow. They feel safe because it is a warm and calming space. Since mothers used to take care of their pups in the dens, your puppy may feel nurtured under the covers.
  • Beagles crave physical affection. Moreover, they always want to be around you. Sleeping under the covers means that they have absolute trust in you. If you are away for most of the day, this can be an excellent time for you to bond and reconnect.
  • Being close to you makes your dog calm. So, when they feel agitated, they might seek warmth and reassurance under the covers. It can relieve their stress.
  • Your overall quality of sleep will improve through the night. It will decrease your loneliness and help you reduce stress.


  • While some dogs are great sleepers, others might kick, roll and snore. Some may still be bedwetters.
  • If your dog is the rolling kind, whatever your dog rolls in might stick to the blankets and sheets. This will mean you will have to wash them frequently.
  • If you have allergies, then dogs sleeping next to you will offset it.
  • If you are concerned about dog hair getting on your bed, pillows, and covers, having a sleeping dog is not helpful.


Reasons Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers

Reasons Beagles Like To Sleep Under The Covers
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When your dog snuggles under the covers, it creates a den-like atmosphere. It helps your dog feel protected and calm.

This is a trait all owners need to learn to accept. They want to share warmth and stay near their pack. In this case, the “pack” is you. Some dogs may even bring their treasured toys to bed to add comfort.

Beagles are social animals. They tend to become lonely if you leave them alone for a long time. They want some comfort when they sneak under the covers with you. If they are pessimistic, they will then need support from you. This is because they are also prone to separation anxiety. It can make dogs frantic.

Your Beagle might get scared of loud noises like thunder and fireworks. It makes them panic, and they try to hurry inside. They become calm as soon as they start cuddling with you under the covers.

They may feel they need to protect you from danger. From their perspective, being next to you is the easiest way. It is their way of saying they love you and care for you.

Health issues can play a role in this. If they are unwell or inactive, they might want to stay in bed.

It would be best if you considered whether dogs disklike their sleeping environment. Naturally, they would feel secure with you.


Why does my beagle sleep between my legs?

This is very common in the dog world. As we mentioned earlier, dogs used to sleep in packs. Cuddling is their instinct. It’s why there is a puppy pile when there are many dogs involved.

But why legs?

They will sleep between them or tuck themselves up against your leg. It just shows that they feel incredibly safe with you. Moreover, they feel embraced in warmth since both your legs are around the dog. You act as a heating pad for them.

When they are between your legs, any movement you make will alert them. They want to protect you, so they want to be ready. You will notice that they will automatically come closer.

You guys can not only share mutual body heat but also use it as a bonding activity.


How to stop your Beagle from sleeping in your bed

We wonder, why would anyone want this? You are getting free cuddles.

However, if you want to stop them for whatever reasons, you can do the following:

  • Train them to sleep in their own bed.
  • Create a den-like environment by providing soft blankets and a cuddly dog bed.
  • Make sure they can burrow into them
  • Look for lighter blankets and heating pads
  • Provide the same feeling of warmth and comfort as a den
  • Get a dog crate and convert it into a den
  • Make sure they have an extra blanket during winters
  • If they cannot sleep anywhere else, make them on top of the covers or half-covered under your sheets

Avoid overheating your dog.

Do not scold your dogs or reject them from your bed. It will cause anxiety and distress.

While you cannot prevent this habit, you can find a way to continue it with an alternative option.


Do Beagles Have Issues Breathing Under Covers or Weighted Blankets?

Do Beagles Have Issues Breathing Under Covers or Weighted Blankets
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Younger and smaller dogs might have trouble navigating under covers. It becomes hard for them to move around or come out. They might panic or suffocate.

Create a small opening for air circulation around the smaller dogs and puppies. Don’t put too many blankets. Make sure the blankets are not heavy. Ensure that you are not tucking them in too tightly.

Settle the puppies in the top corner of your bed that is cornered against two walls.

Older dogs, when trained properly, can take care of themselves much better. You can repeat the same steps if they are not.

Weighted Blankets may be beneficial to humans, but your Beagle might feel restricted. They will feel pinned down because the blanket is heavy. It becomes more challenging for them to budge around at night.

These blankets can weigh around 2-20 pounds. Now, older dogs might find it easier to lift and navigate. However, younger dogs might end up feeling smothered.

If using weighted blankets is a must for you, finding an alternative sleeping area for your cuddly dog is better.

Their sleeping habits will tell you about their feelings about the comfort level, temperature and mood. They can feel it when it becomes too cold and burrow themselves deeper.



Beagles are notorious cuddlers. It is okay if they want to sleep under the covers with you. There are several reasons why they would like to. They might feel anxious, lonely, scared, or they wish to be next to you to protect you.

Ultimately, they mean to tell you that you are part of their pack. And being in a pack means sticking together.

Including them in your nighttime slumber is a personal preference. All the reasons, pros, and cons in this article might have enlightened you a little.

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