Can Dogs Eat Taco Bell or Taco Bell Meat? (Answered by Dr. Aram Baker )

What is Mexican but also loved by the Americans? Tacos!

You must have often dined, grabbed a take-out, or ordered online from your nearest Taco Bell.

But do you think about feeding your dog some of your Taco Bell meal? Do you feel concerned whether dogs can eat Taco Bell or not?

This article will help you understand whether Taco Bell is safe for your furry friend or not. We would also note down the effects on your dog after consuming such a snack along with its appropriate treatment.


Is It Okay To Feed Your Dog At Taco Bell?

Is It Okay To Feed Your Dog At Taco Bell

No, Feeding your dog some taco bell meal might seem harmless at first. However, given its combination of questionable seasonings and ingredients, you would definitely want to reconsider that.

Except for one or two (to be discussed later in this article), the dishes served at Taco Bell are not safe for dogs. They can easily cause gastrointestinal issues in your canine pal.

It is okay if your dog has accidentally eaten up a minimal amount of Taco Bell. But if he has devoured large quantities of Taco Bell, then you would surely end up at your vet’s clinic.


What Are The Risks Of Feeding Your Dog At Taco Bell?

What Are The Risks Of Feeding Your Dog At Taco Bell

Taco Bell uses a bunch of different ingredients and toppings which are very risky for your dog’s health:

  • Avocado

Taco Bell extensively uses guacamole, a dip primarily made of avocado and onions. All parts of avocado (i.e., fruit, leaves, pit, and the actual plant) contain persin, a fungicidal toxin.

Persin can induce diarrhea and vomiting in your dog if ingested in moderate amounts. Moreover, avocados are not suitable for dogs because they cause pancreatitis, weight gain, and gastrointestinal upset.


  • Onions

Other than being the prime ingredient of guacamole, Taco Bell uses onion powder in most of its dishes. Onions are not good for dogs because they pose a danger to their kidney and heart.

Toxic doses of onions can lead to anemia in dogs by damaging their red blood cells. As onions enter a dog’s metabolism, they attack the red blood cells and make them more likely to rupture.


  • Garlic

Do you know garlic is nearly five times as potent as onions? Dogs should not consume garlic as it can lead to the following issues in them:



    Abdominal pain



    Increased Lethargy

    Pale gums

    Exercise intolerance


    Increased heart rate

    General weakness

    Increased respiratory rate


  • Salt

Taco Bell is no different than other fast-food chains when it comes to the use of extensive salt. Excessive salt consumption weakens your dog’s bones and tissues.

Moreover, due to lack of calcium and phosphorus absorption, salt leads to osteoporosis (unnatural loss of bony tissue) in canines. Not only this, but salt deposits give rise to the problem of kidney stones in your cute pups.


  • Tomatoes

Small amounts of red and ripened tomatoes are okay for dogs. However, the young and green tomatoes contain tomatine and solanine, considered toxic to dogs.

You never know the quality of tomatoes used in Taco Bell recipes, therefore solanine and tomatine poisoning in dogs causes:

    Cardiac effects

    Muscle weakness


    Loss of coordination

    Gastrointestinal upset


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  • Jalapenos, Chili pepper, and Chili powder

Dogs are not naturally built to consume spicy foods. So, even a small amount of chili pepper, chili powder, or jalapenos can wreak havoc in their digestive system. These spicy ingredients are toxic to them and often lead to:



    Excessive thirst and urination

    Abdominal pain



  • Tortilla shells

While small amounts of flour-based tortillas are alright for dogs, you must check whether your pet has wheat and/or grain allergies. Moreover, you should refrain from feeding hard tortilla shells to your pooch as they are potential choking hazards for them, click here to learn more about Can Dogs Eat Tortilla


What To Do After Your Dogs Eat a Lot At Taco Bell?

What To Do After Your Dogs Eat a Lot At Taco Bell

After your dog has eaten up large amounts of Taco Bell, you can follow these steps:

    Give him plenty of water as he would feel dehydrated after diarrhea and vomiting.

    Give him some plain white rice and nearly 2 pounds of boiled chicken. This easily digestible dish would calm down your dog’s upset stomach.

    If the symptoms do not go away and instead worsen, then you must consult the veterinarian right away.

    Read this forum discussion wherein people shared time-tested methods to treat dogs when they show adverse reactions after eating Taco Bell.

Tip: We would advise you to often take your dog outside for a brisk walk and fresh air. It helps in healing their bodily imbalance.


What Can Your Dog Eat At Taco Bell?

What Can Your Dog Eat At Taco Bell

Considering the above-mentioned harmful ingredients, only one item at Taco Bell is suitable for your dog. It is a simple cup of black beans.

Not only the safest option on the Taco Bell menu, but black beans are also actually a very healthy snack for dogs. However, if you cannot help it, you can feed your dog unseasoned, cooked beef while dining out at Taco Bell.



Q. Can dogs eat homemade tacos?

Yes, of course. But make sure that you feed him only 100% beef and no onions, jalapenos, guacamole, tortilla shells, or tomato salsa.

A little bit of cheese alongside some plain rice and lettuce with the beef patty is very nutritious for your doggo.


Q. How much Taco Bell can you feed to your dog?

It would be best if you refrained from feeding Taco Bell to your dog at all, regardless of the amount. Think yourself: dogs should eat only around 25 calories per pound daily.

By looking at the menu of Taco Bell, you would notice that an average burrito has 350 calories, a beef taco has 170, and a quesadilla contains nearly 520 calories! Any dog owner would know that such a calorie intake is dangerous for their dog.

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We know that everyone across the world is fond of Taco Bell. But we must not get carried away when it comes to our dog’s health.

The conclusion is simple and pretty straightforward, dogs should not eat Taco Bell. While you could go for simple black beans or homemade tacos, Taco Bell is a sure-shot veterinary vacation for your four-legged friend.

Did this article help you understand whether or not dogs can eat Taco Bell? Got any queries, opinions, or doubts? Type it down in the comments section below to let us know.


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