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Boxers are a good-looking and affectionate breed of dogs. They are fast runners and highly athletic. Breeds like Boxers are also the most well-liked breed in entire North America.
Boxers have a strong jaw and broad shoulders. Boxers are ideally found in brown color with tiny white patches. The origin of a boxer dog traces back to Germany.
You are looking for a boxer dog who can guard your home and be loyal to you? We have a list of online Boxer Breeders in Texas (TX) and some caring tips for a boxer breed dog. Tag along till the end to find the information you’re looking for about the breeding and upkeep of boxers.

Trusted Breeders For Boxer Puppies in TX

NameZip CodePhoneWebsite
Carbine BoxersTX 77061+1
Black Champion BoxersTX 76234+1
Grayson BoxersTX 77830+1
Black Champion BoxersTX 76234+1
K & J BoxersTX 75446 N/
Legacy Boxer RescueTX 76053+1
Tribute Cockers And Boxers TX 73446 +1 580-677-9044
Dovetail Kennels of TexasTX 76446 +1
Schautzie s Boxer KennelTX 75904 +1 936-634-1647N/A
Sisters Awesome BoxersTX 78624 +1

Boxer Puppies for Sale in Texas

1. Carbine Boxers


7930 Airport Blvd, Houston, TX

Zip Code: 77061

Phone: +1 805-750-4664

2. Black Champion Boxers


421 Private Rd 4011, Decatur, TX

Zip Code: 76234

Phone: +1 940-841-2754

3. Grayson Boxers


1219 FM 1486, Anderson, TX

Zip Code: 77830

Phone: +1 936-524-1054

4. Black Champion Boxers


421 Private Rd 4011, Decatur, TX

Zip Code: 76234

Phone: +1 940-841-2754

5. K & J Boxers


FM100, Honey Grove, TX

Zip Code: 75446

Phone: N/A

6. Legacy Boxer Rescue


Hurst, TX United State

Zip Code: 76053

Phone: +1 877-526-9377

7. Tribute Cockers And Boxers


17843 Bridgeview Rd, Madill, TX

Zip Code: 73446

Phone: +1 580-677-9044

8. Dovetail Kennels of Texas


5616 Hwy 6, Dublin, TX

Zip Code: 76446

Phone: +1 254-592-3251

9. Schautzie s Boxer Kennel


4822 Moffitt Rd, Lufkin, TX

Zip Code: 75904

Phone: +1 936-634-1647

10. Sisters Awesome Boxers


Alamo Springs General Store & Cafe, 107 Alamo Rd, Fredericksburg, TX

Zip Code: 78624

Phone: +1 830-998-1682

Steps to make your home ready for well coming to a boxer breed dog:

1. Purchasing suppliers

A puppy‘s responsibility is just as much as a baby’s. You will need A collar with the name tag and a leash. You will also need dog treats to reward a dog while training. Also, necessary things like a bed, dog food, and bowls should be bought. You should also have your local veterinarian’s contact information in case of emergency.

2. Schedule

It is vital to take care of sleep, food, and walking early. Make a schedule to get all your work done and take care of the dog. A fixed schedule will teach your dog to maintain decorum and Stick to its routine. Working along with the schedule will help both you and your dog. It helps you maximize your productivity and teaches the dog to behave independently.

3. Safety

While welcoming a dog into your family, your primary responsibility is taking care of its safety. Brief all of your family members about how to care for a dog, foods you should not feed the dog, etc.

When you bring your dog home, it is necessary to constantly keep an eye on him as their surroundings are new, and the dog can be curious to explore it, harming himself in the process.

You should also ensure You don’t have any sharp objects lying around. It is of utmost importance to Keep any poisonous substance out of reach.

Online Boxer Breeders in Texas (TX):

In case your pet store does not have a boxer breed puppy, there are very reliable online websites available from which you can buy. There is a high chance of finding a better dog online than your local pet store. You will find many options online.

Puppy spot

Puppy spot has a network of highly trained Boxer Breeders in Texas (TX). They have accommodated over two hundred thousand puppies in caring homes. They aim to give every puppy a happy home and improve their lives.

Jor boxer puppies

Jor boxer puppies specialize in breeding high-quality and healthy boxer breeds. They give assurance on the health and performance of their dogs. They offer dogs with excellent bloodlines from around the globe. Their dogs are very social and friendly.

AKC Marketplace

The American Kennel Club or AKC Marketplaces Is very reliable in finding the best boxer breed dog for you. You can find a highly skilled breeder for boxer dogs. As this is an online marketplace, it has a vast network and can search for the best dog in the country.

Puppies for sale today

Puppies for sale today is a website that connects you with breeders Worldwide and helps you find the perfect fit. You will find anyone with a boxer puppy for sale on this website. It is a very genuine and proficient website.

Adopt a pet

For anyone looking for a boxer puppy on sale, adopt a pet is a reputable online website that you should check out. They offer puppies of all breeds, so you have a variety to look at before choosing a dog fit for you.

Boxer breeders and boxer sellers:

A highly skilled boxer breeder will keep the puppies with their parents for a minimum of seven to eight weeks. The breeders also stay in touch after the puppy has been placed in a home and follow up on the puppy’s health.

The vaccination and health are a breeder’s responsibility until he hands the puppy over to you. So if your breeder does not have any vaccine or health checkup documentation, do not buy a dog from him.

A breeder specializing in breeding boxers alone should be preferred over the breeders who breed more than one type of dog breed.

AUTHORS NOTE – Consider it a red flag if your breeder insists you take a newborn puppy home.

Upkeep of a dog:

1. Grooming

Every dog looks good when it’s clean. To keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy, you should brush a dog’s teeth at least four times a week and, if possible, every day. Boxers like to look tidy. Hence you should bathe them once every 2 to 3 weeks. Also, trim your dog’s nails once a month. Boxes tend to have short hair, so brushing them once in a while will do just fine.

2. Training

Early training helps significantly in developing discipline. Socializing and exercising helps channel all the strength and energy in the right direction. Boxers need something new every time for entertainment. They are also very obedient and intelligent. Boxer breeds are also considered police dogs and assist in detecting drugs and finding missing people.

3. Health 

Boxers need a moderate temperature and do not do well with acute cold or heat. They need to be considered part of the family and kept inside the house. Breeders should check for health conditions like Cardiac disorder, hip dislocation, thyroid deficiency, And the particular type of cancers.

4. Nourishment

Whether commercially produced dog food or home-cooked dog food, it should be high-quality and appropriate nutrition. It is vital to keep track of calorie consumption as some dogs are prone to weight gain. Also, treats should be given in moderation, or else they will throw tantrums at you if you give them their dog food. Giving a lot of treats can also cause obesity. Keep your veterinarian in the loop with what you are giving your dog and also ask for consultation from time to time.

AUTHORS NOTE – boxer breeds participated in bull baiting and dogfighting until it was declared illegal.


Which other dog breeds can be crossed with a boxer breed?

Boxer and the Rottweiler cross will give you a protective and loyal pet. It will also keep the trespassers at bay. A boxer and an American pit bull are often compared, but a cross of these two breeds will give you an intelligent and faithful dog. A boxer and an American bulldog cross is muscular and looks more like a boxer.

Are boxer breed dogs hostile?

Boxers are aggressive and want to dominate other dogs, mainly of the same sex. However, exercises like playing fetch and taking the dog on walks helps tone down the aggression and increases energy and agility. It is also capable of causing harm to other animals if it detects any threat.

Do boxers bark a lot?

A boxer breed dog has high energy and playful nature. Although the barking depends highly on the dog’s personality, if your dog starts barking a lot, there is a strong chance something is wrong.


The Business of breeding dogs is practiced on a large scale. Large-scale breeding also raises The chances of scams; hence, getting your dog from reliable means is necessary. Vaccinations and health certificates are also necessary to look for when buying a dog.

This article listed some online Boxer Breeders in Texas (TX) and 101 of Caring for a boxer breed dog. We also looked at some of the exciting crossbreeds between the boxer and other dog species.

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