Do Beagles Run Away? (Explained)

The short answer to whether Beagles run away is yes, they do. Beagles go away and go missing from time to time, and they also return home. They could be gone for several days or even vanish entirely. It is an emotional and painful experience for a caregiver.

Yes, as Beagles are scent hunters. The significant reason they run away is because of their instinct. They catch their prey and follow them every corner until they get them.

Another reason can be because they are prone to separation anxiety, and due to this, they may escape your house if they find something interesting on the other side of your home.

These were only a few of the reasons they fled. Would you like to learn more about it? Then read this article. Also, we have listed some steps to keep them stick around you.


What makes Beagles want to run away?

There are five primary reasons why your Beagle might be running away from you. Quickly learn them all now.

1. Boredom

Bored Beagle
Photo By klaus_beagle

Lack of interaction can cause escapism in Beagles. As you know, Beagles are an active breed, and they are always up for playing and talking to humans. If they are lounging on the floor for a long time without any human interaction, it is common that they will get bored.

And, when boredom strikes, Beagles will find their way to get rid of it. That’s why they will run away from your house.

Another reason can be separation anxiety, and Beagles are prone to this issue because these breeds cannot live alone for an extended period. Their minds need stimulation. That’s why they always show affection and enjoy playing with their family.

In case your Beagle is left alone for long, he can go under stress too.


2. Catching the Scent

Beagles are known to hunt through their smelling power. These breeds have a strong smelling ability, and they can catch even the slightest smell. That’s why they come under the hound category.

Smell distracts your Beagle. He will follow the scent until he catches where it is coming from. It can be one more reason why they escape.

When you take them out to stroll, they sniff the ground, and if he detects anything strange, he may flee from you to catch the scent.

Their survival instinct leads them to follow the scent, and thus, it is one of the reasons they run away.

Fun Fact: Did you know Beagles have 200 million, and humans have 5 million scent glands?


3. Escape artists

Beagle Escape
Photo By moka_beagle26

Beagles are energetic; they will use their energy in all forms. And one of them could become a wanderlust.

It’s very likely that if you leave them alone in your backyard, they’ll flee. It is because the place is quite known to them. After sniffing, playing, and enjoying themselves alone for some time, they will get bored.

Your Beagle will sleep in one corner, or he will run away if he sees something enticing outside your backyard.

You won’t even realize, and he will skip away from your place within a moment. Yes, they are good at their skills. That’s why we have mentioned them as “escape artists” for real.


4. Wanting to mate

If your Beagle is not neutered or spayed, there is a higher chance of escapism due to sex drive. They will run away from you because of mating purposes.

As per studies, all-male Beagles get sexually matured when they cross eight to nine months. If we compare it with females, the urge for mating in male Beagles is more.


5. Chasing another animal

Beagles are hound breeds; they have an instinct to chase their prey, and when they come across small critters, they will run to catch them.

You cannot control this natural behavior because if they see a mouse running on the ground that very moment they will run towards them to catch them.


How to keep Beagles from running away?

So far, you know why Beagle runs away from you. But, in this section, we will learn tricks on how to control this situation and keep your dog around you.

1. Kill boredom

Beagle Playing Game
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Boredom is one reason why Beagle is highly motivated to run away from you. So, it would help if you worked on how to prevent boredom.

Providing him with an enriching environment assists him in restraining his runway spirit. You can give him mind games, puzzles, play with him, take him out, and spend interactive time with him.

I personally love Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound game. This puzzle treat game will keep your Beagle focused and cognitively challenged as they search and sniff for the yummy rewards.

Your focus should be on giving your dog an interactive, fun environment where he is happy and never feels like running away from your house.

You can also buy a laser toy for your Beagle to kill boredom. PetSafe Bolt Laser Pointer Toy. The fun laser moves randomly around floors and walls, appealing to dogs’ natural hunting instincts. You can use the mirror adjust button to decide where the laser points.

The Bolt automatically switches off the laser after 15 minutes to avoid over-stimulating your dog and keep the game interesting.


2. Use a leash when you take him for a walk

Whenever you take your Beagle for a walk, always use a leash to control his running away action.

If you haven’t trained your Beagle to walk on a leash, it is essential that before taking him for a real walk, you must practice using the leash at home.

If you don’t know how to work on this, check the videos.


3. Try Doggy care

If you are planning a mini-vacation, take your Beagle to doggy daycare. And, sometimes you can even have a friend walk them.


4. Train your Beagle new tricks

Train your Beagle new tricks
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You can teach you Beagle commands like stay, sit, stop, walk, hold. It will help you to keep them under your control. Make sure to always give rewards when they follow your command and keep practicing.


5. Get your Beagle neutered or spayed

Once Beagles hit puberty, their desire for mating will rush them to escape your place. It would be best to get your Beagle operated on before they reach 8-9 months of age.


6. Get solid fencing

As Beagles are escaping artists, you must keep your backyard fencing strong. Because your Beagle can’t see through a solid fence, it’s preferable to a chain-link fence.

In simple words, he’ll be less likely to desire to get out with less evident access to the outside world.

And, remember to regularly inspect the fencing and make repairs to any loose or rotten boards. Ensure that every gate is closed and locked.


7. Use positive reinforcement

Give your Beagle reward when he stays inside the backyard. It will allure him, and he won’t meddle with the idea of escapism.

Thus, he will always stick around you.


Training Beagles to not run away

An easy way to teach your Beagle not to run away from you is to train him with the steps listed below.

Step1: Take him to a safe and open place, and it would be great if he has not seen that place before.

Step 2: Call his name politely and tell him to “come” when he starts running away.

Step 3: When he follows your command and runs back to you, you can praise him a lot and reward him. You can also give him his favorite treat.

Step 4: Keep practicing the above steps 2 and 3 until it gets registered in his mind.


We have one more way to train your Beagle not to run away.

Step 1: Bring your Beagle to the door on a leash to prevent him from bolting when you open it.

Step 2: Sit with him. Grab the handle on the door.

Step 3: Put your hand back off the handle and if he gets up, tell him to sit.

Step 4: Reward your pup if he allows you to unlock the door without moving.

Step 5: Repeat this practice until you can leave the door open, and your dog will look to you for permission to enter.



Beagles run away because they are scent-hound dog breeds. They will run away from home and travel, searching for a smell to track down.

Controlling their runaway spirit can be challenging but only until you know the real reasons and proper ways to stop them.

Please read our article now to learn those reasons and methods to train them not to run away. Also, if you know any other ways and tricks, do let us know in the comment section below.

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