5 Maltese Breeders In Tennessee (TN) | Maltese Puppies For Sale

If you’re a resident of Tennessee and searching for healthy Maltese puppies for sale, we have created a list of the best breeders to buy Maltese puppies in Tennessee. We have also mentioned all the information you need to find the Maltese puppies near you.

Trusted Breeders For Maltese Puppies in TN

NameZip CodePhoneWebsite
Maltese and MaltipooTN 37367+1 423-309-1704www.maltese-and-maltipoo.business.site
Hollywood Club CanineTN 38305+1 731-660-1806www.doggroomingjackson.com
Petland KnoxvilleTN 37922+1 865-407-2174www.petlandknoxville.com
Precious Pups 4 UTN 38572+1 931-788-2136N/A
Southern Dream PupsTN 38583+1 931-808-2040www.southerndreampups.com

Maltese Puppies for Sale in Tennessee

1. Maltese and Maltipoo


30 blaylock cemetery Rd, Pikeville, TN

Zip Code: 37367

Phone: +1 423-309-1704

2. Hollywood Club Canine


1806 Hollywood Dr, Jackson, TN

Zip Code: 38305

Phone: +1 731-660-1806

3. Petland Knoxville


9339 Kingston Pike Market Place Shopping Center, Knoxville, TN

Zip Code: 3792

Phone: +1 865-407-2174

4. Precious Pups 4 U


1306 Ted Davis Rd, Crossville, TN

Zip Code: 38572

Phone: +1 931-788-2136

5. Southern Dream Pups


853 Golden Herren Rd, Sparta, TN

Zip Code: 38583

Phone: +1 931-808-2040

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