Why Do Beagles Sleep So Much? (Top 6 Reasons Explained)

Is your Beagle sleeping too much? Is it something that worries you? Well, Beagles do have their sleeping requirements if they are to function well.

In this article, we will discuss with you how much sleep your Beagle requires. We will also look at the reasons for your Beagle sleeping for long hours and a few tips to help your Beagle get a good sleep.


How Much Sleep Is Enough For My Beagle?

Why Do Beagles Sleep So Much
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You must be well aware that Beagles are a highly energetic dog breed. They are active dogs with daily exercising requirements. They are also very playful in nature. That is where a lot of their energy goes during the day.

It is essential for your Beagle to get adequate sleep so as to function properly. Factors such as age, size, and activeness will also determine your Beagle’s sleep. For an adult Beagle, a sleep of 10 – 12 hours per day would be good. Beagles are said to spend about 50 percent of the day sleeping.

When it comes to Beagle puppies, a lot more sleep is required. They can go on sleeping for about 18 hours a day. Since they spend a lot of energy being active, they need more and more sleep to regain that energy. Plus, sleep also helps aid their growth.

Older Beagles also need more energy and sleep for longer hours than adult ones.

The sleeping hours of your Beagle also depend on how active it is. If your dog is very active and energetic, it will sleep more than a less active dog would.

Also, you must note that Beagles do not sleep at a stretch as humans do. They will sleep in bursts and installments, taking naps every now and then.


Why Does My Beagle Sleep For Longer Hours?

There could be a lot of reasons why your Beagle sleeps so much. We have already mentioned a few to you. Let’s get into the details and try to know more about it.

  • Beagles are hunting dogs, which means that they have the capability to remain awake during the night. It could be one of the reasons that Beagles can be found napping and relaxing during the hours of the day.
  • Given the level of activeness a Beagle shows, it is vital for it to recover its lost energy. Sleep helps them with it. It helps in rebuilding muscles and helps the Beagles in restoring themselves.
  • Boredom can be another factor that leads to an increased sleeping time of your Beagle. Due to inactivity, your Beagle must feel like napping is the best option there is. Dogs have very limited things to do in order to keep themselves busy, so they tend to sleep more. Keeping your Beagle tied up or limiting it to specific spaces might make it sleep even more.
  • Obesity might cause laziness in your Beagle. It can hence be a reason for your Beagle sleeping more. We cannot stress enough the importance of taking your Beagle for exercising every day.
  • Lack of proper exercise and nutrition can make your Beagle ill. And a sick Beagle cannot be an active Beagle. Therefore, a Beagle might sleep more when not doing well.


How Is Sleep Necessary For Your Beagle?

Adequate sleep will help with your Beagle’s necessary development. It will help improve the immune system, as well as the nervous system of your Beagle.

Muscle development also occurs during sleep. Lack of sleep can lead to a weaker immune system in your dog, resulting in frequent sickness and illnesses.

Hence, proper sleep is mandatory to make up for the energy your Beagle expends throughout the day. Apart from that, rest can also determine the mood of your dog. You Beagle may get grumpy and even aggressive if it is sleep-deprived, and rightly so! Even we as humans need to meet our basic sleeping requirements to function normally and healthily.

All in all, the emphasis is on how important it is for your Beagle to finish its sleep. That will ensure the physical as well as mental well-being of your four-legged buddy.


Tips To Help Your Beagle Get A Good Sleep

It will help you a lot in keeping your daily schedule in check if you sleep train your Beagle. You can get to have a good time with your buddy, and they will also meet their basic sleep requirements. Let’s look at a few things you could try adopting that will help you with your Beagle’s sleeping routine.

1. Exercise

Your Beagle might tend to get obese if it does not lead an active lifestyle. Take your Beagle for an everyday walk, make it run, play with it. This way, your Beagle will have an active day and get tired enough to be able to get a good night’s sleep.


2. Design A Schedule

It will be great if you are able to design your Beagle’s sleep schedule as per your daily schedule. Take your Beagle for morning walks and feed it before you leave for work. This way, the Beagle can take a nap during your absence, and you two will get to spend maximum time together while you are back home. Also, you need to make your Beagle learn that nights are for sleeping.


3. Playtime

Beagle Playtime
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Your Beagle can become dull if it does not get its proper playtime. Teach your Beagle certain tricks and games. Keep it active. And give it the rest it deserves and needs.


4. Feeding And Toilet Time

You should try to give food to your Beagle at the same time every day and take them to the toilet before their sleeping time. This will give them a sense of a fixed schedule. Also, take them to toilet before their sleep so that they have an undisturbed sleep throughout the night. This will also prevent them from wetting the bed.


5. Create The Atmosphere For Sleep Time

When it is time for your Beagle to sleep, keep the lights dim or off and eliminate any noise from the space. This will prepare the aura and let your dog know that it is time for sleep. You need to make your Beagle aware of when it is rest time and when it is active time. Take the Beagle for Morning walks once up in the morning.


6. Stay Calm And Appreciate Your Beagle

It might take your Beagle some time to adapt to its new sleeping schedule, but within some time, it will come around. Be appreciative of them when you see them going to bed on time. Most importantly, stay calm and patient throughout the process.



Q. Why is my Beagle active during the night and sleeping during the day?

A. The reason for this is linked to their ancestry. Beagles are praying animals. Predators are known to stay alert and active during the nighttime. Therefore, Beagles also tend to be active during the night.


Q. Do all dog breeds sleep a lot?

A. All the dogs require a good sleep and frequent naps. There are many factors that determine the sleeping habits of dogs. The sleeping hours may also vary from breed to breed. However, almost all dog breeds require a lot of sleep to function effectively.



By now you must be aware that there is nothing to worry about if your Beagle is sleeping for longer hours. It is natural as well as essential for their growth and well-being. However, by sleep training them, you can fix a proper and guessable sleeping schedule for them. This way, you get to spend quality time with your adorable paw buddy, while their sleep also does not get compromised.

We hope we have addressed your Beagle-Sleep-related concerns through this article. Also, we would love to hear about your experiences with your Beagle’s sleeping patterns.

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