Pitbull Terrier Mix The Complete Guide

Those who are planning to be a proud owner of a family dog, who is loving and adventurous at the same time, they should try to search for Pitbull Terrier Mix breed for themselves. This gladiator dogs have got a legacy of never leaving your side even if you are in distress. These tough dogs should be trained perfectly to be a member of your family.

This so-called “fun-loving” furry friend of yours can be stubborn once it fails to receive attention from the owner. In a nutshell, words like boring and dull won’t be there in your dictionary once you tame this dog. Experts are confused about whether this Pitbull is a breed, or just a specie of pooch originated from America. No wonder that this adorable, faithful, playful, protective, and courageous four-legged buddy rarely fails to be the apple of the eyes of a dog lover.

In this article, you’ll get to know about one of the most popular dogs in the world – Pitbull Terrier Mix breed.


Pitbull Terrier Mix The Complete Guide:

Quick Breed Summary Table:

Height 18 to 19 Inches
Weight 30 to 85 lbs
Lifespan 11-16 Years
Colors Brown, Red, Grey, Black, White
Intelligence Highly Intelligent
Breed Type Terrier Dog
AKC Breed Popularity 62
Temperament Playful, Jovial, Attention-seeker, Bully, Loyal, Stubborn, and Tenacious
Daily Food Consumption 920 to 1700 Cal/Day
Common Health Issues Heart disease, Congenital Heart defects, skin allergies, Valve malfunction


Facts about Pitbull Terrier mix:

If you want to pet a Pitbull Terrier mix in the house, then you must be aware of the below-mentioned facts to enjoy a fuss-free fun time with your furry pup.

  • This breed has a history of fighting wars. So, this passive-aggressive dog needs to be trained right after taking it in your home.
  • This specie of a dog is not much adoptive with a cold climate.
  • According to some people, American Pitbull Terrier is similar to the Staffordshire bull terrier.
  • This dog is banned in many countries of the world because of the warrior gene it has inherited from parents.


About the Pitbull Terrier mix breed:

This muscular, very active breed weighs about 30- 85 lbs and 17-19 inches tall. However, this, not so bulky dog, can turn very aggressive sometimes. These war dogs can be the great house dog for your family. This breed is a combination of Pitbull and Terrier and inherits their parental characteristics. Unlike other breeds of the Pitbull, it’s not tall but is blessed with the characteristics of a fierce dog.

Though they are not blessed with sharp features, this innocent-looking specie is bound to steal your attention with a pair of dreamy and profound eyes. Overenthusiastic people must stay away from examining this dog’s razor-sharp teeth. The coat of these dogs mostly thick, dense, and short in length. They can be available in any color variant.

This hunting breed dogs can provide the owner with a sigh of relief as they shed moderately nominal. Compared to other furry four-legged friends of yours, this dog needs low maintenance for grooming. These born gladiators are hyperactive, so they require a lot of physical activities. Otherwise, it may get restless and start biting everything available to them.

This agile dog can make your day better, but this specie is not made for everyone. It is great to train them from their early childhood to make them a sober paw buddy.


The appearance of the Pitbull Terrier Mix:

Unlike other species from the Pitbull clan, this Pitbull Terrier mix is not broadly framed. The height and weight of the dog are determined by the breeds mostly. The blend of Bulldog and Terrier should be tiny in size, but in case if the genes are mostly dominated by the features of a Terrier, then the size of the dog can be huge.

The American Pitbull Terrier has a broad, flat skull that complements with their wide forehead and a blunt nose. Ears are neither too small nor too large, and mostly, we tend to ignore this part of this warrior dog. Those who all haven’t ever seen this dog may get afraid of their teeth. Their super-strong sniffing power complemented by canine teeth makes them a great threat to the miscreant. They can be seen with small tails compare to other breeds of Pitbull.

Like any other dog, the colour of these dogs is difficult to figure out. The dog can be of any colour, depending upon the colours of the parents. Predominantly brown, black, and white-coloured Pit Bull Terriers are mostly available. You can see them in various colours except for merle.

These extremely intelligent dogs appear glossy and smooth with a similar kind of face with Pitbull. This breed has long coats. The coats are also wavy, curly, or sparse, so the owner does not need to bother much about the hair fall. Weekly brushing is enough to keep them tidy. They keep playing often and susceptible to allergy. If any abnormal shedding is visible, do not hesitate to consult with a vet.

The Bull and Terrier breed dog is a warrior in nature, so you can easily understand they do love to hop around here and there. This happy-go-lucky dog should be allowed to act the way it wants. Otherwise, you can see a change in their appearance. Their face becomes stiff and starts biting everyone, and you need to chain it for pacifying.


History and Origin of Pitbull Terrier:

The Old English Terriers and the Old English Bulldogs were bred together long back in the beginning of the 19th Century. England wanted to rule the entire world and tried to enhance their battle strength. This particular specie was made for helping the army on the battlefield. The ancestors of Pitbull Terrier, including Bull and Terriers, were used in sports activities like bull-baiting and bear-baiting.

Born out of two gladiators, their strength and fierce nature both are unputdownable. The main motto behind the hybridization was to organize a dog fight in the UK as Britain banned blood sports. It calls for lesser funding as well as easy to arrange. It was common practice to check the capacity of Bull and Terrier by involving them in a fight. Before coming to America in 1860, this dog was known as Bull and Terrier.  It was the United States of America who gave them a new name – Pitbull Terrier. However, the practice of involving this breed into dog-fighting remained the same, even in America.

The usage of Pitbull Terrier was widely practised in hunting activities. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Pitbull specie was used to catch cattle, wild cats, and other dogs. This breed used to be the trustworthy companion of the hunters until it was banned by the government. After this, farmers and a few others started petting this fierce breed and made them a family member.  This Pitbull Terrier breed tops the list of the police department when it comes to select a sniffer dog who can help them to trace the criminal and chase them.

Pitbull Terrier is different from other breeds of bulldogs as they can successfully act like a companion dog, police dog, and a therapy dog. Be it in a police station, or it in a home, this dog is equally needed. Since the Pitbull Terrier are born notorious, they can counsel other breeds of aggressive dogs. The San Francisco Society, for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, renamed Pitbull Terrier specie as “Saint Francis Terriers” to encourage people to adopt this bundle of joy. Unfortunately, this dog is not popular among those who want to bring a gentle and homely puppy.

Is Pit Bull Terrier Good with Children?

This adventurous furry friend should be kept leashed when they are around with children. Born gladiator Pitbull Terrier Mix has very sharp daggers, so you can understand how deadly it can be for the little ones present in your house. It’s good to observe the activities of both the dog and kids constantly to make sure of your child’s safety.


Care of Pitbull Terrier Mix:

Food and Nutrition Requirements of Pitbull Terrier:

Hyperactive Pitbull Terrier mix looks tiny in size, but they are highly active that drains their energy. A healthy protein enriched diet is a must for your pet. Moreover, this playful dog is super restless, so they are prone to hip and other joint displacement related ailments that can lead them to obesity.

The proper diet can prevent this problem of putting on extra weight as well as take care of your four-legged friend’s overall health condition. Like humans, a balanced diet for your Pitbull Terrier ensures a long lifespan. An ideal diet for Pitbull Terrier comprised of at least 2% of your dog’s body weight. Hence, your pooch food must contain 10-15% of fats, 25-30% carbohydrates, 1.1-1.5% of calcium, 35-40% of proteins.

Pitbull Terriers are prone to skin and coat related problems, so foods like wheat, potatoes, corn, and starch can be dangerous for them. Packaged foods that are enriched in protein should be fine for your pet, but it’s always advisable to give them homemade food. Raw bones are an excellent source of protein for dogs, so you can include them in your dog’s daily diet.

A puppy should be fed with softening dry food for 2-3 times daily. After a puppy is fully weaned, replace the soft dry food with high-quality food made for large breeds, and continue feeding for 2-3 times per day. However, make sure you divide the whole meal into several parts as overfeeding can lead to obesity. Also, they tend to eat their food without chewing, which can lead to a wide range of health issues. So, make sure your dog eats its food slowly. Also, never allow them to run immediately after having their food.

Exercise Requirements of Pit Bull Terrier:

American Pitbull Terrier mix breed is an active dog by nature, so they need constant activities whenever they are awake. This dog is prone to bone and joint-related ailments. Addition to protein in the diet is not the ultimate thing a true owner should care for.

The addition of exercises like running, playing around with a ball, jumping, all these is a must for your furry friend. They are born gladiators, so they should not take the rest unnecessary. Their playful nature can get affected due to fewer exercises. It won’t even take much time for a busy owner to look after his or her dog if they take care of their exercise schedule properly.

It’s highly recommended to appoint a trainer for your furry friend, even if you are taking help from the internet or any other sources to know more about the exercises. Being one of the most active dogs in the world, your Pitbull Terrier would love to be active. Just a proper motivation, or preferably their favourite person is needed to encourage them a bit. You certainly know how much attention seeker your dog is, so you need to keep that factor in your mind before starting their exercise session.

Training Requirements of Pit Bull Terrier:

Being a proud owner of a Pit Bull Terrier, the first and foremost training your pet requires is behavioural training. This agile dog needs to be trained to make homely, so at first, you must find out a professional trainer who is an expert in controlling the temper of your Pitbull Terrier.

This born warrior breed will force you to drag it out of the home so that it can hop around here and there as per wish. Be cunning enough to use this opportunity properly to find out what he or she is up to. There are plenty of activities such as swimming to hiking are available for your Pitbull Terrier, but never overburden your pooch with multiple activities as it may cause stress for them.

Professional trainers may be happy to train your dog as per the requirement. However, your dog’s knack in a particular activity matters the most as they are very choosy when it comes to getting trained in something. Their playful and jovial nature is a big advantage for your puppy to learn some new activity swiftly.

Grooming Requirements of Pit Bull Terrier:

Your Pitbull Terrier dog needs constant grooming from you. You must brush the coat of your furry friend to prevent unwanted allergies and itching. Bathing at least once in a week is mandatory to keep it squeaky clean. It’s good to damp the coat of your furry baby thrice in a week. Sponge bathing is fine.

This warrior breed tends to grow nails faster than other breeds available in the market. Be wise enough to trim the nails once in a week. Their claws are hard, so cutting their nails can be a daunting task to be performed. Choosing a good shampoo and using it on your dog’s body to get rid of ticks and fleas. A chemical-free shampoo is a must for them. Your vet can help you to select the best variant for your Pitbull Terrier.

Brushing their teeth twice in a week with a mild toothpaste is an absolute must to maintain their dental hygiene. You can use a good quality chemical-free bathing soap for your Pitbull Terrier if you are running out of the dog shampoo. Do not forget to use earbuds to keep your dog’s ears clean.

Common Health Issues of Pit Bull Terrier:

Being one of the most aggressive breeds of the world, Pitbull Terrier is often misunderstood even by the owners. This dog breed fall prey of various sort of ailments. A sufficient amount of protein often fails to cater to their illnesses if you do not figure it out in the early stage.

They are susceptible to bone and joint-related ailments, so you must take care of whether their diet is enriched with calcium or not. They do not shed many coats, but sometimes they can fall prey to skin diseases. Their diet mostly comprises protein items, so they get gastric related illnesses faster than other dogs.

Back pain and hip dysplasia are very common among Pitbull Terrier as they can inherit it from their parents. They can suffer from severe dental pain as their daggers are sharper than other breeds. So proper dental hygiene needs to be taken care of from the very early stage.

A mature dog may suffer from cataracts, just like seniors of human society. Cough and cold are very common among Pitbull Terriers as they cannot be accustomed to the weather changes under any circumstances, so you need to be very careful to keep your four-legged friend fit and fine.



For those who are adventurous and are ready to take challenges in their life, they should adopt a Pitbull Terrier mix breed dog. Born gladiator, like Pitbull Terrier, requires special attention to keep inside the four walls of the home. This dog breed is hyperactive and can be fierce if not taken care of properly.

This not-so-social breed should be trained to behave like a domestic dog. Hence, if you want to tame this dog, make sure you try to gather its trust before making it as your trustworthy buddy as they tend to observe at first before being submissive. Proper diet, grooming, exercise, and regular playtime with your puppy, followed by mental stimulation, can help them to adapt to your lifestyle.

This tiny dog can be the perfect choice for them who are staying inside an apartment, but you should take it out whenever they feel like going out. We hope that you have got all your answers related to the Pitbull Terrier dog and liked the piece of article.

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