How To Help A Beagle Lose Weight : 9 Easy And Effective Ways to Help Your Beagle Lose Weight

Beagles are fond of food; that is why they tend to gain weight quickly and can be affected by obesity.

Two factors are critical in preventing obesity in Beagles: first, provide them with a balanced diet and daily exercise. They can gain unhealthy weight if you cannot manage any of them.

Obesity in Beagles also means you are giving them a shorter lifespan. If you are struggling to control Beagle’s weight, don’t worry; we have mentioned nine unique ways by which you can help them to lose weight.

I have personally used these methods, so don’t stress it is safe and effective.


Why Do Beagles Gain Weight?

Why Do Beagles Gain Weight
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Beagles are active dog breeds. They need a lot of physical activity. If you don’t give them enough exercise, then it can make them fat. Lack of appropriate physical activity can cause obesity.

It might have happened with you most of the time when you take Beagle for a walk. He may feel lethargic in a short period but, let me tell you one thing, don’t get fooled easily.

Beagles require a minimum of 20-40 minutes of full-body exercise in a single day and need an intense cardio workout three to four times a week.

They are capable of doing intense workouts and full-body routines. When they fail to perform, they can easily catchweight.

Fun fact: Did you know, on average, an adult Beagle can run at roughly 20 miles per hour (32.2 kilometers per hour), whereas an average male human can only jog at 8.5 miles per hour.

It means your Beagle can move more than you if he is in good form.

Another reason why Beagles can become obese is likely because of wrong eating patterns and overeating habits. A Beagle won’t eat food slowly; consuming food quickly promises to add extra fat to their body.

Moreover, they need everything you eat even if they are complete. For instance, while eating your lunch, your pup stares at you with cute eyes and makes an innocent face. I am sure you will fail to resist and feed them your food even when they had their food earlier.

Overeating patterns and fast eating habits tend to increase their weight at a high rate.

The next issue with Beagles is that they take longer to reach a state of fullness. It means they virtually gulp the food in their platter before being hungry again shortly afterward.

When training this breed, it’s essential to exercise restraint and avoid over-feeding them.


9 Ways To Help Beagles Lose Weight

Check out nine effective ways to help your Beagle to lose weight.

1. Track Calorie Intake

The first step to control obesity and cut down fat in Beagle is to measure the number of calories you feed to him.

Calories play an essential role when Beagle’s losing weight. Most pet owners don’t know how to measure calorie count for their pet, and they follow the guidelines listed in the food packet.

Remember, those guidelines are general, and each breed has different body needs as per their energy level and body requirement.

You may think that you are feeding your Beagle in the right portion, but you are mistaken. Following those general guidelines, you are providing them with more than 20% of the food.

So, you are unintentionally overfeeding your Beagle.

Therefore it is vital that you first check out the calorie count for your Beagle. You can ask your vet to help you with the calorie count or use the formula that we will give you here.

[(Beagles body weight / 2.2) x 30] + 70 . After calculating with formula, I would still recommend you to cross verify with your vet.

Generally, all dog food serving guidelines use calories per bowl standard. So, start tracking your calorie intake and feeding your Beagle appropriately.


2. Exercise Them Daily

Exercise Beagle Daily
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As a daily workout is good for the human body, it is similarly essential to Beagles’ body. It does not just help them to stay fit and healthy, but the beauty of exercising your pet will also help them in many ways.

Like your Beagle will burn energy at the dog park by socializing and fetching. Even obedience training is an example of physical activity. It is a terrific way to bond with your pet and is enjoyable for the entire family.

Well, canines are likely to face obesity because it is a prevalent disorder found in most cases. And therefore, you must take your Beagle to the vet to determine an optimum weight goal, as well as a current weight, which should be your first step.

After all, keeping track of calorie count is not enough; daily workouts will help him stay fit for long and lose weight quickly.

Beagles are real hunters. It means they have immense energy, and if they are not using their power, they can quickly gain weight and become lazy.

As a responsible owner, take him for a walk. It will help him burn some fat, and you can later increase the walking time.

Practice is the key to success, and therefore, don’t forget to add walking to his daily regime without fail.


3. Give Healthy Treats

Give Beagles Healthy Treats
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Treats can be a fundamental part of your pet’s diet and routine, so don’t overindulge them. Cutting down on treats to keep your dog in shape can be a challenge for your beloved friend.

In such instances, all-natural dog treats are always a good choice because they contain fewer calories than other types of pet treats.

Natural canine dental treats are higher in nutrients and have fewer fatty components. Because it is free of additives and fillers, your Beagle will be happy with mini treats. Plus, you can keep his weight in check without having to deprive them of their favorite treats.

Get Fruitables Skinny Mini Dog Treats for your Beagle. It is grain-free, made of a superfood, and has a low number of calories.

Another option is to go for a completely organic treat option. You can use natural treats that you already have in your kitchen.

It dramatically reduces the difficulty that many of us have in establishing a balance between caring for our Beagles and maintaining a healthy weight for long-term health.

You can feed him slices of Apple enriched with fibers. Just be careful that you remove its seeds. You can provide them with some cooked green beans, carrots, green peas, sweet potatoes, and broccoli. They are rich in fibers, essential vitamins, and minerals.

In fruits, you can choose watermelons without seeds, blueberries, strawberries. Bananas can also be a good treat option but make sure that you don’t overfeed them as they are high in sugar level, which causes obesity and diabetes problems.

You can speak to your vet before feeding these veggies and fruits to your Beagle for safety. He may advise you on suitable and various other organic options too.


4. Offer High Protein Diet

Most dog food contains filler that is not suitable for their body; therefore, while purchasing food for your Beagle, make sure that you opt for high protein kibble.

Get those dog food that does not include additives, colorants, and preservatives. It must be rich in protein, low in fats and carbs.

So, if you have been feeding your Beagle regular food, it’s time to switch to high-quality, high-protein dog food. Ensure its first ingredients are always animal meat. It will help them to maintain their ideal weight.

I bought Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food.  It has 32% protein, and the primary ingredient is real meat. It includes goodness of Bison and roasted venison.

Not just that, it also contains prebiotics and fiber, which help them to have healthy digestion and a good IG tract.

You can purchase Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe High Protein. It has 30% protein and it has natural beef, venison, and lamb. Enriched with antioxidants, and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Before feeding this food to your Beagle, you can ask your vet to ensure you provide the right food to him.


5. Cut Down The Carbs

When you are working to reduce the weight of your Beagle, choosing low carbs food is highly important, although carbs are not completely bad for dogs. But, in case of obesity, you must select low-carb food for them.

Purchase Natural Balance Fat Dogs Food. Its recipe is specially designed for obese canines. It has low calories and helps to keep him full for a long time. The portion of the fiber is high, which allows their digestive tract too.


6. Divide Meals Into Smaller Portions

Food portion plays an essential role while feeding your obese Beagle. They may eat food at a fast pace and can feel hungry very fast. Therefore, you must give them food in small portions.

Generally, split their portion into three to six small servings and eat them throughout the day.

Did you know if you feed a small amount of food every 4 to 6 hours, it keeps your Beagle satiated all day and prevents appetite peaks?


7. Increase The Play Time

Increase The Play Time Of Beagle
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You can play with your Beagle indoors too. It will help them to be active and have no time for feeling lethargic.

You can use stairs, hide and seek, play fetch games, or tug of war too. All these games will not just help maintain your Beagle body but also help to stimulate his brain too.


8. Teach Them To Eat Slowly

Consuming food at a fast speed increases the chance of bloating and being overweight. Therefore, you must encourage your Beagle to eat slowly. It will help his brain and stomach to perceive he has consumed the food.

Use OurPets DuraPet Slow Feeder Dog Bowls. Get this slow-feeding bowl. It is a stainless steel bowl, which is better for their health, and it is easy and safe to use. You can also clean this dish effortlessly.


9. Check Out Medical Problems

Even after following the above-listed methods, there must be some medical problem if you still fail to lose your Beagle weight.

Book an appointment with your vet and check for medical problems. It is vital because conditions like hypothyroidism and Cushing’s Syndrome can cause weight gain and lethargy.


How To Know If Your Beagle Is Overweight?

You can effortlessly detect obese Beagles by looking at their ribs. If their ribs are pretty visible, then they are not too fat. But, if you pet your Beagle a little harder to feel the ribs, he may have gained weight.

If your dog’s belly is bloated and the ribs can only be felt with more pressure than petting, it’s time to get professional help.

Senior Beagles tend to gain fat quickly. It is because they become less active, which promotes obesity.

Another way to inspect obesity is to match your Beagle’s weight with the standard weight size. Ideally, females should weigh between 19 and 22 pounds, while males should weigh between 22 and 24 pounds.

Next, considering their height, if your dog is longer than 13 inches, a weight of 25 to 35 pounds is excellent; canines shorter than this should weigh between 22 and 30 pounds.



Beagles can quickly gain weight because they are fast eaters and fond of food. That is why it is essential that you strictly look at their body weight because it can invite many health problems and a short life span.

Use our nine effective methods to control their weight. It will help them to keep fuller, active, and fit at the same time.

Ensure exercise, provide high protein food, feed them in small portions, and importantly, provide healthy treats that are low in calories.

If you loved this article, make sure to share it with other Beagle owners too. Also, if you know any other way to lose weight in Beagle, you can comment below!

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