Can Dogs Eat Ravioli? Is Ravioli Healthy For Your Dog?

Do you know what has been Italy’s most outstanding contribution to humankind apart from art, literature, and Maseratis? Yes, you guessed it right: its cuisine. And Ravioli is one of the most loved members of Italian cuisine.

People are generally fond of raviolis and tend to share this stuffed pasta with their pet dogs. But have you considered whether ravioli is suitable for dogs?

This article will help you know whether the ingredients used in Ravioli are safe for your dog or not. 


Is Consuming Ravioli Safe For Your Dog?

Is Consuming Ravioli Safe For Your Dog


Like other pets, our dogs also need a healthy and nutritious diet. And if a food dish can give them diarrhea, bloating, constipation, vomiting, and choking, then? 

You guessed that right, eliminating that dish from your dog’s regular meal plan would be a good choice.

Ravioli is harmful to dogs and makes them susceptible to allergies and other health issues. 

This high in fat, carbs, and fructose delicacy is not the best option to incorporate into your dog’s diet. That is what you should do with Ravioli as its cons outweigh its pros.

Refrain from stuffing your dog’s mouth with Ravioli. Giving him a small amount of it once in a while won’t do much harm, but excessive consumption will.

Author’s Note: We urge you to contact your vet before adding Ravioli to your dog’s diet. Moreover, you should rush to the vet right away if you notice any adverse symptoms. 


What Is The Nutritional Value Of Ravioli?

_nutritional value of ravioli

Let us do the breakdown of the nutritional facts of 1 cup serving of Ravioli (approximately 213 grams):

    A total of 180 calories

    17 % calories from fat

    31 grams carbohydrates

    3.4 grams fat

    5 milligrams cholesterol 

    730 milligrams sodium

    8.9 grams glucose

    3 grams fiber

    6 grams protein

    10% Vitamin A

    6% Vitamin C

    80 milligrams calcium

    0.7 milligrams iron

By now, you must have understood that Ravioli is quite nutritious. However, its high calories, carbs, and fats make it unhealthy for your dog’s consumption. 


What Ingredients Of Ravioli Are Harmful To Dogs?

What Ingredients Of Ravioli Are Harmful To Dogs?

So, what really makes Ravioli harmful to dogs?

1. Salt

Ravioli consists of large quantities of salt. For example, a 246 grams serving of Ravioli has nearly 750 milligrams of salt! 

Such a proportion of salt is even dangerous for a German Shepherd, let alone a small Chihuahua. So, refrain from feeding excessive Ravioli or brace yourself for salt poisoning in your dog.


2. High fructose syrup of corn

Fructose is a cheap kind of food sweetener which is very harmful to your dog. An average recipe of Ravioli contains about 2% of fructose syrup that would damage your dog’s liver and overall metabolism.


3. Textured Vegetable Protein

In layman terms, textured vegetable protein is primarily soy. The soy used in Ravioli is of the genetically modified type that is extremely risky for your doggo. 

Thus, large amounts of Ravioli will unleash the fury of soy that is harmful to dogs.


4. Dehydrated onions and garlic

It is a known fact among dog owners that garlic and onion are very hazardous for canines. Ravioli contains onions and garlic in generous amounts, thus making it harmful for your pooch. 


Can Dogs Eat Homemade Ravioli?

Can Dogs Eat Homemade Ravioli

Yes, surely. Homemade Ravioli is actually very healthy if you put it in your dog’s regular meal plan. You can include some juicy meat, veggies and use pasta or spaghetti in reasonable amounts. 

However, do away with spices and additional toppings, and you are good to go.

Feeding some tasty treats to your dog occasionally is perfectly alright for your pooch. You can look up some handmade Ravioli recipes for dogs.


Can Puppies Eat Ravioli?

Can Puppies Eat Ravioli

This is a tricky question. While you should avoid feeding packaged Ravioli to your dog, many other healthy alternatives are available.

Moreover, you must not give Ravioli to your puppy if he has not crossed the six-month age marker and is not used to real food. 

This is because Ravioli could be too rich for your dog’s system that he might end up getting diarrhea, and suffer from constant vomiting.


Can Pregnant Dogs Eat Ravioli?

Can Pregnant Dogs Eat Ravioli

Yes, pregnant dogs can eat Ravioli just in small amounts. However, you must consult your vet before trying out Ravioli with your pregnant doggy. She might have special cravings, and occasional Ravioli treats are alright for her.


Can Dogs Eat Frozen Ravioli?

Not at all! Frozen Ravioli is very dangerous for dogs. When kept in the freezer, Ravioli becomes a choking hazard if your dog swallows it whole or in large amounts. 


Can Nursing Dogs Eat Ravioli?

Yes, even nursing dogs can consume Ravioli in small quantities. However, you must do away with the ingredients that can pose potential digestive disorders in your nursing dog. 

Tip: For nursing dogs, homemade Ravioli should be your only choice. 



Q. Can Dogs Have Cheese Ravioli?

Yes, your pup can eat cheese Ravioli. However, make sure that the cheese is not smoked or aged and is well within expiration. Also, avoid any kind of spicy ingredients and seasonings.

Q. Can Puppies Eat Beef Ravioli?

Yes, your pup can eat beef Ravioli. However, along with avoiding spices and toppings, you should ensure that your pup is above six months in age. Otherwise, he might find it challenging to digest beef.



Ravioli is OK for your dog, but only if fed in moderation. Small amounts of Ravioli without spices fed once a week will pose no harm to your pooch.

We recommend making homemade Ravioli with little to no spices, no onions or garlic, and loads of tender chicken. Just make sure that it is fresh and not frozen.

Nobody wants to expose their cute four-legged family member to health risks. We know you also won’t. So, why should you make your doggo with high amounts of Ravioli ill just for a bit of enjoyment?

We believe that this article was fruitful in making you understand the pros and cons of feeding Ravioli to your doggo. 

Got any queries? Wish to share the moment when you fed Ravioli to your dog for the first time? Let us know in the comment section below!

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