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The Weimaraner, often known as the “grey ghost” or Weir, is a versatile dog breed that enjoys being a big part of people’s lives. They are highly athletic and come with soulful eyes that one can’t resist staring at. These sportive dogs were bred to be sportsmen’s friends.

If you’re planning to buy a Weir puppy, here are some of the top Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN). Dive in! We’ve got you with some exciting tips that will help you on the run.

Bergstrom Weimaranershttps://bergstrom-weimaraners.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral
Greystone Weimaraners1606 280th St, Porter, MN 56280, United Stateshttp://www.facebook.com/greystoneweimaraners
Ball Bluff Kennels19650 650th Ln, Jacobson, MN 55752, United States+1 218-752-6687http://www.ballbluff.com/
Autumn Breeze Kennel1728 315th Ave, Isle, MN 56342, United States+1 320-679-8218https://autumnbreezekennel.com/
Range Regional Animal Rescue11215 MN-37, Hibbing, MN 55746, United States+1 218-262-1900https://rangerescuehibbing.wixsite.com/rrar
Boonieland Kennels+1 715-360-6449https://boonielandkennels.com/

Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN)


1. Bergstrom Weimaraners


Contact No: 

Website: https://bergstrom-weimaraners.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral


2. Greystone Weimaraners

Address: 1606 280th St, Porter, MN 56280, United States

Contact No: 

Website: http://www.facebook.com/greystoneweimaraners


3. Ball Bluff Kennels

Address: 19650 650th Ln, Jacobson, MN 55752, United States

Contact No: +1 2187526687

Website: http://www.ballbluff.com/


4. Autumn Breeze Kennel

Address: 1728 315th Ave, Isle, MN 56342, United States

Contact No: +1 3206798218

Website: https://autumnbreezekennel.com/


5. Range Regional Animal Rescue

Address: 11215 MN-37, Hibbing, MN 55746, United States

Contact No: +1 2182621900

Website: https://rangerescuehibbing.wixsite.com/rrar


6. Boonieland Kennels


Contact No: +1 7153606449

Website: https://boonielandkennels.com/


Cost of Weimaraner Puppies

A respectable breeder can charge anything between $700 and $1,500 for a Weimaraner puppy. The pricing can change depending on a variety of circumstances. Vaccinations, deworming, and, in rare cases, microchipping are all options. As part of their early training, many Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN) begin socializing puppies to help them acclimatize to new people and settings.

Because your puppy is likely to come from purebred parents who are registered with the AKC, its price may be higher. Whether your puppy is from purebred parents or not, you may be eligible to register it with the AKC.

How to figure out a reputable breeder?

While there are many legitimate Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN), there are numerous frauds to be aware of. Here are four tips to help you avoid being a victim of a con-breeder.

1. Research: 

The simplest way to assess the kennel’s surroundings and the breeder’s professionalism is to go to a dog store and inspect the kennel’s settings and the breeder’s in person. It’s also crucial to double-check the registration paperwork!

2. Read Customer Reviews: 

To learn more about the store and how it operates, read what the customers want to say about it. Check to determine if the reviews are generated by bots, as this is a tactic scammers use to make the buyers believe they’re authentic.

3. Contact a Customer: 

When it comes to customer reviews, asking a buyer is the most excellent method to learn about a breeder. You can ask them questions, and they’ll answer your doubts. If you find a customer’s comment on the Breeder’s Instagram or Facebook page, a simple text will start the conversation. 

4. Check the Seller’s Policies: 

Before making a purchase, buyers should read the breeder’s policies. You’ll probably miss something vital in their terms and conditions. As a result, conducting research is vital.

Author’s Tip: Never forget to visit the kennel before buying the puppy. You can see how the animals are groomed there to determine the breeder’s professionalism. 

Online Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN)

Although there are many Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN), puppies are not always accessible. If you need a puppy soon, use one of these fantastic and dependable online-selling organizations to get it.

1. AKC MarketPlace

It can be difficult to find respectable dog breeders, but at AKC, you’ll find them. The AKC Marketplace is a great place to start because they’re one of the most well-known Weimaraner Breeders in Minnesota (MN). Many people join the AKC to prove their kennel’s credibility because it is the official dog organization of the United States.

https://marketplace.akc.org/ is the website’s address.

2. Adopt a Pet

This is the website of a non-profit that helps stray dogs in shelters. Please feel free to look over the numerous breeds that are offered. You can also buy bred litters that have all of your preferences applied to them.

https://www.adoptapet.com/ is the website’s address.

3. Puppies for Sale Today

Puppies for Sale Today, the dog business, which initially opened its doors in 2008, has served consumers for more than a decade. They take pleasure in pairing loving families with puppies in need of and willing to give affection.

https://puppiesforsaletoday.com/ is the website’s address.

Things to know when you buy a Weimaraner puppy

The Weimaraner is a wonderful family dog, but there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing one.

1. Food

The Weimaraner is a vibrant dog that requires a lot of good food to be healthy. They’re voracious eaters that will eat whatever you put in front of them, so invest in a high-quality product that meets all of your new pet’s nutritional requirements. Feed your dog according to its weight. Consult your veterinarian if you’re unsure what kind of food to feed your new pet.

2. Exercise

As the Weimaraner is a high-energy breed, frequent exercise is required to avoid boredom. They enjoy going for a walk, but running is their preferred method of staying in shape. Because the Weimaraner requires a lot of exercises, it works best in households with big backyards. Remember that if your dog is bored or has separation anxiety, a run along with them will help keep them happy.

3. Training

Positive strategies in training are required for Weimaraners, but you must be consistent. If there is no proper training, the breed can become challenging to handle. Some Weimaraners have a strong appetite for chewing and will gnaw on almost everything. From an early age, teach your dog what is permissible to chew on and what is not. Ensure your dog has safe chewing options to save your shoes and decrease the possibility of your dog swallowing any dangerous objects.

4. Grooming

Grooming a Weimaraner is pretty straightforward. The sleek short coat can benefit from an occasional brushing with a proper dog brush. Remember to clean your ears, keep your nails trimmed, and brush your teeth, as these are prone to wax build-up. Brushing will help in removing loose hair and debris. You might also consider bathing your dog now and again, particularly after playing.

5. Health

Weimaraner dogs are highly active and have a high athletic drive. And so there are possibilities of sprains, scratches, and cuts whenever they play around. Apart from this, Weimaraners are susceptible to gastric torsion, which occurs when the stomach is stretched out and can twist shut on itself. Consult your veterinarian for indicators to look for so that your dog can be treated as soon as possible because this is a life-threatening condition. If your dog injures itself, see a veterinarian as soon as possible to verify it isn’t a severe injury.

6. Temperament

The Weimaraner is a high-energy dog breed known for its mischievousness and enthusiasm. The Weimaraner is noted for being a happy and friendly dog. They make ideal companion dogs because of their commitment and loyalty. However, prospective owners should be informed that this breed is typically needy and requires a great deal of attention. If you’re a single owner who will be leaving your pet alone at home for an extended amount of time, it could cause significant mental health problems for them. Weimaraners do best in households where someone will be there all of the time.

Pros and Cons

Weimaraners are highly sportive and intelligent. However, these buddies do come with some cons, but that’s okay. They’re still the best. Here is a table that shows their potential pros and cons:

Intelligent breed. Learn a lot of commands and tricks quickly if taught well.Extraordinarily hyper and needs extensive training.
Considered as family dogs as they get along well with kids.High risk of separation anxiety.
Grooming is easy-peasyCan bark a lot especially when left alone.
Love sports, great for hunting purposes.Prone to easily getting distracted and bored.


Will a Weimaraner fit into a family with other pets?

They get along with other dogs in general, but you should socialize them early and frequently. Keep in mind that Weirs were once hunters, so they can threaten them when there are small pets.

Is it true that Weimaraners make good security dogs?

Of course, yes! Weimaraner dogs make fantastic guard dogs. They possess the defensive instincts and athletic prowess required of a competent guard dog. They are also good watchdogs, capable of effectively guarding their homes.

Do Weimaraners shed too much hair?

Weimaraners only reasonably shed their hair during the shedding season. Apart from that, they don’t shed a lot. Moreover, throughout the shedding season, their coat should be brushed regularly. 

Final Thoughts

Today we learned that Weimaraner is an intelligent breed. Weimaraners love spending time with their families and being protective. They can gain separation anxiety. Professional training will help to resolve any issues that arise. They require healthy food and good medical checkups.

Hope we have aided you well. If yes, let us know about your dog buying journey in the comment. Have a nice day!

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