10 Brittany Breeders in Idaho (ID) | Brittany puppies for sale in Idaho

The Brittany breed was developed in France to hunt in water and on dry land. The dogs were used for hunting waterfowl and small game and for alerting their owners to the presence of enemies and game.

Today, they are one of the largest Brittany breeders in the country, producing a wide variety of dogs for hunters as well as families.

But when buying the puppies, it is quite a humongous task to spot the right one right away. But we are here to help you out. Ask the right questions to find that perfect furry companion for life.

Let us explore the Brittany Breeders in Idaho and what they are experts in. Most importantly, what are the questions to ask the Breeder before buying the Dog.

Copley Brittanyshttp://www.copleybrittanys.com/
Dry Lake Kennels+1 208-573-4563http://www.drylakekennels.com/
North Idaho Frenchies+1 208-640-1019http://northidahofrenchies.com/
JS Kennels and Training3220 N 3250 E, Kimberly, ID 83341, United Stateshttp://www.jskennelsandtraining.com/
Idaho Hunting Dogs774 E 1200 N, Shelley, ID 83274, United States+1 208-681-6127http://www.idahohuntingdogs.com/
AKC English Springer Spaniel PuppiesForest Siding Rd, Sandpoint, ID 83864, United States+1 208-946-6060
Cedarwood Gun Dogs12635 W Cedarwood Dr, Boise, ID 83709, United States+1 208-322-7792http://www.cedarwoodgundogs.com/
Table Rock Kennels+1 208-571-5596https://www.tablerockkennels.com/
Power Goldendoodleshttp://powergoldens.com/

Brittany Breeders in Idaho

1. Copley Brittanys


Contact No: 

Website: http://www.copleybrittanys.com/

2. Dry Lake Kennels


Contact No: +1 208-573-4563

Website: http://www.drylakekennels.com/

3. North Idaho Frenchies


Contact No:  +1 208-640-1019

Website: http://northidahofrenchies.com/

4. JS Kennels and Training

Address: 3220 N 3250 E, Kimberly, ID 83341, United States

Contact No: 

Website: http://www.jskennelsandtraining.com/

5. Idaho Hunting Dogs

Address: 774 E 1200 N, Shelley, ID 83274, United States

Contact No: +1 208-681-6127

Website: http://www.idahohuntingdogs.com/

6. AKC English Springer Spaniel Puppies

Address: Forest Siding Rd, Sandpoint, ID 83864, United States

Contact No: +1 208-946-6060


7. Cedarwood Gun Dogs

Address: 12635 W Cedarwood Dr, Boise, ID 83709, United States

Contact No: +1 208-322-7792

Website: http://www.cedarwoodgundogs.com/

8. Willola


Contact No: 


9. Table Rock Kennels


Contact No: +1 208-571-5596

Website: https://www.tablerockkennels.com/

10. Power Goldendoodles


Contact No: 

Website: http://powergoldens.com/

What are the Brittany Breeders in Idaho?

The Brittany breeders in Idaho are located all over the state, from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Central Valley. The Brittany is a versatile hunting dog, making them the perfect companion for various terrain. This has allowed breeders to set up shop in a variety of locations, each with its unique advantages.

What are the Qualities of Brittany Breed?

The Brittany breeders in Idaho are excellent. They are located in Fontana, and they have been raising dogs for over 40 years.

They are very intense about what they do, and they always make sure to provide their dogs with the best care possible.

These are the various things they use Brittnies for: Hunting, Companion, Herding, pulling, and Trials.

Hunting: If you want a hunting dog, this is the breed you want. Their energy level is extremely high, which makes them great for hunting. Their natural ability to hunt makes them a great asset on the field, but their high activity level can make them a handful for apartment living.

They require a firm hand in the field and a firm leash when outdoors. They will not take kindly to being locked indoors, and it won’t be easy to control them if they want to go out.

Companion: Their calm and gentle nature makes them great companions for the family. They are not aggressive, and they are very forgiving. They are incredibly patient, and they are excellent with kids. They also like being around other dogs.

The Brittany is the ideal dog to spend time with, as they love to be around their owners. They are ideal for obedience, agility, flyball, and water. They are also great for those who are looking for a dog that will stay by your side, even when you are asleep. They are also great for those who want to train their dog.

Herding: They have a high drive to herd cattle, sheep, or goats. They have a natural ability to herd, but they are also great at following commands and taking direction. They are incredibly patient and will wait for their owner’s call.

They are best in smaller herds, as they tend to get stressed and nervous when there are too many animals. They work best at low speeds, and they are also good at keeping up with large herds.

Pulling and trials: They are extremely good at pulling. They have a natural ability to pull, and they will follow you around for hours at a time. They are great in large yards and are incredibly patient in pulling small teams.

They excel in agility and flyball, and they have a large frame and are extremely strong, making them a good team and a good choice for those who like to go fast.

They are also great for trials. They can withstand the heat of a trial without complaining. They are highly tolerant of the heat and never get tired or give up. They are good at finding lost or misplaced articles, and they are good at finding items.

What are the things to ask the Brittany breeders in Idaho about?

They have a lot to consider in choosing the right dog. Some of the important points they should have:

  • They should be sure to choose a breeder who has a lot of experience and find out what that experience is. The more years a breeder has had to work with the breed, the better.
  • They should find out if the breeder is an active member of the American Kennel Club, and if it is, they should find out what training classes the breeder has participated in.
  • They should learn what experience the breeder has had working with many different breeds of dogs.
  • They should see if the breeder has experience working with the breed they want.
  • They should ask the breeder what will be part of their commitment to ensuring.
  •  They should also ask what will be their responsibility to make sure the dog is well taken care of. The breeder should also be honest with them about the cost of their care.
  • They should ask what will be part of their commitment to ensuring an excellent future for the dog. They should also ask what will be part of their responsibility to see that the dog has an exceptional life.

What is the average price of the Brittany breed in Idaho?

Is it reasonable given what you can expect from the breeder, or Is it too expensive? In comparison to the money you are paying for the purchase, what is the breeder asking you for?

If it is more than you think you can afford or than you think you should pay, what are the things you should do before you find another breeder who will offer you a better deal? Is the breeder offering you a good deal because the market is exceptionally high, or is it simply because the breeder has other demands on their time?

The average price of the Brittany breed is $500–$1100. This price varies depending on the dog’s quality, where it is from, and the breeder’s experience.

An experienced breeder will generally have a better offer, but in some cases, the price that you are paying is not necessarily based on their experience.

A new breeder may be willing to offer you a better price, and a breeder may be desperate for a home for their dog. If you are buying from a breeder, ensure that you get an up-to-date health certificate for the dog.


1. Brittany’s tails have been docked for what reason?

Trimble, who raises Brittany spaniels, including a national champion, believes docking, like other standards, has a legitimate history. A docked tail, for example, was initially intended to minimize harm in hunting animals.

2. What is the health status of Brittany spaniels?

Brittany Spaniels, which lives an average of 12 to 13 years, is prone to significant health conditions, including canine hip dysplasia (CHD) and less serious health issues like hypothyroidism and epilepsy. A veterinarian may prescribe thyroid and hip checks for the dog to detect these problems early.

3. Do Brittany spaniels have any health problems?

Although Brittany is a healthy breed, like other dogs, it can have health problems, including hereditary. Hip dysplasia is one of them, which is a severe deformation of the hip socket that needs costly surgery to correct and can lead to chronic arthritis later in one out of every four Brittanys is affected by life.

4. I’m not sure if I want a male or female Brittany?

Hunters often prefer female Brittanys as companions. When assigned a task, female Brittanys are less hyperactive and more concentrated. They’re also less passive and more enthusiastic about their work. Because male Brittanys are indolent and prefer lapdogs, they make better companion dogs than hunting dogs.

5. Is it true that Brittany Spaniels feel cold?

Brittany Spaniels will receive their exercise by running and playing off-leash if at all feasible. They like milder conditions and will not be kept cooped up indoors by chilly temperatures or even rain if given a chance. Prepare yourself for a workout if you have to keep these dogs on a leash.


Brittany is a healthy and resilient breed that makes for a good family companion. It may not be the right breed for everyone, but it’s an intelligent breed with a strong work ethic. If you select to own a dog of this breed, be prepared for a long life of love and loyalty, and you want to find a breeder who has a dog that may be a good match! And if you can commit to a spartan lifestyle, Brittany may be a good fit for you.

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