Do Beagles Play Fetch?

If you are familiar with dog breeds, you must know how Beagles are well-known for their energetic and playful personalities. Their happy nature compels them to play along with every kind of game they are introduced to. However, do they like to play fetch?

Beagles are born with sharp senses and instincts which are suitable for hunting. Thus, they are good at following things. With a bit of training and practice, they can quickly learn to play fetch with you.

If you wish to learn more about how playing fetch is beneficial for your Beagle and how you can teach it, you have come to the right place! Read further to know all the essential details about playing fetch with your Beagle.


Benefits of playing fetch with your Beagle

Benefits of playing fetch with your Beagle


Playing fetch with your dog is the most common game all over the world. It’s the best way to utilize your dog’s energy and play around with it. Here are some of the benefits that come along with a simple game of fetch:

1. Entertaining exercise

As you must know, Beagles require a good amount of exercise to match up to their energy level. They also want a constant playmate with them, which may end up tiring you out.

Playing fetch can be entertaining, and a workout for your dog since it requires constantly running back and forth. Once your Beagle is accustomed to fetching stuff for you, it gets stimulating for him just to play around till the energy goes out.


2. Reduces aggression

Often, when a Beagle is not appropriately trained or is not given the required amount of attention, it develops aggressive and irritable behaviour. Along with aggression, it may also develop anxiety issues which may cause a destructive reaction altogether.

Beagles deprived of attention and left with pent up energy result in creating a rampage in the house. They can start destroying items around them or show anger towards you or your family.

Thus, if you do not have the time to give extensive training, you can play fetch with your dog and get help from a professional trainer.


3. Bonds you and your dog

Playing fetch can be extremely fun and tiring. It is also the perfect way to bond with your dog. Since you train your Beagle to bring back the object to you, it eventually feels obliged to bring back the thing.

A sense of loyalty is instilled in the Beagle’s mind along with this. Beagles are originally hunting dogs that are supposed to be companions to humans. Thus, when you play fetch with your Beagle, you find a stronger bond in the throws of the game.


4. Mental stimulation 

Along with physical exercise and entertainment, playing fetch is also mentally healthy for your Beagle. When a Beagle is getting used to the new activities, it feels challenged and wishes to get attention and praise. Thus, when you praise your dog for bringing back the object, it makes them feel more confident. 

Along with confidence, their instincts are also strengthened. Their hunting instincts compel them to follow and hunt an object. Hence, fetch is the perfect way to keep those instincts in check and sharpened.


How to teach fetch to your Beagle

How to teach fetch to your Beagle

Teaching fetch to your Beagle can be the easiest with positive reinforcements. A good amount of treats along with praises can encourage the dog to bring back the object to you. Here are some steps you can follow to teach fetch to your Beagle:

Step 1: Get an attractive toy/object to fetch

Catching your Beagle’s attention from the beginning can be a good step. You must get a toy that interests your dog and let it get used to it. Or you can use an existing toy that is very dear to the dog as well.

The key is to get the Beagle’s attention when you are throwing away the object. This will motivate the Beagle to bring the thing back.


Step 2: Throw the object

Simply throw away the object at a short distance and say words like “get it” or “fetch.” Try to establish these commands every time you pitch to get your Beagle accustomed to the specific terms.

Remember that your dog may not be interested in going after the object at the beginning. Do not lose heart at it and try a few more times with some other things to fetch.


Step 3: Motivation and treats

Treats are the key to train every dog. Once you throw away the toy, encourage your dog to bring it back by giving it motivational instructions. After getting the toy back, praise the Beagle with words like “good job” or “good boy” and give out some treats. 

Treats and praises are the positive reinforcements for dogs that motivate them to repeat the tasks which earned them.


Step 4: Practice the above steps

Just like training with any other tricks or exercises, the game of fetch also requires practice. It takes time for the Beagle to get used to all the commands. Practising at different locations can also help.

Once your Beagle has mastered fetching at short distances, try increasing the distance you throw the object. Try making things more interesting by using the toys which are dear to your Beagle.


My Beagle can’t play fetch

Don’t get disheartened if your Beagle doesn’t seem interested in fetching the objects for you even after your numerous efforts. Beagles do wish to please their owners. However, they also have independent personalities. If they do not find it interesting, they will not make an effort.

To motivate them, try getting more attractive toys and better treats. Sometimes, the toys make a lot of difference. You must deal with your Beagle with patience. Every Beagle has its own learning pace, so you must get familiar with its mindset first.


Toys you can use to play fetch

The toys make a lot of difference for the dogs. Some of the most common toys you can use are:

  • Balls: Balls are the most popular toys for dogs. A variety of attractive balls are available for dogs in the market. However, balls can get lost very easily.
  • Stick toys: Stick shaped toys, or fake bones are the second most popular toys for dogs. They are stable and visible enough that your dog won’t lose sight of them. Sticks are relatively easy to carry for dogs than balls.


Final Thoughts

Fetch is a very famous game for every dog all over the world. Since Beagles are well-known for their energetic spirits, most would love to learn and play fetch with their owners. However, if your Beagle doesn’t seem interested in playing, there is no need to worry. It either must be a slow learner, or you should increase the reinforcements!

We hope you got your answers from this article, the relevant information about Beagles, and the game of fetch.

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