Pitbull Dachshund Mix: A Complete Guide on Dox Bull 

Are you a dog lover and planning to adopt a pet dog soon? If yes, there are endless options that you may come across while adopting a pet, but you need to decipher out the right one that can fit your home. Ranging from the horror stories to the love and cuddle sessions, you need to know all the attributes of the pups you are planning to take to your home.

In today’s era, people are developing a liking towards unique crossbreeds, and Pit Bull- Dachshund Mix is one such cute mix that is becoming popular these days and gaining interest from dog lovers across the globe. Their heads resemble Pit Bulls whereas their body is more like their Dachshund parents that make them look endearing, patterned, and cute; it a unique crossbred dog that you would love to have at home as your pet mate. Doxies are highly adorable, but you need to know whether these dogs can become your family mates and can fit into your lifestyle or not.

So, if you are on the verge of adopting a new furry best friend, here is a quick guide that will help you to decide whether your house is ready to welcome a Doxie:


Pitbull Dachshund Mix: 

Quick Pitbull Dachshund (Dox Bull) Summary Table

Height 8 to 13 inches
Weight 20 to 30 lbs
Lifespan 8 to 12 years
Colors Brindle, brown, and fawn
Intelligence Highly intelligent
Breed Type Pitbull Dachshund Mix
AKC Breed Popularity Not recognized
Temperament Loyal. Loving, active, playful
Daily Food Consumption
Common Health Issues Intervertebral disk disease, leg-calve Perthes disease, hip dysplasia, and cataracts


Facts About Pitbull Dachshund: 

There are several things that you need to know about Doxies. So here are a few interesting facts about the breed:

  • They have higher energy levels and thus can behave hyper.
  • They do not easily get tired and may force their owners to play with them for long.
  • They should not be left in solace for long, or you may happen to witness them showing off an unexpected behavior.
  • Though they may be a bit stubborn, if tamed at an early age, they tend to follow all your commandments.
  • They love to rope tug and run.
  • They can easily catch new tricks while being rained and can also be used for dog competitions.
  • They are headstrong and confident dogs with higher levels of intelligence.


About the Pitbull Dachshund: 

A few years back, the internet was hit by a storm named Pit Bull Dachshund mix. This storm was all about a dog that turned into a sensation, grabbing some eyeballs around the globe. This breed had an unusual tale to narrate due to the unlikely mix between two dog breeds, namely Pit Bulls and Dachsunds.

This dog breed made the whole world go gaga and bonkers over it after showing up for the first time in North America. They are a re mix but are real adorable puppies that you would surely cherish to own if you are a dog lover.

They appear to be cute little furballs and are designer bred dogs having traditional mutts. They have a mixed personality and are highly vocal. Owing to their background of hunting dogs, these dogs also have the capability of hunting to their best and are aggressive and good diggers too.

This breed is known by various names such as Doxie, Dox Bull, Dull Dach, Bull Dach, Doxie bull, and Pitwee. These dogs are well suited for dog enthusiasts who can invest their time in training and pampering their dogs. They demand your attention, and one also needs to have enough patience to deal with them as they are independent and stubborn at times.


Appearance of Pitbull Dachshund: 

The Pit Bull Dachshund mix are medium-sized dogs that explicit a muscular built and are highly active almost throughout the year. These dogs tend to inherit the characteristics of either of their parents, and the outcomes are unpredictable.

You can never state as to which parent characteristics are going to dominate in the pup until and unless they are born, and you get to see them growing up. Sometimes they can adopt one parent’s characteristics in a significant form, whereas in some cases, the child tends to inherit a combination of attributes and traits from both its parents.

These dogs are available in size range of small to medium and usually have large heads just like their Pit Bull parent. Talking about their legs, they are generally short, showing resemblance to the Dachshunds.

The combination of short legs and large heads is something that the aspiring Doxie parent seeks for, but again their built and appearance can never be 100 % guaranteed.

They generally have a mixed coat, depending on the layer characteristics of its parents. A Doxie with a mix of Pit Bull and a Dachshund having a smooth coat will be born with low maintenance and short coat. On the other hand, a Doxie born to a Pit Bull and long-haired Dachshund parent is sure to show off the medium length or long-haired coat, which may require the dog owner to be very particular about its grooming and brushing needs.


History and Origin of Pitbull Dachshund: 

The Pit Bull Dachshund mix, also known as Doxie Pits or Doxies, is a rare breed of dogs that were created by breeding a Pit Bull Terrier and a Dachshund. They explicit its appearance that is one in its kind, and they exist in very few numbers because there are not many breeders who breed these two breeds to get the Dachshund mix offspring.

Their existence dates back to the year 2015 when a man in North America spotted a Dachshund mix dog named Rami. The fact about whether this breed was actually bred by a breeder or was accidentally bred is still under the covers, and nobody has a clue about the same.

To Know about the history of this breed, let’s gain a brief insight into the early lives and history of its parents – The Pit Bulls and the Dachshunds:


Pit Bull:

Pit Bulls owes their existence to England, where they were used as spirt dogs for bull baiting and pit fighting. Earlier, they were also used as farm dogs or watchdogs to guard the farms and houses. They proved to be great companions for their masters and helped them to hunt and ensure the safety of their property. They are gentle and courageous at the same time. Though they do not lap dogs, they love to socialize and behave like one to seek care and attention from their owners.



Dachshunds are German dogs whose history dates back to the fifteenth century and are also known as Badger dogs. They were initially used to hunts den animals and Badgers. They are so mighty that when sent in packs, they can also chase off bigger animals, such as wild boars and deer. Over the years, they were bred with different dog breeds to suit the purpose of digging burrows, hunting, etc. These dogs are highly intelligent and stubborn at times too.

Dachshunds are remarkably considered as lively and intelligent dogs and bold at the same time. They also love to cuddle with their pet parents just in case their owners have developed such a bond between the two.

Their coats also describe their characteristics – the ones with long hairs are taken to possess even temperament, whereas the wire-haired ones tend to be highly mischievous and stubborn.


Is Dox Bull Good with Children? 

Yes, these dogs are well suited as family dogs, and they can get around well with children. They can make a good pet dog and require some efforts on the part of its owners to train them well. You only got to train them right, and they can socialize equally well as other dogs. They can behave exceptionally sweet with the children, and the owners may be required to invest some quality time with their pets to carve such a relationship between their dogs and themselves. They only love to hang out with their owners.


Care of Pitbull Dachshund:

Food and Nutrition Requirements:

Food plays a significant role in keeping these Doxie Pit bulls healthy and in good shape. Thus, you must look into the actual food requirements of your dogs. Catering to their food requirements doesn’t mean that you have to overfeed them, or all you will get is an obese and lazy Doxie. Thus, you need to be smart and wise enough to meet the food demands of your Doxie Pits.

These dogs need a balanced and nutritional diet for staying healthy, and you can start by giving them about three cups of dry dog food. However, it doesn’t mean you have to stash it up in their bowls at once; it needs to be evenly distributed throughout the day. Dry dog food is way better than the moist food because it has lesser calorie content and fats.

Dogs usually tend to gulp down their food without actually chewing them properly, thus ensure that you give them smaller portions. It is suggested so that you can save your dogs from bloating and incurring digestion related problems.

Your Doxies require a rich protein diet and thus try to include meat in their diet, which can cater to the protein needs. You can also consult a vet and get a diet plan approved by them to feed your Doxies with the right amount of nutrients and proteins that they need.

You should not feed your dogs with macadamia nuts and nutmegs because they can tend to be poisonous for them and contains certain chemicals that can cause seizures for your dogs. Consumption of onions can weaken the immune system of your dogs, and it is advisable not to feed them with onions.

You can consider feeding your Doxies with high-quality dog food such as real beef dry, Annamet ultra-dry dog food, Solid Gold High protein with duck, Start Beef Frittata Veg, Blue Wilderness Adult Salmon, etc.


Exercise Requirements: 

Doxies are equally energetic as their Pit Bull parent, and thus you can expect them to be a jumping jack full of energy ready to play at all times. Their energetic approach needs them to have an exercise regime daily to keep them fit and in good spirits.

For a quick exercise session, you can consider taking these dogs to a park and see how playful they can become once they get to have a big space to roam and run about. When they are allowed to play and run in the parks, they hardly bark, and thus you can be at peace of mind from hearing various complaints about your dogs.

These dogs love to be in open spaces, and if you live in an apartment where you feel space crunch all the time, the same may be the case with your Doxies as well. They love to roam around free, and being in an apartment all day long, without any exposure, may make them behave weirdly. So to get them a break from the monotony of life in an apartment, do make it a point to take them outside for a stroll.

Take them for a walk or play session for at least an hour or two every day. A two-hour activity session for Doxies can help them stay in a good mood. Taking them out for exercise and walks also develops a strong bond between the owners and the dog.

Apart from the exercising and training schedule, you can also opt to play with your dogs to stimulate their minds. Getting them involved in playing a few games like puzzles, balls, and toys can help them to stay active and mindful. You can start by bringing in a few toys for your dogs and engaging them in playing flying discs, catching the ball, and similar such activities.


Training Requirements:

As said earlier, Pit Bull Dachshunds are playful and active and have enough stamina to tire their owners, making them run behind them. These dogs are excellent jumpers, so you need to ensure that the yard or balcony where you are keeping them is appropriately fenced and packed. They can pose challenges in front of their owners as they are strong-willed and feisty.

They love park trips and strolls, and it is a necessary thing to take them out to turn them into social dogs. It only needs the right approach, and even the most stubborn ones can be tamed with continuous exercise and training courses. If you find it challenging to train Doxies, you can also seek assistance from a dog trainer and get them enrolled in professional training classes.

These dogs are highly intelligent, and thus can be trained easily, though they may explicit a stubborn approach sometimes behaving reluctantly to follow their training session. Training them at an early age can help you go a long way because when they are pups, they adapt quickly to their owner’s commands and wishes. So, despite all the love and care you may have for them as pups, do not skip the training; it may cost you high in the long run.

Praising them and rewarding them a dog treat or dog toys can prove to be an effective way to train them. They love appreciation, gifts, and appraisals, so this reward system can help you achieve the goals of training them right despite all their stubbornness.

There are three things that you need to keep in mind while training Doxies:

  • Train them at a tender age in their early life phase.
  • Be consistent and firm with their training routine.
  • Use the reward system for their training and see how obedient they turn out to be.
  • Try following these rules and see how they dance to your tunes.


Grooming Requirements: 

It’s not a big deal to groom Pitbull Dachshund Mix. These dogs have a dense coat, and thus not much of the efforts are required to maintain them. Even the shedding is occasional, so brushing their coats once or twice a week is enough to keep them well-groomed. But make sure that you make use of clean combs while doing the same, or it may cause skin irritation to your dogs. Weekly Brushing their hair ensures that extra loose hair that may be hanging to their skin is removed and enables their coats to bestow their natural shine.

Pitbull Dachshund Mix parents should also ensure that they bathe their dogs at least once a week while making use of a good quality dog shampoo. These Doxies also require some of your attention to be paid on their dental hygiene, or they may fall prey to dental issues such as tooth decay, tar buildup, bacterial infection, etc. So, brushing their teeth every alternate day can be an excellent way to keep them in good dental health and to keep the diseases at bay.

Talking about their ears, it should also be cleaned regularly. Though it may not require an everyday clean up, you need to keep an eye for wax accumulation in their ears. If you happen to find any such thing, ensure that you use a wax cleaning solution to remove the dirt away from their ears. Be gentle while cleaning, or it may accidentally hurt the eardrums of your dogs.


Common Health Issues: 

This breed is not a common one and is rarely found, and thus they can be easily posed to some potential health risks. Therefore, all the Pit Bull Dachshund Mix parents must watch the sickness symptoms in their dogs.

This dog breed also tends to inherit a few health issues from their parents owing to their weakness. Intervertebral disk disease, leg-calve Perthes disease, hip dysplasia, and cataracts are a few disorders that may be passed on from the parents to its young ones. Even examining the parent breed can help you to predict the life span of their offspring.

These dogs mostly fall prey to hip dysplasia, which is a kind of skeletal condition that causes displacement of the hip joint and socket of the dog. It is a hereditary issue that is passed on to the offspring from their parents, which causes a misalignment issue between the joint and socket. This kind of ailment causes them to find difficulty in jumping, running, and similar activities.

These dogs can also accrue cataract symptoms that may also result in blindness in extreme cases. It usually happens when your dog starts aging and occurs over time.

Intervertebral disease disk is another common health issue witnessed in these breeds owing to their long and elongated back. This issue can hype up when they tend to involve themselves in stressful activities that use the spine.

Leg-Calve Perthes disease is a disorder that causes degeneration in their femur bone on their hind legs. You can get to see the symptoms of this health disorder when your dogs are hardly six to eight months in age. The symptoms can show up in the form of lameness, hip joint pain, and thigh affected areas.

Other health issues that can be seen in these breeds are thyroid, heart diseases, and cerebellar ataxia, which is a kind of neurological disorder.



If you have owned pets before, then you can consider adopting a Pit Bull Dachshund as a pet. Seasoned owners who have catered to the tits and bits of pet dogs can easily understand the ways to deal with a Doxie, and the shortcut key to it is friendliness. Thus, one can use their own expertise in combination with the dog’s behavioral pattern to bring out their potential to be a trained family dog.

For pet parents who love to be outdoors and can invest some considerable time for pet care, Doxies can be a perfect match for your families. These are well suited for families with youngsters. Doxies can prove to be great travel buddies, and you can thoroughly enjoy their company if you have trained them right. They are easy to maintain and playful enough to let you enjoy some snuggle sessions with your pets to relieve your stress.

So, if you have got your parents ready to adopt a dog and have gone through all the details of adopting a Doxie, are you ready to shower them with your love? Do let us know!

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