Pitbull Boxer Mix: A Complete Guide on Bullboxer Pit

Being one of the remarkable hybrids of two popular breeds, Pitbull Boxer is quite an interesting and lovable dog breed. Having the temperaments of loyalty, courage, bravery, and boldness like a Boxer and affectionate and playful nature of an American Pitbull, this breed never fails to win the hearts of the dog lovers.

This gorgeous and energetic creature owns a strong personality and serious yet cute appeal in their face that makes them worthy enough to become a loyal and lovable companion for anyone. Their perfectly balanced behavior and a heart full of love and obedience are sure to make a perfect family pet, spreading happiness and positive vibes all around.


Pitbull Boxer Mix (Bullboxer Pit):

Quick Breed Summary of Bullboxer Pit:

Height 20-28 inches (50-68cm)
Weight 50-82 lbs (23-37kg)
Lifespan 10-13 years on an average
Colors Tan, Black, Brown, Fawn, Yellow, Blackish Tan, White, Cream, Brindle, and Grey
Intelligence Very intelligent
Breed Type Hybrid Mix
AKC Breed Popularity Not recognized
Temperament Funny, playful, intelligent, full of alertness, smart, energetic, protective, and affectionate
Daily Food Consumption Two or three meals a day for adults

Three to four meals for puppies

Common Health Issues Obesity, heart-related issues, eye problems, cancer, allergies, hip dysplasia.

Facts about Pitbull Boxer Mix :

Are you looking for a lively yet powerful canine companion for yourself that would not only play with you but also protect you from all dangers? Brave, strong, affectionate, and caring – if all-in-one is the requirement, then adopting this hybrid dog is going to be the best decision ever. So, before moving onto the further details of this dog breed, let’s get acquainted with a few interesting facts about Pitbull Boxers.

  • Pitbull Boxer is a mixed breed dog that evolved by cross-mating two powerful purebred dogs, namely American Pitbull Terrier and Boxer.
  • Though several kennels documented this dog breed in their respective registries, however, AKC hasn’t officially recognized it yet.
  • Due to the lack of a double-layered coat, this dog is very sensitive to extreme heat and cold.
  • These hybrid dogs are also known as Nanny Dogs, as they are extremely protective of children.
  • As per the veterinarians’ recommendation, a minimum of 18% of the dog’s adult diet should comprise of protein, and 5% must be fat. In the case of pups, 8% of fat is recommended in their diet.
  • Also, check if your dog eats too fast, as these can make them suffer from gastric torsion.
  • Being extremely energetic and bouncy, Pitbull Boxer Mix requires a lot of exercises and playful activities. But make sure the pups don’t run too much at their young age, as it can cause long-term injuries. You can take them out for many short walks and play with them indoor until the dogs get matured.
  • You must train your Pitboxer puppy from its early days to prevent and restrict their unwanted behavior. This large dog breed is easily controllable and manageable when they are pretty young.


About Bullboxer Pit:

The Pitbull Boxer Mix popularly named as American Bullboxer, Pitoxer, and Bullboxer Pit is a cross-breed of two worldwide popular dog breeds known as – the Boxer and American Pitbull. Both of these parent dogs are very powerful by strength and temperament. And this amazingly loyal hybrid dog possesses the characteristics of immense fighting spirit and efficiency in guarding as of a boxer, and intelligence along with domestic nature as an American Pitbull Terrier. Having the genes of its parental breeds, this hybrid dog is popular for being alert about any danger that proves them to be one of the best watchdogs.

Though they look strong, they are not so aggressive and quite friendly with human beings. Also, their loyalty, affection, loving, and playful nature are enough to melt anyone’s heart. They are easy to train and quite obedient. With proper training of socialization, they become very good at making companions with other pets and kids too. And their unlimited energy is everything that is going to keep you entertained all the time. Having an average lifespan of 10-13 years, a Pitbull Boxer Mix may live more than this, if taken proper care with a well-maintained lifestyle.


Appearance of Pitbull Boxer Mix :

With a strong build and bold appearance, this hybrid creature has an average height of 20-28 inches and weighs an average of about 50-82lbs. Their height and weight largely depend on their parental breeds, i.e. Boxer (21-25 inches tall and 65-80lbs in weight) and American Pitbull (17-21 inches tall and weighs an average of 60lbs). Though the Pitbull Boxer is a mix of these two popular breeds, it doesn’t always have the 50-50 split looks of its parental breeds. There look is quite unpredictable and can have any ratio of attributes inherited from their parents. The female Pitbull Boxer Mixes are often found to be smaller in size compared to their male counterparts. However, this mixed breed is usually considered to be a large or medium-sized dog.

Besides, they also have a very well-built and muscular body with a broad sized head, wide chest, long enough legs, drooping ears, medium or short tail, and a small muzzle. And all these features showcase their well proportionate body. Their serious and somber, yet cute appeal on the face is nothing but an extra added positive feature to their strong personality. Again, their innocent-looking eyes with a serious face may seem funny sometimes. Anyway, it’s good not to take them lightly as they can be aggressive at times.

They are usually available in different varieties of coats, as their body color ranges from tan, yellow, brown, black, white, cream, fawn, and brindle. The Pitbull Boxer Mix may also come in different color combinations like tan with the touch of white, black with the patch of tan, and grey with the touch of white. These dogs are not so furry and have short yet smooth and soft hair on their coat, which is quite sensitive and prone to get infected with allergies. This comparatively thin coat on their body needs to be protected from extreme weather conditions like too much cold and tremendous heat. Also, their medium-sized tail that reaches up to their butt is not so curly and hairy. Due to less dense coat, Pitbull Boxer Mix has a moderate amount of fur shedding every year.


History and Origin of Pitbull Boxer Mix :

The Pitbull Boxer Mix is originally a cross-breed, whose parent breeds evolved through a long and exciting history. Originally, this dog breed mix descends from two purebred parents, namely, Boxer and American Pitbull Terrier. Earlier, the American Pitbull Terrier was thought to be the same as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. However, both these dogs are the different variants of the Pitbull breed, and they originated in the 19th century in England. Initially, the Pitbulls were used for bullfighting and later for illegal dogfighting. The Pitbulls then arrived in the US in the late 1800s. People mainly used them for hunting and livestock purposes. These canines also worked as police dogs.

During the 1930s, some breeders started taking an interest in Pitbulls, and finally, in 1972, the American Staffordshire Terrier was registered as an official breed by the American Kennel Club. However, still, now, the AKC did not officially recognize American Pitbull Terriers. But CKC (Continental Kennel Club) and UKC (United Kennel Club) recognized the American Pitbull Terrier as a standard dog breed.

Again, the other parent breed of the Pitbull Boxer Mix is the Boxer dog breed that is thought to emerge in Germany and was also used as fighting dogs. Boxers were initially derived from the BrabenderBullenbeiser and Danziger Bullenbeiser. These two dog breeds belonged to Central Europe in the 18th century, but now they are extinct.

Boxers also became famous for its hunting and guarding skills. In fact, for the first time, the German police used them as police dogs. In 1904, AKC recognized the Boxers officially. However, they remained unpopular until the 1950s. In 2017, Boxers became the 11th most popular breed in the US.

This Pitbull Boxer Mix could be said as a hybrid of the two most historically fighting dogs. Several dog breeders started cross-breeding the Boxers and American Pitbull Terriers for getting a canine that would have the intelligence rate of the Boxers and confidence and strength that of the Pitbulls.

Any major Kennel Club doesn’t register cross-breeds. But, except for the American Kennel Club, the Pitbull Boxer Mix got recognition from various other canine organizations, and each one of them calls the breed by a different name. The International Designer Canine Registry registered this hybrid as BullBoxer, while the Designer Dogs Kennel Club recognized the breed by the name of American Bull Boxer. Again, the Designer Breed Registry named it as American Bullboxer, and the American Canine Hybrid Club documented the dog as Bullboxer Pit. Each of these mentioned kennels recognized the stature of this breed.

Although the exact time of origination of the Pitbull Boxer Mix breed is still unknown, people eventually started taking an interest in this hybrid around 2009. As this hybrid dog is a combination of two prestigious and highly-valued dogs, they are one of the most intelligent, strong, and lovable mix breeds that can be a perfect companion for your family.

Is Bullboxer Pit Good with Children?

Pitbull Boxer Mix is undoubtedly one of the most loving and loyal dog breeds. However, they could be way too big and bouncy for the small kids of your family. But if you train your dog correctly and also teach your kids a bit about the dog’s temperament and body language, then having a big dog and small kid in a family together, won’t be a problem.


Care of Pitbull Boxer Mix:

Food and Nutrition Requirements:

When it comes to the food requirements of a Pitbull Boxer Mix, it should be of an adequate amount to serve its well-built body. A Pitbull Boxer requires an average amount of 1500-1600 calories per day based on their height, weight, age, and activities.  Always consider a high-quality diet to maintain the good physique of an adult Pitbull Boxer.

  • 4-5 cups of dry dog foods containing a high amount of protein are usually recommended to give them a proper amount of nutrition to keep their bones and muscles healthy.
  • Also, homemade food that contains a proper amount of protein, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins, and minerals can be given to them.
  • In the case of adult Pitbull Boxers, the total amount of food should be divided into two or three large meals a day to keep them healthy. However, provide the young pups with at least three meals per day for their quick and healthy growth. Do not forget to add fish oils or Omega-3 supplementsto keep them healthy and fit.
  • As they don’t have much fur, there is no need to worry about foods to keep their coat shiny and silky; instead, provide them with a proper amount of vitamins and minerals to keep them away from skin problems and allergies.
  • A Pitbull Boxer might have a tendency of obesity, so it is better to avoid too much fat in their food, and the diet chart must be paired with the proper exerciseto keep them healthy and active. And above all, a regular check-up and consultation of a veterinarian must be followed.

Exercise Requirements:

In accordance to keep your dog healthy and fit, your Pitbull Boxer Mix needs to exercise regularly. Following are some of the exercises that can be practiced by your Pitboxer to keep their bones stronger and muscles active:

  • Pitbull Boxer Mix is generally very energetic and strong. Therefore, you can expect them to complete one hour walks twice a day. You can also replace one of those sessions of walks with agility classes.
  • Again, Boxer Pit Mix dogs are excellent runners. They can be a perfect companion and join you for a half an hour run. As mentioned earlier, they are very tenacious; thus, they don’t face any difficulty to run straight for so long. It keeps them active and fit, both mentally and physically.
  • If you can’t take them for a walk or run, you can play with them in your backyard. You can consider the playtime as a part of its daily exercise. Also, your dog loves its playtime the most, because it loves being with you.
  • They are incredibly brilliant and eager to participate in newer things. Therefore, you can make them practice different activities like flyball and agility. But make sure to check the restrictions first, as many organizations don’t allow Pitbull to perform such activities.
  • Though they can exercise for almost 60-120 minutes a day, make sure your puppy doesn’t get over-exercised during its growth phase.

Exercising indeed keeps your Pitbull Boxer Mix healthy, active, and mentally stimulated. But always avoid exercising right after their meal.


Training Requirements:

The Pitbull Boxer Mix being a cross-breed species of two powerful dogs, they are very strong, intelligent, and a good family dog. However, their temperament is much stubborn than the other dogs. So, they require proper training and immense care during the training sessions. Now, let’s have a look at their training requirements.

Appoint a professional dog trainer:

Pitbull Boxers are obstinate and very smart. So, it might be difficult for an ordinary person to train them well. Professional dog trainers are specially required to handle and train this dog breed.


Avoid giving punishment and reward whenever required:

You must not punish this dog at all because of its disobedient nature. If you punish it, due to its stubborn attitude, it will begin to disobey you and might also get aggressive towards you. So, instead of giving it punishment, try to apply the technique of positive reinforcement and handle the situation tactfully. Always reward your Pitbull Boxer with small treats to encourage it.


Socialization and behavior control:

Due to Pitbull Boxer’s aggressive character, it is vital to socialize them with other animals and even humans. They are needed to meet new people and dogs every day so that they can fit with the practice of social interaction. Along with that, behavior control and anger management training are also crucial for this muscular dog breed.


Keeping the Pitbull Boxer Mixes active:

Pitbull Boxers are very energetic and jovial dogs. They are always ready to go for activities like running and playing all around. So, to keep their muscles active and sturdy, you may involve them in different playful activities, like the fetch game, or hide and seek.


Grooming Requirements:

Like any other dog, Pitbull Boxer Mix also needs some primary care and grooming to look presentable to all. Moreover, grooming is an integral part of giving love to your pet as it helps in building the nature of your dog. Here are the important grooming requirements for a Pitbull Boxer Mix:


Bathing and cleaning:

Bathing once a month is enough for this dog. However, if your pet becomes very dirty and smelly, you must bathe it. You can use dog shampoos to prevent skin irritation. Like other dogs, you can clean the Pitbull Boxer Mix in a usual manner. But you need to be careful with their sensitive areas like eyes, ears, and nostrils so that the shampoo doesn’t harm them.


Shedding and coat care:

The Pitbull Boxers shed only a minimal amount of hair. So, you need to brush them once or twice a week to remove their loose hair and dead cells from their body. As their furry coat is single-layered and the hairs are relatively shorter in length, so it is easy to take care of their fur.


Eyes, Ears, Teeth, and Nail care:

You should brush your dog’s teeth daily to keep them strong and healthy. You must also take care of their ears and eyes by cleaning them properly with soft wet towels. The nails of your pet should also be cared for. Clip their nails at regular intervals.


Proper Vaccination:

Make sure that your dog has an updated vaccination course, and take it to the veterinary doctors for regular health check-ups. Also, opt for proper treatments to remove flea and worms from their body. You may even consult your doctor to get guidance about these issues.


Common Health Issues:

This dog breed has some health issues that every Pitboxer owner must know. You are advised to consult nearby veterinary doctors for a check-up, whenever you feel your dog is seriously ill. The common health issues observed in Pitbull Boxers are as follows:


Hip Dysplasia:

Hip dysplasia is a medical condition in which the malformation of hip joints takes place, resulting in extreme pain and lameness. Researchers have proved that this condition can be found in any breed of Pitbull. So, the orthopedic problem of arthritic joints is a common health issue in Pitbull Boxer Mixes. Symptoms like, walking and running in a peculiar gait and non-reluctance in jumping can indicate the occurrence of hip dysplasia in your dog. So, you must keep control of its weight gain and try to keep it slim and stout.



Generally speaking, Pitbull Boxers are quite healthy and energetic. But they are especially risk-prone to a special kind of cancer known as hemangiosarcomathat occurs in the blood vessels of this dog breed. Well, usually, it is tough to detect the disease from outside, but there are specific symptoms like weakness, breathing problems, abrupt weight loss, inflated abdomen, etc. If you find any of these symptoms in your Pitbull Boxer, then immediately rush to the vet.


Heart Problem:

A deadly heart problem usually occurs in Pitbull Boxer Mixes, which is known as aortic stenosis. It is an inborn disease that shows its signs with the growing age. The disease can also be transmitted genetically. It causes narrowing of aortic valves, resulting in the build-up of pressure on the heart. The symptoms of this disease involve fast breathing or difficulty in breathing, unconsciousness, and even heart failure. This health disorder can be detected with an X-ray and cardiac ultrasound.

Apart from these, the Pitbull Boxer Mixes are also susceptible to some allergic issues, eye and ear problems, lung disorders, etc.



Pitbull Boxers are fun-loving creatures that want a house full of people. They can get incited with isolation and anxiety if they are left alone for a long time. Besides, they can be a good babysitter as they love kids. At a young age, they are very playful and love to do intense activities. The adult Pitbull Boxers are a bit stubborn and adamant; however, with proper guidance, you can correct their behavior. Though AKC does not recognize the breed, this dog marks all the requirements of being a constant companion, care-taker, and babysitter. So, if you are ready to serve them with love, affection, and consistent training, then step forward and get a Pitbull BoxerMix as your pet dog.

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