How to Dissolve Dog Poop in the Yard For a Clean and Odor Free Yard?

Did you know there are approximately 23 million fecal coliform bacteria in a single gram of animal poop? And, some of the bacteria are dangerous for us humans.

It is vital to get rid of dog poop. That’s why we have listed three unique ways to do it. We have also explained how to make dog compost piles and how much time will take to decompose completely.

So, read it now to know how to appropriately dissolve a dog’s poop.

Is it okay to dissolve your dog’s poop?

Is it okay to dissolve your dog's poop

It is always better to pick your dog’s poop with a scooper or the bag if you compare it with the dissolving method.

For the best, always look for a professional service provider to prevent yellow spots left by the poop once you are done picking the poop; it will reduce the chances of damaging your beautiful lawn.

Generally, dissolving is not appreciated because it has the risk of scattering germs in your lawn and into your flowerbeds.

However, if you are planning to dissolve a dog’s poop in the yard, then you must do so only for one of the following reasons:

When you don’t clean the lawn for long, you will see poop landmines everywhere. It can bring you a bigger problem.

Nevertheless, dissolving is easy and time-saving to clean your yard and control damage.

Scooping dog poop might become a problem if you live in a cold place with all-time snow. It will be challenging to collect waste and clean your yard. 

In such situations dissolving your dog’s poop will be the most acceptable and feasible trick to get rid of solid waste and ensure your lawn looks better after snow time.

Suppose you have a rare turfgrass lawn.  In case you have a rare turfgrass lawn in the yard, then dissolving the poop is a quite convenient and practical solution.

It is because scooping will make things untidy as the residue will still remain on the grass, making it look messier. Whereas dissolving will solve the problem.

And, later, you can sanitize the lawn and maintain hygiene.

Now, you must wonder how much it takes to dissolve poop right! Well, that we will learn in the next section. 

How much time does it take for dog poop to dissolve?

How much time does it take for dog poop to dissolve

You may want to believe that the dog poop will immediately vanish in a few minutes, right?

Well, in reality, the whole scenario is different.

The fact is dogs’ stool takes its own time to dissolve. And, it can take extra time to dissolve even more than you expect. And further, your dog excrement might take up to a year to disintegrate, depending on the conditions.

When we tell you methods to dissolve dog poop, we will give you fast methods, which will generally take 2-6 days. This is the minimum expected tenure.

However, if you want to eliminate the poop as quickly as possible, you should hire a service provider that properly removes the poop from your yard and is even better for your yard.

Do I still have to pick up my dog’s poop if it’s dissolving?

Do I still have to pick up my dog's poop if it's dissolving

If the dog’s poop dissolves itself, it won’t be able to dissolve completely. It will leave its residue. The leftover will be so small that you won’t even be able to pluck it up.

Overall it all depends on the status of your dog’s poop dissolution plus the size of the stool.

It would be great if you make the decision on your own on the level of your experience and judgments.

How to dissolve your dog’s poop from the lawn

How to dissolve your dog's poop from the lawn

Now, let’s see how to dissolve dog shit in your yard in three easy ways.


Vinegar is a multipurpose house cleaning liquid used in many home remedies, but it may not work to dissolve dogs’ poop effectively. However, it is a budget-friendly solution.

Vinegar can disinfect and deodorize your dog’s pop, but as I said earlier, it may not be very effective in dissolving poop.

It is because the percentage of water in vinegar is nearly 95 and doesn’t include oxidizing compounds such as peroxide. So, it will make the dog stool mushy. 

In case you are trying to dry the poop out before scooping, I think you should skip to the next method.

However, let me tell you it works best if you have a turf lawn, plus it is harmless.

But, if you have a delicate nose, it can trouble you. Because the smell of vinegar is very acidic and sour, you may feel an awful smell all the time.

Gardening Lime

Garden lime or agriculture lime is an oxidizer. So when you dust it over your dog’s poop, it will dissolve the poop and fall apart. 

It takes all the moisture present in the stool, which helps make it dry and break into pieces to dissolve.

Garden lime is best to remove dog poop; when you dust it on poop, it will take a few days to dissolve

But there are some issues you will face in the future if you are planning to opt for this method.

First of all, agriculture lime is a chemical compound made of calcium carbonate, and when you mix calcium carbonate with water, it will become calcium hydroxide with acidic properties.

So if you or your dog walk on this, it can burn his skin

Therefore, if you use lime to dissolve poop, take utmost care to avoid damage. 

Warning: Make sure to use gloves and eyeglasses when you dust your own dog’s poop.

Second, the high-dose lime in your garden can also burn the grasses and plants nearby. Choose another option or limit your use in regions with sensitive plant matter if you want to be safe.

Alert: Don’t get pelletized dolomitic limestone. Get only while color powdered garden lime.

Try Dolomite Lime Organic Garden Soil Amendment Fertilizer for Plant and Lawns.

Enzyme-Based Dissolvers

We now have a commercial dog dissolver that helps dog owners eliminate their pet’s poop with advanced technology.

There is a variety of enzyme-used dissolvers available in the market. But, I would recommend you go for Nature’s Pure Edge Yard Odor Eliminator; it works wonderfully and soaks all the moisture content present inside the stool. 

Thus, it will make the size of the poop very small. Typically, it will absorb 80% of the moisture. And it takes almost 2 hours to dry out the poop.

It works well on turf gardens, plus it will take away the bad smell and it’s 100% safe for pets and kids. The same treatment is used for water treatments in plants.

Did you know that nearly 500 million plastic poop bags are utilized in a single year in the whole world? And if it decomposes entirely, a single plastic poop bag will take more than 500 years to decompose inland?

Therefore, become a responsible earth member and learn to decompose dog poop appropriately. In the next section, you will know how to do that. 

Make your own dog poop composter.

Let us take care of the environment and help our mother nature; we will explain to you how to make a dog poop composter to reduce the pollution caused by plastic poop bags.

To make a dog poop composter at home, you will need the listed below stuff

  1. A big bucket
  2. Drilling machine
  3. A Saw 
  4. Pebbles
  5. Shovel
  6. Enzymes poop dissolver
  7. Carbon compounds (sawdust, leaves, or newspaper to accelerate the process of decomposition)

Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Take a bucket with a lid; the size of the bucket will depend on the amount of poop your dog eliminates daily. 

If you have a giant breed dog, get a big bucket, but if you have a medium breed like a poodle, get a medium-sized bucket.

Step 2: It’s time for some hard work. You have to dig a big hole in your ground so that the bucket can get inside 3/4th. Make sure to choose to dig a hole under a tree where there is shade.

Step 3: Take your bucket and, with the help of a drilling machine, make a hole in it aligning from up to down. The hole will help worms and microorganisms to get inside to degrade the poop.

Step 4: With the help of a saw, you have to cut out the bucket’s base.

Step 5: Now, put the bucket inside the hole you made in the ground earlier and ensure that the holes are covered inside the soil.

It will not let the smell of the poop come out. Then start filling the soil that you pull out while digging.

Step 6: Put a layer of pebbles at the base of the bucket and then place another coat of dry leaves along with Enzymes poop dissolver. You can also put sawdust or shreds of newspaper.

Step 7: Whenever you put dog poop inside this bin, make sure to dust Enzymes poop dissolver. Then cover it with a bucket lid to stop the smell from coming inside.

Cheers, you have made your own dog poop composter at home!

Can you compost dog poop?

The straightforward answer is yes, you can easily compost dogs’ poop, but you have to take care and do it properly because it is not that simple to decompose dogs’ poop.

Decomposing dog poop is essential and good for the environment because germs, bacteria, and viruses can spread if you don’t clean it appropriately.

According to a study conducted by the United States department of agriculture, the average dog excretes 34 pounds of excrement every day, totaling 274 pounds per year. 

If left unattended, dog waste can contaminate ground and surface water. It will entice flies and pests, emit an unpleasant odor, and make it unhygienic for dogs to live.

Dog poop is a safe soil component for revegetation and landscaping when adequately processed. Composting generates a high-quality soil addition that enhances the soil’s physical condition as well as its fertility.

Fun fact: If you properly compost dogs’ poop, you can cut the amount of dog waste produced by half. 

A compost mixture’s temperature is quite significant. It represents the amount of microbial activity in the environment. 

When taking the temperature, place the thermometer in the center of the compost mixture, which is the warmest part. 

Germs inside the compost will die when the temperature is 145°F for several days. 

Is dog poop terrible for your lawn?

Is dog poop terrible for your lawn

Without a doubt, dog poop is exceptionally unsafe for your lawn because it contains millions of germs and is capable of destroying your ground.

Your dog’s poop can literally kill your lawn grass because of the presence of nitrogen. Now, you must be thinking, what does that mean? Well, it is all science. We will explain to you in a simple way. 

Dogs’ food contains high protein, and when protein starts breaking down with the help of bacteria, it leads to the creation of nitrogen. 

When they eliminate poop from the anus, they also bypass nitrogen along with that (the urine of the dog has a higher concentration of nitrogen)

Nitrogen is good for the soil, but too much anything is not good; therefore, when the amount of nitrogen is high, it will burn the grass; this similarly happens when you put too much-concentrated nitrogen fertilizer in the soil.

Thus, when your dog’s poop rests on your lawn for a long time, it produces a high amount of nitrogen which turns the grass green, and later it dies, turning into a brown color. 

For this reason, it is essential to clean the dog poop after its bathroom business.

Other than nitrogen, dogs’ poop is also capable of making fungus. And, the fungus can damage your yard once they start spreading.

As you know, fungus loves water and moisture, and a high amount of nitrogen from the soil will accelerate it to grow at a fast pace. 

Your dog’s poop also contains moisture, which helps spread the fungus at an incredible speed.

As per a study in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, it is found that your cute doggy poop is capable of spreading the following microorganisms.

  1. Salmonella
  2. Roundworm
  3. Tapeworm
  4. Hookworm
  5. Echinococcosis
  6. Giardia
  7. Campylobacteriosis 
  8. Cryptosporidiosis

Therefore, hygiene is a must!

Well, that’s a wrap!

The simple way to get rid of dog poop is garden lime. But, if you can do some hard work, I would suggest you go for the compost pile method. It is convenient and good for the environment too.

However, a dissolving dog is not an ideal method. I recommend you scoop the poop and compost it appropriately.

If you know of any unique way to dissolve dogs’ poo, do let us know in the comment section below.



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