How to Keep Dog Water from Freezing without Electricity?

It is so difficult to keep water warm outdoor for my dog, especially during winters when there is an electrical problem at my place. 

Using a heated water bowl is easy, but sometimes it is also hazardous because dogs can chew those cords. 

At this moment, are you wondering what can be done?

Well, you are on the right page. We are here for you. This article will give you nine amazing tricks to keep your dog’s water bowl ice-free. Like you can always go for solar sipper or ping pong ball.

Not just that, we have also mentioned why it is important to keep your dog hydrated, especially during winter. So, are you ready?


9 Methods to keep your dog’s bowl ice-free without electricity

Methods to keep your dog's bowl ice-free without electricity

Many unique ideas can save your electricity bill and help in keeping your dog’s water bowl warm outside during winters. For, that you just have to read the following pointers.


1. Try a solar sipper

If you are looking for an ice-free water bowl with no shock and chewing cord stress, you can always go for safe options like a solar sipper.

The bowl uses solar energy to maintain the water at a safe temperature for your dog to drink. 

Are you thinking about how to use it? Well, don’t stress. It is pretty simple, just like any other pet water bowl.

You just have to fill the water in the daytime and keep it in the sunlight. The passive solar top design works well in winter and prohibits water from freezing.


2. Get microwave heat pads. 

The following safe option is microwave heating pads. These are disc-shaped pads that you must heat in the microwave and place under the water bowl. You can buy these from any pet store. 

Make sure you do not use a plastic water bowl for your dog when you use microwave heat pads.

With the help of a heating pad, water can stay at normal temperature for about 2-3 hours in extremely frosty weather.

You can also use this frisbee-sized disc to keep your dog house warm in the winter. Just make sure to cover the disc with cloth and place it in his house.


3. Use a rubber container.

The metal bowl is a good conductor, and it will help water in freezing fast. As a result, you can opt for rubber containers. They are good insulators that will not freeze water instantly.

If the climate is too cold, it may not work. You may have to change the water at some interval.


4. Styrofoam

Yes, get a Styrofoam cooler that we use to carry with us during outdoor picnics. 

You can place your dog’s water dish in the cooler and cut a big hole such that your dog can put his neck and have water. 

Wait, are you worried it will blow away with the wind? Well, you can place rocks inside the cooler for that. 

A styrofoam cooler will prevent water from freezing, and your dog can enjoy drinking water outdoor.


5. Get a deep water dish.

You can also purchase a deep water bowl for the dog. The rate of freezing water is comparatively low when you compare this with shallow water bowls. 

Remember not to ignore your dog’s body structure, as some short-size dogs with short necks will have trouble consuming water from deep bowls.


6. Keep it simple. Place the bowl inside.

The water bowl should be inside your house if you see it practically. But, when your dog is outdoor, that doesn’t mean you yourself have to take him inside for drinking water. 

You can install a doggy door in your house and rest your dog knows where his water dish is.

Or you can also install a dog house in your backyard and place a bowl dish inside that. It will also help to keep your dog warm in winter and keep his water ice-free.

So, which one works for you?


7. Tires and rocks

Let’s use some backyard science to keep your dog water container warm.

Tire and rock are excellent methods to control water from freezing. In this, you have to cut the rims of the type and let it sit under the sunlight.

Then keep filling the tire with all darker color rocks and place your dog’s water dish in between the rock such that the water level is at the same level as the top of the stones.

Now, you will get to know how it will prevent freezing. With the help of sunlight, the rocks will remain hot, and the tire will help expand the period. 

As a result, water inside the tire will remain warm until the rocks are warm.

If you have a giant dog, this will work effectively for him. But, for the small size, it will be difficult as they won’t be able to reach the water bowl easily.


8. Ping pong balls

It’s time to do some more DIY. Are you ready?

Well, this is a simple DIY project. You just have to place some ping pong balls in your dog’s water bowl. And it will prevent water from freezing.

You’re probably asking how that’s even doable, right?

Well, when you put balls in the bowl, the pongs will make ripple whenever the wind blows. The wave formed inside the water will prohibit it from freezing.

If the water becomes frosty in extremely chill weather, then take away all the balls and change the water. And restart the entire process.

Precaution: You have to ensure that your dog doesn’t get enticed and start playing with the balls. As the balls are too small, he may swallow one.

Don’t go anywhere if you don’t like this DIY because we have one fun task that can keep your dog’s water ice-free.


9. Try the hot saltwater bottles experiment.

You will need a small plastic bottle and some salt for this experimental project.

Take the small bottle, fill it with water, and add ¼ salt inside. Then tightly seal it and place it inside your pet’s water dish. 

Make sure that the bottle is partially dipped inside the bowl. This will help in keeping the bowl’s water temperature regular.


Were you wondering how?

Saltwater freezes at a lower temperature at 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because it contains salt, which means placing a saltwater bottle in the pet’s water bowl will help to transfer some heat.

Ensure to seal the bottle tightly, if the saltwater gets mixed with your pet’s water, it can cause diarrhea, and it can be fatal in severe cases.

Note: Keep an eye on your dog, and don’t allow him to scratch a saltwater bottle with his paws or nails.

If you are still not satisfied with non-electricity methods, you can always opt for the electricity method: just chill, no need to go anywhere because we have discussed that too. Go read now.


How to keep dog water from freezing with electricity?

How to keep dog water from freezing with electricity?

These methods are easy. You no longer have to be genuinely worried about changing the water bowl.

1. Heated water bowl

If you want a permanent solution for de-freezing your dog’s water container, you can purchase a heated water bowl that is available in the agricultural supply stores. 

Plus, you don’t have to stress about the size of your pet because it is available in all sizes.

You just have to plug in the cords and fill the water, and it will automatically heat the water.

TIP: Make sure you use this bowl slightly before the winter months, as your dog will get used to drinking water from his bowl.


2. Cordless pet fountain water bowls

If you are suspicious about using a wired heating bowl, then the safe option is to opt for a cordless pet water fountain. 

The water inside the bowl flows from the fountain and prevents water from freezing. It functions on a battery.

Fountain water is suitable for dogs because the water keeps running. And moving water contains more oxygen than still water. Hence, your dog is consuming lots of nutrients.


3. Run a small heater 

You can get a small heater if the bowl is located not so far from the house. You just have to keep the water bowl at a safe distance and let the heater work its function.


Importance of hydrating dogs and why it is more important in winters?

Importance of hydrating dogs and why it is more important in winters?

Water is essential for a dog’s life, just like it is important for humans. It is necessary to keep your dog stay hydrated because it helps the body function well. 

The digestive system of the dog performs well if he is hydrated. This is because water aids in breaking down food and helps in absorbing all nutrients.

Moreover, water also aids in the release of enzymes and acid, both of which are required for the digestive process to be completed.

It not only maintains and balances body function, but it also aids in keeping your dog’s body temperature cool during summers. 

Pets require to stay hydrated for their health and to reduce the chance of contracting certain diseases.

If you fail to keep him hydrated, dehydration will create lots of problems. Like he will become lethargic, his gumlines will become dry and sticky.

Your dog will have sunken eyelids. He will suffer from constipation, and his skin will also lose its elasticity. Plus, he will show no interest in having food.

Hydration in dogs during winters is essential because the humidity in the air reduces dramatically during the colder months. As a result, your furry friend is more likely to become dehydrated.

Therefore, make sure to keep your pooch hydrated in winter.

Most importantly, your best friend needs a lot of energy to keep himself warm during cold winter days, which will be provided to him through adequate hydration.


Why should you give your dog warm or heated water?

Why should you give your dog warm or heated water?

There is no harm if your dog drinks ice cube water, as per expert advice. The problem lies in the sudden change in the temperature. It is similar to our condition when we have direct fridge water. 

Like if your dog is an active animal and his body is generally warm. So, when he drinks cold water, it creates an imbalance. He may even throw up (it is more likely to happen when your dog drinks water right after playing)

Therefore, it is always advised to mix cold and hot water and then give your dog to drink. It is best because it also prevents digestive issues in dogs.

Hence, investing in a pet heated water bowl is the best option. It reduces your hard work and keeps the water lukewarm, which is perfect for your dog.


Well, that’s a wrap!

There are many methods to keep your dog’s water warm, as you can always go for a microwave heat disk, styrofoam, or even solar sipper.

If you are a do-it-yourself kinda person, you can also try the tire and rock method or choose simple methods like ping pong balls or simply putting salt water bottles in the water bowl. 

But, if you don’t like extra hard work, many electricity methods can help you keep your dog’s water warm, like heated pet water bowls.

If you enjoy reading this article, please share it, and if you have any other tricks, do leave a comment below.

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