Pitbull Husky Mix: A Complete Guide on Pitsky

Do you have a fondness for big-sized dogs? Do you enjoy cuddle sessions and wish to have one at home? How about bringing a PitbullHusky mix home? It is a crossbreed of Pit bulls and Siberian or Alaskan husky that is becoming quite popular amongst dog owners. This breed is commonly known as Pitsky, which is an amalgamation name of the parent duo Pitbull and Husky.

If you are looking for owning a pooch that is loyal and shares a strong bond with its owner, then a Pitsky can be your best bet to place on. This breed is a full-on package of surprises because not only are they cute and beautiful but are playful enough to keep you engaged all day with its charm and intelligence. They are not a lap dog but loving and affectionate and can steal your heart with its loyalty and affection.

So, are you ready to get this pooch at home? Read on to find out whether you can keep the wild spirit of this super active dogs at bay or not.


Pitbull Husky Mix:

Quick Breed Summary of Pitbull Husky Mix

Height 16 to 25 inches
Weight 30 to 70 pounds
Lifespan 12 to 15 years
Colors Dark-colored brown, sable, black, tan, and grey
Intelligence Highly intelligent
Breed Type Mix and more
AKC Breed Popularity Not recognized
Temperament Affectionate, loyal, playful, Higher energy levels, super active, stubborn, friendly, intelligent, and loving
Daily Food Consumption Can take up between 600 to 1400 calories a day
Common Health Issues Allergies, Hyperthyroidism, Hip Dysplasia


Facts About Pitbull Husky Mix:

Are you planning to get a loyal dog to rest down all your worries when you return home? APitbull Husky Mix can do it all! These Pitskies are no less than a bundle of surprise and can turn out as a perfect choice for you as a household dog. Here are a few interesting facts that you need to know about these dogs if you are planning to bring one at home:

  • They simply do not like the idea of being left alone; they hate loneliness.
  • Pit bulls are escape masters; thus, you need to have an eye on them. They are excellent diggers too and can dig holes in your yards as an act of passion, causing your beautiful gardens to lose its charm. So be vigilant always and do not allow sole access to them to your yards and gardens.
  • They are an excellent choice for a family dog and can socialize easily with your family mates if given proper training.
  • Despite their temperament and stubbornness, Petsky can be trained well. The only thing that it requires is proper tutoring for obeying your words, and they can be the best dogs who know how to obey their masters.
  • They are highly energetic and may demand strolls and walks with their owners. Not only will such things help in burning your Pitskies extra energy but will also keep you in good shape at the same time.
  • They are very playful and need mental stimulation.
  • You need to be particular about cleaning and brushing them apart from their training regime. Hair fall is a common problem that you may experience and thus calls for regular brushing, especially during the shedding season.


About Pitbull Husky Mix:

A Pitbull Husky Mix may sound a bit unusual, making you think what kind of a dog it is. But it is no new designer dog and is a hybrid of the American Pitbull Terrier and Alaskan Husky. Owing to its mixed-breed characteristics inherited from both its parents, this dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Now with this in mind, many must have started wondering as to how this dog actually looks? Does it look more like its husky parent or its counterpart, Pitbulls? Though it is difficult to pen down as to which parent’s characteristics it is likely to inherit, you are sure to have a unique dog to flaunt off amongst the dog lovers.

Many dog enthusiasts may also feel that just like its Pitbull parents, these Pitskies are prone to inherit high temperament. However, this is not true. Though the parents are known for their aggressive behavior and high temperament, this Pitbull Husky Mix is way different in their approach.

All we can say is do not judge a book by its cover and do not form your own opinions right away, taking into account the characteristics of the parent dogs. Pitskies are social creatures and can be tamed nicely with proper training. They are not ferocious as their parents and can be raised as affectionate and social animals; it all depends on the tact you follow to train them.


Appearance Pitbull Husky Mix:

Pitsky is a mixed breed of Pit bulls and Alaskan Husky, and thus their size and looks may vary from each other. Their weights range between 35 and 80lbs and have a height between 20 to 24 inches.

They can resemble either of their parents. They can be more of a husky or pit-bull like, but you can only judge their characteristics nonce the puppy is born to decide which parent characteristics will dominate. Usually, these breeds are broad-headed and have erect ears. Their bodies are generally compact and sturdy and have piercing almond-shaped eyes that are generally of brown or blue color.

They can either have a stocky build or graceful silhouette resembling its Alaskan parent. The fur may vary between soft and fluffy, and they have black or dark brown colored coats. If these Pitskies tend to inherit the characteristics of a Husky, then you can expect their fur to be long and woolen. On the other hand, if their features resemble a Pitbull, then they are prone to inherit short and smoother coats.

They are very active and thus require an active and hands-on dog parent who can get along with them. They are well-suited dogs for busy households. These dogs can even hike through the woods, and thus it is a little bit difficult to keep them under control.


History and Origin of Pitbull Husky Mix:

While no one is very sure about the actual origin of Pitbull Husky Mix, it is not a new mixed breed that popped up all of a sudden and has taken place as a pet dog in various homes for quite some time now.However, it is believed that the designer breeders created Pitsky with an aim to develop a dog with minimal health issues.

It is a crossbreed of American Pitbull and Siberian Husky. This way, you can make assumptions that the Pitsky will carry 50% characteristics of both its parents. However, it is not true; it depends on the favoring genes. In order to better understand the fact behind this story, it is vital to know the origin of parent breeds.


American Pitbull Terrier

Pit bulls are known to exist since the nineteenth century and were used for bull and bear baiting until 1835 in England. It was created by cross-breeding English Bulldogs and Terriers. These two breeds were considered as the most popular breed of those times, and the main idea behind breeding these couples was to pass on the enthusiasm characteristics of the Terrier and strength and power of a bulldog to its offspring. And you can very well see the result as pit bulls that are known to be versatile and strong in their approach. They are best suited as a guard dog who loves to socialize and hate loneliness.


Siberian Husky

The second parent to Pitskies is Siberian Huskies, also known as Siberian rats. Their existence dates back to ancient times for about 8000 years back. It is believed that the Siberian people used these dogs to pull sleds over snowy terrains. These dogs are friendly and have a gentle persona and love to hang around kids. Their endurance factor is exceptionally high; hence, these are affectionate dogs who like to work with dedication.

Pitskies have been into existence for quite a few years now and marked its origin in the late 90’s. Owing to the high demand of these designer dogs, breeders have continually bred the two parents to cater to the mixed breed demand.


Is Pitbull Husky Mix Good with Children? 

Yes, Pitskies are a good choice to be adopted as a family dog. They find great interest in loitering around small children. Irrespective of the child’s age, these dogs love the company of children and can gel well with them. They are playful and affectionate and, most importantly, loyal.

So, having a Pitsky at home need not bother you as they will not pounce on your kids or pose any danger to them. Yes, they may sometimes become super active and enthusiastic while playing and may tend to jump on you as an act of excitement and being playful. But with proper training, even this aspect can be controlled. In some cases, Pitskies can also become friends with strangers, but you need to teach them to differentiate between good and bad strangers.


Care of Pitbull Husky Mix:

Pitskies can tend to be highly demanding and may not be suitable for all novice dog owners. You can consider owning them once you gain experience in having pet companions at home. Adopting a Pitsky is not enough; you may have to cater to various responsibilities as a Pitsky parent. They need a lot of commitment and patience from the owner’s side and are best suited for dog enthusiasts who love their dogs just like a family member. So, if you are planning to foster a Pitsky, here is how you can take care of them.


Food and Nutrition Requirements:

The food requirements of a husky Pitbull mix breed vary depending on their size and age. No two dogs can be the same when compared based on their eating and dietary habits and requirements. You cannot forcibly make a small Pitsky gulp down a big full bowl of a meal. So, the diet requisites vary depending on the adulthood and puppyhood of the breeds.

Pitbulls are usually fond of food; seeing this, you may have developed a habit of feeding them again and again. But this is a wrong practice, and one should step back from feeding excess food to the Pitbulls, or you are sure to end up having obese and overweight Pitbulls.

Proteins stand out as an essential component for a dog’s diet. Especially for huge dogs like Pitbull, it is one of the most necessary ingredients that should be included in their diet. It is said that the food should include round about 22% of proteins for younger Pitbulls, whereas 18% is enough for adults.

Another thing that should be included in their diet is carbohydrates, though they are not as important as proteins but still can boost energy in your PitskyPit bulls. Being a dog owner, you should include more proteins and fewer carbs to promote muscle growth in your dogs. Talking about the calorie consumption essential for these breeds, it should be approximately 1400 calories in a day.


Exercise Requirements:

The Pitbull Husky Mix dogs are supposed to be very active and energetic dogs. So, do not keep them chained and cooped in your house. It can make them aggressive; as a result, it may also turn your home into a wreck. They need to be taken out of the house irrespective of the weather because they love to be outside enjoying the fresh breeze and cannot stay at home all day long.

They have great stamina and are hard-working dogs with athletic built. Pitskies can show up their skills in the field of racing, hunting, and sledding.

Their immense energy levels require their dog parents to keep them in leashes whenever you step out with them for a walk. It is suggested because these dogs have higher levels of chasing instinct, and you need to chain them to keep people in your vicinity safe. Because if they tend to disobey you and chase off someone, then all you will find yourself doing is ‘saying SORRY.’

Apart from the long hikes, they would love to involve themselves in half an hour leash play session. Also, they love running, and you can fulfill their passion by tying their leash to your bicycle and riding it so that they have a good running session running beside you as you pedal your way.

They can even walk for an hour or so and can give you a good exercise session at the same time. Petskies are friendly and affectionate dogs, and if you have a habit of taking them to a park for a stroll, then you can expect your Pitskies to make more dog friends at the park. In all, we can say walking sessions twice a day for half an hour minimum suits these breeds well.


Training Requirements:

Just like you love to earn incentives and bonuses for every deal you crack, Pitskies would love it too. Who doesn’t love to be awarded? Hardly anyone, right? Dogs are no different, though they may not have greed for earning some bucks or money, they surely carve for winning something that money can buy. May it be their favorite meal treat or some dog biscuits or bones, they would love to have them as a bribe when you train them to dance to your tunes.

Learning some positive reinforcement hacks to train a Pitsky is one of the best methods that you can adopt for coaching your Pit bulls. When you bring in a grown-up Pitbull mix, make sure that you enquire about their socialization activities from the breeder so that you can acquaint yourself with the pattern that is followed for them. It is a mandatory aspect so that your pups can grow up in the same socialization environment to which they were exposed before stepping into your house.

Bringing in a pup does not require the new owners to be very particular about learning their previous socialization patterns because puppies at an initial stage adapt themselves to the changes that they are bestowed to. You need to train them according to your wish of being friendly with them and see how they adapt to your norms in a quick time. But don’t forget to fall in praise for them, this act will motivate your pups and make them a fast learner.

Also, teach them the skills of desensitization wherein they are tutored for not being highly aggressive, excited, and fearful. Apart from desensitization, counter conditioning is another thing that you should teach so that the dog can find other behavior ways instead of being hyper excited and aggressive in their response. Pitskies are very brainy, and you can also try playing grain games with them to keep them at bay from inviting trouble.


Grooming Requirements:

Since the husky Pitbull mix has two distinct parents, you can never determine the package that you will get in the form of a Pitsky until and unless you see them growing up as a pup. Some of them may grow up as huskies, whereas some may have dominant Pitbull characteristics forcing them to behave like one. So their grooming requirements may also vary depending on the features that they tend to inherit as an adult.

They experience hair shedding; thus, you need to be very particular about cleaning and brushing their hair. So, if you are someone who lazes around and would not like the idea of cleaning up the hair mess, Pitskies may not be for you. These dog breeds experience moderate to heavy hair shedding, and therefore daily vacuum cleaning may also be a necessity. Regular brushing their hair can help them get rid of excessive shedding to some extent.

It is recommended that you bathe and shampoo your Pitbull mix at least twice a week. Also, you should brush their teeth every alternate day. Talking about their ear cleaning schedule, it should be inspected at least once a week and should be cleaned accordingly using a cleaning solution. A Pitsky owner should also pay attention to their pet’s nails and trim them regularly. They may also require a regular hair trim, so keep a check on that as well so that you can trim it before it gets too long.


Common Health Issues:

When you have made up your mind to bring a Pitsky home, make sure that you run proper research to get connected with the right breeder. Also, do not forget to ask the breeder about the parents of the Pitsky and their health conditions. Enquiring about the health conditions of the offspring’s close relatives will help you to judge the overall health and wellbeing if the Pitsky that you are planning to adopt.

Just like us humans, your Pitbull mix can also accrue health issues. Some common health hazards that these Pitskies are prone to are hip dysplasia, coat and skin allergies, cardiac conditions, and degenerated muscle condition known as cerebellar ataxia. So, if the offspring has parents who suffer from any such elements, there are chances that their offspring may be at risk of inheriting similar conditions in their lifespan.

Usually, these dogs are healthy but can suffer from follicular dysplasia, which is a skin condition and may also develop juvenile cataracts. Being a Pitsky parent, you also need to watch out for symptoms such as breathing problems and wheezing, which may be an indication that your pet is suffering from hyperthyroidism.

To keep your Pitskies healthy, you need to ensure that you are feeding them with an apt amount of proteins, carbs, calories, and other essential dietary ingredients necessary for a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, do not forget to include Omega 3 supplements in their diet for proper eye and brain development.



Pitbull Husky mix can make a unique and affectionate family pet. These furballs are a combo package of energy and love; you can hardly stay back from making them your companions. Especially for active pet owners, this breed can be a blessing. It can make you stay charged up at all times, owing to its immense energy levels. These dogs are super active and love to run and play with their housemates giving you a jolly good time in togetherness.

So, if this breed happens to tick all the right boxes of your need to adopt a pet, congratulations you are a soon to be Pitsky parent! These dogs are very playful and affectionate, and you cannot stop yourself from becoming a proud Pitsky parent once you hold these cheeky chaps in your arms.

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