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Today, the Saint Bernard dogs that we look at and love for being so cute were actually a life-saving breed back in those days. For over 3 centuries, Saint Bernards were used as rescue dogs during wars. 

If you’re planning to buy this history-rich dog, then the thing you should know about is the Best Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS). This alert and loving breed are sold, but here are some legit kennels to avoid scams. 

Fleur De Lis Bichon Frise+1 228-342-0571
Schattenhaus Shepherds+1 228-669-4251
DogVacay / Loving Arms Pet Sitting
Humane Wildlife Control Solutions+1 985-664-4270
Magnolia Chihuahuas+1 228-276-8282

Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS)

1. Fleur De Lis Bichon Frise


Contact No: +1 2283420571


2.Schattenhaus Shepherds 


Contact No: +1 2286694251


3. DogVacay / Loving Arms Pet Sitting


Contact No: 


4. Humane Wildlife Control Solutions


Contact No: +1 9856644270


5. Magnolia Chihuahuas


Contact No: +1 2282768282


What is the best way to locate Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS)?

It’s critical to purchase a puppy from a reputable breeder. Shortly, a reputable dog breeder belongs to a breeder’s organization and breeds following the organization’s rules. This action is critical because it maintains the puppy’s health, ready to sell. To determine a breeder’s reputation, here are some factors to consider when you visit them.

  • Do the animals in their kennel appear to be in good health? 
  • Do they have health certificates and regularly have them by a veterinarian?
  • Are the puppies kept in kennels without adequate exposure to humans and other animals?
  • Is it possible to check the details of the parent canines to analyze the bloodline? Is there any way to read their health assessment to see how the puppy’s characteristics will be?
  • Is the breeder checking to see if your home is suitable for the puppy, or is it simply just rushing to sell the puppy?
  • Do the breeders say they’ll need to check in with you every few weeks for the first few weeks to see how the pup is doing? If they don’t, it’s a hint that they don’t care for the dog, which is a terrible indicator.
  • Is there anything extra the breeder does to keep the dog’s health and socialization skills in good shape?

Author’s Tip: If you find the breeder stammering or feeling uncomfortable when you cautiously watch for indicators, then they’re probably hiding something. A scammer, mostly.

Online Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS)

If you need the puppy right away, choose one of these lovely and legitimate online selling sites to purchase the puppy of your choice.

1. AKC MarketPlace 

It can be difficult to find respectable dog breeders, groomers, and trainers. But at AKC, you can find all of them. The AKC Marketplace is a great place to start because they’re one of the most respected Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS). Many people join the AKC to establish their kennel’s status as it is the official dog institution for the U.S. is the website’s address.

2. Adopt A Pet

This is the website of a non-profit group that helps abandoned shelter dogs. You will find diverse breeds here, so feel free to surf. There are also bred litters available to purchase with all of your specifications applied. is the website’s address.

3. Puppies for Sale Today

For more than a decade, Puppies for Sale Today, launched in 2008, has been gratifying buyers. They take great pleasure in pairing loving families with puppies in need of and willing to give affection. is the website’s address.

The average cost of a Saint Bernard Puppy

The price of a Saint Bernard puppy is mainly determined by the breeder from whom you get it. A large and reputable breeder puppy will cost far more than one from a small-time or hobby breeder. Apart from that, even the coat type of Saint Bernard can increase the price.

The typical price of a Saint Bernard puppy is roughly $1000-$1500. However, they can go up to $2000. The higher the cost, the higher the breed quality is. A breeder who undertakes all expenses will try to cover them through the buyer’s deal. Additionally, the bid will be high if the puppy belongs to a superior bloodline.

Why not adopt them?

Adopting is a beautiful thing to do. Giving a home to a puppy is appreciated. But if you prefer adopting to ‘save’ money and do not know about the other risks you’ll face, then we suggest a big no!

When you adopt a dog from a shelter, you’ll have to spend more money to get the treatment procedure started right away. You’ll have to purchase the necessary paperwork. You’ll also have no information about the puppy’s bloodline, so there’s a reasonable risk it’ll have health problems. As a result, you’ll be visiting the veterinarian more frequently than is required. Qualified Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS) are usually aware of raising their animals to avoid behavioral problems. But if you’re adopting, everything must be done by you. 

What is the best way to care for a Saint Bernard Puppy?

Saint Bernard puppies require a lot of love and care. Because they once were used as rescue dogs, they can become destructive if not properly cared for and disciplined. The following are some essential aspects to consider:

1. Food

Certain food items are better than others, and veterinarians will advise the owner on which foods are best for the puppy. Because dog food can be expensive, you should not provide your puppy with any alternative unless suggested by the Vet. Puppies may struggle to adapt to food in the beginning. It can also cause them diarrhea, but it’s still a good thing if they don’t encounter this. If diarrhea lasts more than a few days, you should see a veterinarian very far away. Remember that dogs should only be fed three times a day to avoid becoming obese. Additionally, keep the dogs away from chocolates and excessive salt.

2. Training

Training is significant for every dog. As Saint Bernards quickly learn commands, you can efficiently train them. But if they are trained in a harmful or harsh manner, it can awaken destructive tendencies. As a result, only utilize positive teaching approaches such as food rewards and never harshly punish them. If you bought a Saint Bernard to enroll in show contests, you need to make sure the training is good enough to make them skilled. Or else, you can bring in a trainer to train your dog.

3. Grooming

Groom your Saint Bernard by brushing their coat daily to keep them clean from dirt. You should use a nice bristle brush to remove dirt smoothly. Speaking of bathing, washing them with mild shampoos is essential. The reason behind using mild shampoos is that they won’t cause your dog skin irritation and other allergies. If you have a bathtub, make sure to bathe them only after brushing for the hair can clog the tub. 

4. Exercise

Every dog needs to exercise, and a dog such as Saint Bernard needs to exercise regularly. These dogs have a lot of energy and become stressed if they don’t receive enough exercise. It’s great if you can take your Saint Bernard on a leash for a lengthy, active walk now and then. If you have a backyard, playing catch is also a good idea. Remember that keeping a Saint Bernard without a leash outdoors can be dangerous as they can run and cause damage. So always keep them on leash. Additionally, please provide them with chew toys to play with while indoors.

5. Health

Saint Bernards are big dogs. These dogs need to be regularly checked to ensure their health. Regular health screenings and proper medications must be given per the Vet’s guidelines. These dogs can get sick and encounter various health issues, so prevention is essential. That is why proper food and good physical activity must be garnered.


Are Saint Bernards strong?

Absolutely! These dogs are large with a tank-like build. Their strong shoulders support their muscled neck, and they’re well known for their robust hind. Their arched chest gives them a gigantic outlook. 

What are some of the health problems that Saint Bernards face?

Some of the health issues they face are elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion, eye-related illnesses, etc. It is vital to keep them on regular medical check-ups to avoid unsolvable situations.

What is the coat type of Saint Bernard?

They have a short to medium-length smooth coat. In their thighs and upper tail area, the hair will be bushy, but the hair strands tend to become shorter near the tail. 

What is Saint Bernard’s temperament?

Though Saint Bernards look tough, they are legit sweethearts. These dogs love to be around people and express high activity levels. They are outgoing and love to be outdoors most of the time. 


Doing your research is the first step while buying a Saint Bernard. As we know, there are plenty of scammers around, so be sure to ask questions and figure out about the breeder’s authenticity. Moreover, there’s undoubtedly something fishy going on if the breeder gives a puppy a lower price while stating that the puppy is of high quality. 

We hope you’ve found our listicle informative. If you’ve found the right Saint Bernard Breeders in Mississippi (MS), we wish you the best of luck in welcoming a new member to your home. Have a nice day!

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