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If you’re trying to find a breeder, we have got you! Do you want to meet a Dalmation puppy and take them back home? Did you fall in love with them while watching the 101 Dalmations movie? If yes, we understand the reason.

With a great list that we’ve compiled for you about the Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC), about handling the dog, and other necessary details that all buyers need to know, you’ll be able to bring home your new love! Let’s dive in!

Central Carolina Dalmatian Clb3208 Neuse Banks Ct, Wake Forest, NC 27587, United States+1 919-217-1117
101 Southern Dalmatians6861 SC-11, Campobello, SC 29322, United States
101 Southern Dalmatians149 Inman Rd, Inman, SC 29349, United States

Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC)

1. Central Carolina Dalmatian Clb

Address: 3208 Neuse Banks Ct, Wake Forest, NC 27587, United States

Contact No: +1 919-217-1117



2. 101 Southern Dalmatians

Address: 6861 SC-11, Campobello, SC 29322, United States

Contact No: 



3. 101 Southern Dalmatians

Address: 149 Inman Rd, Inman, SC 29349, United States

Contact No: 


What is the Price of a Dalmation Puppy?

A Dalmatian puppy can cost around $600 to $1200 for many valid reasons. It can also raise $2500 if the puppy’s bloodline belongs to a top pedigree. The other reasons are,

Reputation Speaks

Not all breeders are trustworthy because we all know scams are a part of this world. When looking for such reputable Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC), the price varies because they ensure the dog’s health, pay for registration with AKC, provide proper pre-training, make their environment puppy-proof, and give exposure to the outdoors to keep their social skills at their best. Additionally, such reputable Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC) will have the expertise to help you with details and other information related to grooming and growing your pet. And so, the price they pose is worth the shot.


Locations play a vital role when it comes to cost. And when 3 out 5 people want Dalmation puppy, and there are only a few litters left, the demand will hike the price. This is why location also paves the way to the cost.


When it comes to pedigree, which is about the puppy’s parent line, it will also determine the puppy’s price. If the pup belongs to parents who were champions or known to have exceptional social skills, then that is a great start to believe the pup also has derived the DNA. Hence, the prize will shoot up!

Note: Check the pedigree papers to figure out if it is original. If the document doesn’t have the logo of the American Kennel Club, then it isn’t legit.

Tips for Handling a Dalmation Puppy

Dalmations are unique, and people love them for their friendly nature. They have high energy and love to be with kids and family. To handle a Dalmation, you need to be prepared with certain things. They are,

Good Food

Dalmations need to be fed twice a day if they’re adults and three meals when a pup. Dalmations must eat food of rich quality and low in proteins. It is because foods rich in protein will put their kidneys under pressure, so it must be avoided. This, in turn, can lead to urinary tract infections and kidney stones. Additionally, water must always be kept near them to help their kidney stay in good shape.

Regular Exercise

Dalmations must have regular exercises but not way too much. They should be exposed to the outdoors through a long walk to keep up their energy. You can also make them run around in your backyard, which has tall fences to ensure the biggies don’t jump out. If you do not take them out and try to keep them as an apartment puppy, they’ll surely go through mental health issues. So never keep them always inside.

Decent Training

Early training which is consistent benefits your Dalmation in many ways. As Dalmatians have a strong personality, they are often sidetracked–which you should avoid at all costs. Your dog will understand and finish duties if you maintain a stern yet persistent attitude when you teach and train them. Otherwise, they can misbehave. When they behave in such a way, you can give stiff yet fair penalties to help them obey. Remember, Dalmations are pretty straightforward, so if you provide the best training, they’ll indeed thrive on listening and pleasing you.


When it comes to grooming a dalmatian, brushing their coat regularly is essential as they shed a lot. But don’t worry! Regular brushing can keep their shedding at bay. You should use a grooming glove, or let’s say a brush with good bristles to take hairs from the coat. If you have a particular place in your home where you don’t want their hair never to be there, then make sure the confinement is done well.


As soon as you bring your puppy home, it would help if you got an apt crate for them. Crating your Dalmatian puppy will assist in house training and allow your dog to use the potty outside. Crates also keep your curious and naughty puppy contained and out of mischief when you can’t be present to keep an eye on them. Crates provide your dog with a sense of protection and safety. The more they’re crate trained, they can quickly go to their spot and sleep when they feel tired than relying on you to carry them there.

Veterinarian Checkups

Before you take your puppy home, you should ensure that the breeder has had all of the pup’s initial vaccines and medical checkups done. After that, when you bring the pup home, it is your turn to keep their health in check. Taking your pet to a Vet who they’re comfortable with and know for a long time will help him recover in case of need. Changing Vets regularly can cause the pup to feel distant. Plus, one permanent Vet can also help you with the finest suggestions as they’ll know the pup much better.

Help Them to Socialize

Starting from the beginning, socializing your puppy will help him to be adapted to various circumstances, environments, and other people. To make this happen, take him to the dog park to play with other dogs, and socialize them by exposing them to small children or other dog admiring adults. This will result in having a pup who is calmer and well-behaved.

Online Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC)

While there are breeders you can meet and get the pup from, there are also alternatives such as online dog selling platforms. These sites will help you to find folks from whom you can buy Dalmation puppies at their finest and from the comfort of your home.

1. AKC MarketPlace

It might be challenging to find reputable dog breeders, groomers, and trainers, but AKC blend all three. AKC Marketplace is your go-to resource for meeting responsible Dalmatian Breeders in North Carolina (NC) and adaptable dogs right from your home. 

2. Puppies For Sale Today

Puppies For Sale Today is well-known for the services that pride itself in finding the right family for its dogs. Since 2008 they’ve been doing this, and customers have always felt happy! Check it out.

3. Adopt A Pet

As we all know, an adoption shelter is the best location to look for a dog if you want to adopt a puppy, rather than buy one. And for that, Adopt A Pet is the best site where you can find plenty of rescued dogs and which are yearned for a home. Try it out!


How many black spots do Dalmatians usually have?

This is a challenging question to get an accurate answer because do you know that when they’re born, they’re entirely white and later develop the black spots? Yes! And so, determining the count is challenging.

Is it true that Dalmations are Hypoallergenic?

Definitely no! Dalmatians are not hypoallergenic dogs since they are known to create a lot of dander and, as we know, shed a lot. They’re the best fit for dog lovers who do not have immediate allergies to dog hair.

Do Dalmations bark too much?

Dalmatians do not bark unnecessarily. They primarily bark when they want attention from family members or if they want to communicate something. Other than that, they’re peaceful and calm.

How about Dalmations’ tolerance to cold?

When it comes to cold tolerance, Dalmations can handle them reasonably. If the temperature outside the home drops below freezing, these dogs will require some warm protection from their owners.

Final Thoughts

Dalmations and their energetic nature will make children incredibly very happy. These dogs also get well with fellow pets, so if you have a cat or other pet, Dalmations are a great add-on. Now that we’re about to wrap, let’s remember these things:

  • Make sure the price of the pup feels legit and if they fall into the categories like reputable breeder, location, and good pedigree.
  • Ensure your pup will receive good food, training, grooming, regular health checkups, and exposure to the outdoors.

If these are well followed, you’ll surely enjoy your companionship with the pup and vice versa. Have a nice day!

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