7 Signs that your Beagle is in Heat (Beagle Heat Cycle)

Just like women, female Beagles go through menstrual cycles as well. Though the technicalities are a bit different, the process is quite similar. If you are an owner of a female Beagle or planning to get one, you must know everything about when she is in heat.

A female Beagle goes through four different stages of cycle when she is in heat. Let us look at the symptoms, stages, and other things you must know about a Beagle’s heat cycle below.


When should I expect my Beagle’s first heat?

When should I expect my Beagle’s first heat

Generally, heat cycles vary among different dog breeds. In the case of Beagles, their heat cycle can start at a fairly early age of four to six months.

Early heat cycles are quite irregular and may not occur at the exact gap of six months. These irregularities are normal as the Beagle is still growing up. The heat cycle comes to a regular gap of six months by the time your Beagle turns two.


Signs that indicate my Beagle is in heat

Signs that indicate my Beagle is in heat

When your Beagle is near her first heat cycle, certain signs will indicate so. You can look for the following signs/symptoms to confirm if your Beagle is starting her heat cycle.

1. Swollen vulva

This is one of the most common signs. A swollen vulva for your Beagle can indicate her heat period. The swelling can vary for every dog.

If you are not sure about the swollen vulva, try and observe how your Beagle’s vulva looks when she is not in her heat period. This may help you differ and understand when it’s swollen.


2. Bloody or straw colored discharge

The discharge released from your Beagle’s vulva can be another determining factor. The color of the discharge can vary from light pink to red or dark red. The color may also change along with the heat period, since the blood gets mixed with other fluids.

The discharge may collect on your Beagle’s bedding, floor, or any other surface in your home. To avoid this, you can go for a doggy diaper or a canine panty for your Beagle. These products will help you keep a hygienic environment for your Beagle and you as well.


3. Receptive to male dogs

Your female Beagle becomes more receptive to male dogs around her. During a female dog’s heat cycle, male dogs can detect her from a 3 miles radius. This is the case especially with male dogs who aren’t neutered.

During this time, you must not leave your Beagle alone outside the house. Always stay beside her during this period.


4. Excessive licking in the genital area

When your Beagle is releasing discharge, she tries to clean up her vulva and the area around it by licking it. Thus, you may notice an excessive amount of licking of her genitals.


5. Nervous or aggressive behaviour

You can also notice mood shifts in your Beagle’s behaviour. This is because of the hormones released, which is quite normal for a dog.


6. Urinating more often

Urinating more than usual is another sign. By urinating frequently, your Beagle tries to mark her territory and alert the male dogs around her when she is in the heat.


7. Change in tail position

When your Beagle is receptive to other boys, she expresses her interest in male dogs by raising her tail. Thus, you must look for this to know what you are supposed to do.


4 Stages Of Canine Heat Cycle

4 Stages Of Canine Heat Cycle

During her heat cycle, the female Beagle goes through four different stages of the cycle. You can learn about them below:

1. Proestrus

This is the first stage in your dog’s heat cycle. This is when her body starts preparing for fertilization.

Some common signs are swollen vulva, clingy behavior, and aggression towards male dogs.


2. Estrus

This is the second stage in your beagle’s heat cycle. This stage is when the dog’s body is ready to create a child. This is also the time when she gets receptive towards male dogs. Thus, you must keep your Beagle away from male dogs during this time.


3. Diestrus

The third stage is when your Beagle is no longer in the heat period. This is when the Beagle’s vulva goes back to its normal six.

At this stage, your Beagle will not be able to get pregnant any time soon.


4. Anestrus

The anestrus period is also known as the inactivity period. During this stage, your Beagle will show no signs of any sexual behaviour. At this stage, her hormonal drive goes to zero.


What should I do when my Beagle is in heat?

When your Beagle is in heat, you can do some of these tasks to make it easy for her.

    Do not leave her alone around other male dogs. Since male dogs can detect a female dog in heat easily, they might start to hump her.

    Get dog diapers or canine panties for your Beagle. During the heat period, your dog will bleed, and thus it is important to use such products for hygiene.

    Contact the vet if you see any unusual discharge issues like excessive flow of liquid, or fatigue in your dog.



Female Beagles begin their heat cycles at the early age of four to six months. However, they are still too young to breed. Therefore, you must take good care and precautions till the time she is around two years old.

Taking care of your dog during her heat period is essential as even she experiences mood swings and fatigue when she is low on energy.

We hope this article helped you understand how to recognize if your Beagle is beginning her first heat cycle.

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