How to eliminate dog poop odor from the yard

The most challenging part of being a pet owner is getting rid of the poopy smell from your yard.

Well, there is excellent news for you: if you follow our practical procedures, you will now have an odor-free backyard.

In this article, we have ten amazing tricks to get rid of the poopy smell instantly from your lawn. 

You can either go for a DIY recipe or dispose of poop in your toilet. If you don’t like to get your hands dirty, you can use other methods listed in this piece.

So are you ready?

Dispose of the Poop

Dispose of the Poop

A simple way to get rid of dogs’ poop smell from the yard is to throw it in the garbage box. You just have to get dog poop bags and, with its help, pick the poop and dispose of it in the trash.

It is an effective method only if your garbage bin is cleaned at a regular interval. Because, if not, then poop can develop bacteria and germs, making it smell horrible. 

Also, it will be at its peak in the summer times.

If you don’t like this method, you must switch to a different method of disposing of poop.

So, the next method is to put your dog’s poop in your toilet. Yes, you read it right. 

Even the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends flushing your pet’s poop in the toilet. It is one of the great methods to get rid of the poop smell at one go.

But, yes, the disgusting part of this method is that you have to pick up the poop with your hands and dispose of it off to your toilet. Gross, right?

Therefore, make sure to wear gloves when taking the poop in a bag because poop contains pathogens that can make you sick.

You can use a flushable dog’ poop bag, which can quickly melt inside the water after flushing without causing harm to the environment.

Try using PetBro Flush’ n Gone Poop Bag. It’s simple to use and pretty helpful when it comes to controlling your dog’s waste. 

It quickly gets broken into water and carbon dioxide. It won’t create any mess and quickly decompose in your septic tank and landfill.

Next, you can bury your dog’s waste in a dog waste disposal system. It is like a small-scale version of the septic tank but exclusively for dogs.

There is no need to pluck bags to throw the poop; you can use the dog waste disposal tank to quickly dispose of the solid waste.

Microraganism helps to break down the poop, and additionally, to liquefy the waste, the tank employs digesting powder, which does not harm your lawn.

Simply place the garbage in the dog waste septic tank, and the digestive powder will decompose the waste. In effect, the trash will cause degradation naturally, and no odor will come out because the tank will have a lid.

The digestive septic tank functions best when the temperature is hot. Spring and summer are the best times.

You can install Doggie Dooley, The Original In-Ground Dog Waste Disposal System, in your backyard to dispose of dog poo.

Use Plain Water for Minor Cases

Simply pouring water on your dog’s poop can work to eliminate the smell from your yard. It can only work if you spill water within 8 hours of pooping.

And, in case you’re trying to get rid of the urine smell, remember that you have to increase the quantity of water by three times because the dog’s urine stinks a lot.

This method is okay if your lawn does not have a strong doggy pee smell. If the pee smell stays long, you must skip to another method.

Use an Odor Eliminator

Not every time, water can help you get rid of a poopy smell. Therefore, you have to look for a different solution. Like you can get deodorizer. There are many pet deodorizers available in the market which you can use it.

You can try using a Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator for Pets. It works well even if you have a turf lawn. It comes with a hose and contains potent natural enzymes that eradicate the foul smell of dogs’ pee and poo.

If you wish, you can also make a pet deodorizer at home. The process is simple, and you will need minimum things.

For that, you will need

  1. A clean spray bottle
  2. Water
  3. Coconut oil
  4. Lavender essential oil
  5. Glycerin
  6. Sweet orange essential oil 


Put 2 cups of water into the bottle, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 2 tbsp glycerin, and 15-20 drops of lavender and sweet orange essential oil in the solution.

Shake the bottle well, and it’s ready to use.

Try using bleach powder on hard surfaces.

Is a dog habitual of pooping only on a hard surface? If yes, it must be challenging for you to get rid of the smell.

Well, not anymore because we help you get rid of it in this section. You just have to buy bleach; it fights against taint spots and kills the odor.

Simply liquify half-cup bleach in one-gallon water and pour it on the affected spot. After that, rinse and dry. 

Make sure that your dog doesn’t come nearby; after all, bleach is a chemical, and it can harm your pet.

Alert: It can kill your lawn, grass, and plants so, don’t use it there.

Try soap and water solution for a mild smell on hard surfaces.

You can also use this method to eliminate poop smell when poop smell is not strong.

You just have to mix dish wash liquid with water and clean the spots.

Make sure to splash some water on the affected area and afterward put the liquid to get rid of the terrible smell.

Train or re-train your dog not to poop all over the backyard

Another method to reduce the chance of poopy smell from your yard is to give your pup potty training again. But, this time, teach him to eliminate in a fixed place.

As we know, it is challenging to detect the smell of dogs poop from a large yard. So, it’s better to train your dog again. 

Remember, it will take time, so make sure to teach your dog with patience. Use positive reinforcement techniques to make him understand easily. 

This method will maintain your yard clean and reduce the amount of odor in the area.

Take your dog on walks to poop

To eliminate dogs’ stool odor from the yard, you can take your doggo for a walk in the morning. Then take him after a meal. And, lastly at night.

Just make sure that you clean the mess because it contains pathogens, germs, bacteria, and viruses that are toxic to our environment. Therefore, collect the solid waste in a bag and dispose of it in the bin when you take him for a walk.

Try using a vacuum or automatic scooper

Many automatic scoopers are available in the market that sucks dog poop from the yard and get collected in a bag.

So, you can quickly dispose of poop in the bin without getting your hands dirty. 

It will keep your yard clean and free from odor. You can try Doody Digger Pooper Scooper.

Clean dog poops daily and place them in a poop containment bin.

If you have a habit of cleaning dogs’ poop daily, it can help you get rid of the foul smell. It is because the longer it stays, the messier it gets.

After your dogs eliminate the poop, it will start decaying and at the same time also produce a foul smell.

As a result, picking up the excrement and disposing of it in the container will prevent the nasty odor from spreading around your yard.


What dissolves dog poop in the yard?

To dissolve dog poop, you can either use a commercial enzyme or agricultural lime. If you opt for lime, make sure to keep your dog away from the yard because it can damage the skin. 

How to dispose of dog poop without smell?

The best way to get rid of the poop smell is to flush it down in your toilet. Other than that, you can use a dog poop bag or install a dog septic tank.

You can also re-train your dog to eliminate it in the same spot to wipe out the smell. 

Timing walks with poop time. Good idea?

Yes, if you plan to take your pup out for pooping, it can work best. It will train your dog to eliminate in time and reduce the chance of spreading smell in your yard.

Ensure to clean the mess when you take him out because the dog’s poop is not healthy for our environment.

Is dog poop good for grass?

Dog poop is not a fertilizer; it is not safe for grass and plants. Dog poop can kill the grass because it contains protein.

When it starts to break, it creates nitrogen, suitable for grass but only in a moderate amount. So, nitrogen present in dog poop staying for long can make your lawn grass die.

Well, that’s a wrap!

Poop smelling all over your backyard is such an awful feeling. Therefore, you can try ten amazing tricks explained in this article.

These methods are effective. Try and decide which method works well for you. I use a dog poop digester tank. If you are looking for an economical method, you can make an odor eliminator recipe at home.

Please let us know if you use any of our methods in the comment section below.


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