Can Dogs Eat Corn Nuts? Is It Good or Bad for their Health?

Corn nuts might be your favorite tangy snack but are they safe for your dog? Pet owners have a tendency of sharing their treats with their dogs. But would it be the right thing to do in the case of corn nuts?

Are you worried about whether or not dogs can eat corn nuts? Do you wish to know the potential risks and benefits of giving corn nuts to your furry friend?

If yes, then this article is the perfect place for you to start. Read on!

Is it safe for dogs to consume corn nuts?

Do you know regular consumption is not considered good even for humans? And as for dogs, corn nuts are not safe at all, given their adverse health hazards. 

A combination of high amounts of spices, salt, and seasonings, corn nuts do not offer any nutritional benefit to your doggo. Moreover, regular consumption of corn nuts becomes a major hindrance to your dog’s physical development.

Many people might recommend you to feed corn nuts to your dog suffering from constipation. However, it would help if you did not do so at any cost because corn nuts can cause further gastrointestinal issues in your dog. Along with its unhealthy blend of spices, corn nuts are also not easily digestible.

What is the nutritional value of corn nuts for your dog?

What is the nutritional value of corn nuts for your dog

Let us put it this way; corn nuts are toasted or deep-fried corn kernels loaded with multiple preservatives and flavorful seasonings. And with every added seasoning, corn nuts become all the more harmful for your dog. 

Corn nuts provide zero nutritional benefits to your fido. Instead of any benefits, your dog is more likely to get diarrhea after eating generous amounts of corn nuts. It is because such treats are not a regular part of your dog’s daily diet and act as an impediment to his digestive health.  

It would be best to give your dog a bland diet of boiled rice and chicken if he gets an upset stomach after consuming corn nuts. You should also call your veterinarian for further consultation and a course of action.

What are the side effects of feeding corn nuts to dogs?

What are the side effects of feeding corn nuts to dogs

So, now you know that corn nuts are not nutritious, safe, or healthy for your dogs, let’s move onto their side effects observed in dogs:

  1. High Salt Content

Compared with nutritious meat-based products, corn nuts have a really low nutrient density per weight ratio. The high salt content of corn nuts will most likely dehydrate your dog, particularly during the summers. Moreover, corn nuts can lead to severe health hazards in dogs, including cardiac issues and high blood pressure

NOTE: Moreover, corn nuts being high in fiber is baseless misinformation. Do not fall for such words without thorough research.

  1. Flavorings

Keeping the preservatives aside, the sheer flavorings of corn nuts are extremely harmful to your dog. For instance, corn nuts contain ingredients like garlic and onion, two of the most dangerous food items for dogs. Hence, you should be aware of the toxicity of corn nuts before giving them to your furry friend. 

  1. Digestive Issues

Since whole corn kernels are quite large for a dog’s stomach, he can suffer from gastric problems and constipation. Besides the high salt content and harmful flavorings, dogs have difficulty digesting these fried or toasted corn kernels. Moreover, it would be best if you kept corn nuts away, particularly from your little pups who have a really sensitive stomach. 

  1. Lack Of Nutritional Value

Corn nuts are known to have empty calories and a goose egg of nutritional value for dogs. Rich in heavily processed unhealthy fats such as butter and lard, corn nuts put your dog at the risk of diabetes and obesity. Therefore, it would be best to do away with such snacks entirely from your dog’s regular meals.

  1. Risk of Choking

Dogs tend to get excited in front of delicious treats like corn nuts. As a result, they consume an entire bowl of toasted corn kernels without even chewing. This might lead to the fatal choking problem in dogs because corn nuts do not easily pass through their system.

ADVICE: It is fine if your dog accidentally ate a tiny amount of corn nuts; the vet will take his utmost care. However, it would help if you refrained from intentionally offering corn nuts to your furry friend.


Q. Can Overweight Dogs Eat Corn Nuts?

Not at all. As if excessive weight gain was not an issue for you and your dog. It would be best to keep treats such as corn nuts away from your pet dogs. This is because it can further deteriorate your overweight dog’s metabolism and blood pressure levels.

Q. What amount of corn nuts can dogs eat?

It depends on your dog’s weight and pedigree. On the one hand, some larger dogs can eat small amounts of corn nuts on rare occasions. While on the other hand, smaller breeds should not consume even little amounts of corn nuts. It would be best to take guidance from your dog’s vet whenever such a dilemma arises.


Corn nuts are a really inexpensive food item. However, this does not mean that you should give corn nuts to your dog at the expense of his health. There are a ton of other healthier and more nutritious alternatives to corn nuts, such as beef, carrot sticks, and standard dog kibble. Then why go for a harmful and useless treat like corn nuts?

The conclusion is plain and simple: you must not give corn nuts to your dog. It does not have any minerals, vitamins, or essential nutrients. Your dog does not require corn nuts, so you should not offer him any. You must rush to the vet if your dog shows severe symptoms after eating corn nuts. 

Did the information mentioned in this article resolve your query about whether or not dogs can eat corn nuts? Interact with us in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more such informative articles!

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