Can My Dog Eat Biscuits?

Biscuits are a kind of bread usually baked with shortening or lard. It is a typical snack eaten worldwide and traditionally served as the main course. It could be beneficial for both humans and pups if given moderately.

While having tea and biscuits, you may be lured to offer some biscuits to your dog sitting and staring at you with their puppy eyes. But is it a safe practice? Can dogs easily digest them? Do biscuits make dogs sick?

Read on to know more about it!

Is it safe to give your pup biscuits?

Is it safe to give your pup biscuits

The answer to this question is yes, it is safe for dogs to consume biscuits in moderation.  However, a balanced diet is crucial for dogs, and consuming too many biscuits will provide them stomach problems.

Biscuits are easy to digest as they contain gentle ingredients. The flavor and texture make biscuits a popular snack among our furry friends. If properly baked, street dogs can also consume biscuits.

Homemade biscuits are the best to feed your dog when made with safe ingredients. You could give your pup biscuits as a snack or after a long walk. Biscuits could also be provided as a reward or treat to your pup. 

What is the right amount of biscuits to give your dog?

What is the right amount of biscuits to give your dog

If you are feeding your dog a cookie, it is best to provide just one. It is safe to provide your pup with one or two of those. A sugar cookie or soft biscuit is much safer without added chocolate or raisins.

If your dog weighs below 50 lbs, one biscuit a day is advised. However, if your dog’s weight falls between 51-100 lbs, your dog can have upto two biscuits a day. 

Treats like biscuits get dogs obsessed easily. You should give your pup biscuits moderately, as too much of it can cause harm. Treats should not make up over 10% of your dog’s diet. 

Types of biscuits you can feed your dog.

Types of biscuits you can feed your dog.

There are various types of biscuits you could give your pup, including:

1. Homemade biscuits

Store-bought biscuits contain additives and preservatives. Moreover, they’ll be in plastic packaging until you open them.
Giving your pup homemade biscuits will help in ensuring that only organic and safe ingredients are used. They’ll be freshly baked and healthy.

2. Fig biscuits

Fig biscuits could boost your dog’s energy and provide strength to their bones. These are rich in dietary fibers and have natural sugars in them. They increase the calcium level in your dog’s body.

3. Peanut butter biscuits

Several nutrients, proteins, good fats, and fibers are present in peanut butter. It contains folic acid and promotes the growth of cells.

4. Sweet Potato with Salmon biscuits

These biscuits are an excellent source of omega-3 and potassium. It helps in reducing the chances of your dog getting cancer.
Sweet potato and salmon cookies help in decreasing inflammation and contain helpful antioxidants. It also improves your pup’s vision.

5. Pumpkin and carrot cookies

They are rich in nutrients and boost your dog’s immune system.

Benefits of giving your pup biscuits

Biscuits contain fatty acids and glucosamine. These provide comfort for joint pain and arthritis. Dogs with allergies can enjoy biscuit treats as they can be prepared without gluten, grain, yeast, or corn. They’re low-calorie treats and can be used as rewards while training.

The presence of fatty acids in dog biscuits helps keep your dog’s coat healthy and provides shine. It also prevents dry skin and flakiness. Protein-rich biscuits strengthen muscles and provide energy. It keeps your pup’s bones and muscles healthy.

In addition to this, if your biscuits have eggs in them, they’ll contain omega-three fatty acids. DHA, present in these acids, contribute to brain development and improve cognitive functions. 

What are the risks involved in giving your dog biscuits?

Obesity is one of the common risks as biscuits contain a high amount of sugar and fat. Excessive consumption of it could be harmful and lead to excessive weight. 
Some store-bought biscuits contain xylitol which is an artificial sweetener. It is harmful to dogs and can cause liver damage, seizures, etc. Dog biscuits contain salt, and over-consumption of this can cause blood pressure to rise and result in a heart attack.

Raisin-flavored biscuits aren’t safe for dogs as it can cause liver failure and raisin poisoning.

Alternatives for biscuits for dogs

There are many alternatives to biscuits available in the market. Some of the common options are: 

  1. Rice cakes: When given moderately, rice cakes are safe for dogs. It only contains rice flour mixed with water.
  2. Bread: Bread has nutritional benefits for pups. However, it can be harmful if eaten in excess due to carbs and sugar.
  3. Fruits and vegetables: Plums, watermelons, apples, etc., are safe for consumption by your pup.
  4. Granola bars: These are safe for your dog and contain essential carbs and nutrients for your dog. However, too much can cause harm.

What to do if your pup gets sick from biscuits?

What to do if your pup gets sick from biscuits

Over-consumption of biscuits or eating biscuits with xylitol can make your pup sick. An allergic reaction to biscuits is also possible. If you observe symptoms of sickness or allergy, contact a vet right away.

Symptoms of allergic reactions in dogs are: 

  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Excess sneezing
  • Rashes or red skin
  • Swelling
  • Teary eyes

Which biscuits are suitable for dogs?

You can find biscuits for dogs made using healthy and organic ingredients. Listed below are some of them

  • Choostix Biskies with Real Chicken
  • Meat Up Chicken flavor
  • Choostix Biskies with Real Mutton Dog treat
  • Purepet Chicken Flavour Biscuit
  • Nootie Freshly Baked Cookie

Dog treats to avoid

Many dog biscuit brands contain components that could harm your pup. It is important to avoid these brands, including the ones listed below.

  • Rawhide Chews
  • Pedigree Dentastix
  • JerHigh
  • Harringtons Low Fat Treats
  • Wagg Tasty Bones


Q. Can your pup eat bread?

Yes, when given moderately, bread can be good for your pups. It contains nutrients necessary for your dog.

Q. How many biscuits can I feed my pup?

It is advised not to give your pup more than 1-2 dog biscuits. The correct quantity depends on your pup’s weight. 

Q.Are biscuits safe for street dogs?

Yes, if it does not contain any sugar. Biscuits containing refined sugar can cause health problems in dogs. 


It is safe for dogs to eat biscuits when given in moderation. Excess consumption can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, liver failure, and other health problems. 

Homemade biscuits are safer for dogs than store-bought biscuits because they don’t contain additives, chemicals, or preservatives. 1-2 biscuits are the safe amount to feed your dog. 

Some health benefits of biscuits include providing relief for arthritis, improving your dog’s coat, strengthening muscles and bones, etc.  There are various alternatives to biscuits like rice cakes, fruits, and granola bars rich in nutrients essential for your pup. 

Always make sure your pup isn’t allergic to the ingredients in the biscuit. If you see any signs of sickness or allergic reactions, immediately take your dog to a vet. 

That’s everything you need to know about biscuits and dogs. Share your thoughts down below, and thanks for reading!

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