How to Get Rid of Dog Poop in the Yard Without Scooping

Having a dog is the most splendid experience, but you know the worst part of the benign pet owner is? Well, that’s getting off their poop. It is disgusting and so hard to clean and eliminate its smell.

If you also face such an issue, you have got on the right page on the internet. We have got you a total of ten amazing tricks to make your unpleasant task better.

I prefer personally dissolving the poop method, but you can also go for a dog waste septic tank or get a dog poop vacuum machine.

Wondering what these methods are? Then read this article till last to know all the ways.

10 Ways How to Get Rid of Dog Poop in The Yard Without Scooping

1. Using a dog poop Vacuum

Using a dog poop Vacuum

Let’s start with a fantastic technology dog poop vacuum.

Why use a traditional scooper if you can get an automatic scooper?

Yes, no need to pick your dog’s poo with your hands because now, with advanced technology, we have a vacuum scooper in the market that can easily collect things inside it with the help of suction.

A little motor generates enough suction to pull the waste from the grass and deposit it in a small container.

Must you be thinking about throwing the poop from the vacuum, right? Then you will be happy to know that it will not make your hands dirty because it comes with a disposable bag liner which you can easily remove and throw in the bin. Isn’t it amazing?

You can get Doody Digger Pooper Scooper. It is durable with one moving part. You can scoop the excrement, then raise it vertically to deposit it in the connecting dog waste bag. So, you will be in no touch with your dog waste or the odor.

2. Get dog poop bags

Get dog poop bags

If you don’t want to invest money in a dog poop vacuum, you can use a simple, budget-friendly scoop-free method to use poop bags.

It is easily available at every pet store. 

You can get Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags. It is 100% leakproof and eco-friendly. Also, lock the lousy odor with its lavender scent.

3. Get your newspapers ready.

Get your newspapers ready.

A newspaper is a splendid alternative to a pooper scooper if you seek to use lesser plastic bags but don’t want to clean them.

It’s a terrific method to reuse everything you have used before, and it can get organically decomposed. Newspaper is a convenient and portable dog care item that you can carry easily.

4. Use dog potty pads

Use dog potty pads

If you have small-sized breed dogs at home, this alternative is relatively easy and simple. Now, you don’t need to keep transferring your dog’s stool from outdoors to indoors. You can purchase a dog pad from the store.

It might require some bathroom training, but I believe your dog can learn it quickly.

You can buy Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads. It has five layers that provide leakproof protection against dog and puppy stains. The polymer layer absorbs fluids and transforms them into a gel for easy cleanup.

5. Hose and dilute

Hose and dilute

The hose and dilute technique are not perfect, but it is workable. You have to use a water hose to dilute the dog’s poop. It is better than picking poop with own hands. When you break the waste with water, it gets diluted in the soil.

Let me tell you, this method has a risk of spreading poop bacteria in your backyard; however, the poop can naturally degrade in the soil because of biodegradation.

Generally, when solid waste starts degrading with the help of microorganisms, it takes time, and during that process, it generates nitrogen. 

Nitrogen can make the soil burn because of the acidic effect, and you can see the yellow area in the grass. But, when you hose metabolic waste with water, you reduce one step in the process of biodegradation.

Water dilutes the waste, and it becomes easy to break down things naturally without the help of nitrogen. Later, the waste will become manure for the soil.

6. Dissolving the poop 

The method is also like the previous one, but we will use natural enzymes to break down dog waste instead of water.

As we have discussed in the hose and dilute technique that microorganism helps in biodegradation here, we will additionally add beneficial enzymes that speed up the process more efficiently.

By adding enzymes to the dog’s poop, you can quickly eliminate the risk of spreading harmful bacteria on your ground. And the solid waste becomes fertilizer for the soil.

You are right if you think it is like a septic tank waste process. It functions similarly but on a smaller scale.

It is a risk-free and useful method to get rid of poop without scooping. Wait, now you must be wondering what enzymes you can use to put on your dog’s poop, right?

You can use vinegar or get Doggie Dooley 3116 Waste Terminator. It is safe and environmentally friendly. 

7. Dedicated dog waste septic tanks

Dedicated dog waste septic tanks

If you are interested in an ideal solution for discarding your dog’s poop without scooping, then you can install Doggie Dooley 3000 Septic-Tank-Style Pet-Waste Disposal System.

It is like a scaled-down version of a septic tank that will break down the waste in the soil. The tank uses digestive powder to liquefy the waste without damaging your ground grass and plants.

You just have to dispose of the waste in the dog waste septic tank, and the digestive powder will decompose the poop. Basically, the waste will start degrading biologically. 

It helps you get away from problems like decaying poop in open ground. After all, it is pretty disgusting to see a pile of poop on your lawn.

8. Get rid of dog poo with worm composting.

Everyone recognizes that dog feces is unpleasant. Furthermore, dog excrement stinks. Above all, dog feces poses several significant health and environmental hazards.

Therefore, use earthworms to decompose poop. Yes, you read it right. I am talking about long and slime insect earthworms. You can use better composting worms also for decomposing. 

Like Eisenia fetida worms, often known as compost worms, red worms, or red wigglers, are the most prevalent worms. You can use eco-friendly ways to avoid scooping in lawn and get rid of dog shit with worm composting trick.

With the help of worms, the dog poop gets converted into highly nutrient waste. 

For this, you can get a simple bin and fill it with soil. You have to get at least 500 to 1000 worms inside that. These worms will eat dogs’ poop to decompose the material. 

Again the count of worms depends on the amount of poop you put inside the soil.

You just have to keep the dog poop inside the bin, and worms will do the rest of the function. 

The perks of using this trick are that it won’t create any mess and more yuk smell. Worms will recycel oragnic waste.

9. Dog-poo-powered streetlamps

You might get terrified by the idea and concept and might not believe it, but this is true that dog poop can light street lamps.

Methane from the dog’s poop helps generate power and light the street lamp.

You just have to turn a handle to insert the poop bag into the lamp. The machine degrades microorganisms and generates the gas that lights the engine. Now there’s a high-tech pet gizmo!

But, this option is not available in all the cities. That’s why you have to check whether your city has a dog poo-powered streetlamp or not.

10. Hire a Company

Hire a Company

If you don’t like to remove dog poop from your lawn, then you can look for a service provider who can do that for you.

Yes, many service providers are available in your area who will send their service person to remove your pet’s poop from your garden. They can also make your smelly yard not so smelly and can deodorize your garden.

You can check for the service at  Petbutler. They handle the unpleasant task, allowing you to check poop scooping off your to-do list. You can hire them. 

They provide their service one time per week, twice a week, monthly cleanup, or for a special occasion one-time cleanup.


Scooping dog poop is pathetic. Therefore we have come up with ten unique eco-friendly tricks that do not include your hands. It means you are free from disgusting dog poop activity.

If you want to go for an environmentally friendly idea, you can try worms to degrade poop or get a dog waste septic tank.

If you have any other trick that is not listed above, do let us know in the comment section below. And, do share this post with other dog owners too.

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