Border Collie Pitbull Mix: The Complete Guide on Border Collie Pit

 If you are more into the medium-sized dogs with great energy and affection than this breed Border Collie Pitbull is for you. If you love long walks in the park or great playing sessions with your dog then Border Collie Pitbull will never let you down. This dog breed will definitely make you fall for his always cheering and loving personality.

With all the experimental dog breeds Border Collie Pitbull Mix has turned out to be most unique of them all. Border Collie Pitbull mix is the perfect blend of smartness and energy, something which they inherited from their parent breed. Pitbull is considered to be the loyal and loving nature on the other hand Border Collie is the smartest dog in the world and breeding these two purebreed gave us the first generation with all best quality.


Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

Quick Breed Summary Table of Border Collie Pit

Height 19 to 22 inches
Weight 30 to 45 pounds
Lifespan 13 to 15 years
Colors Blue or coppery red, brindle, merle, white, black
Intelligence Highly intelligent
Breed Type Mix and more
AKC Breed Popularity Not recognized
Temperament Could be alert, energetic, intelligent, loyal, responsive, protective, affectionate, cheerful, friendly and social
Daily Food Consumption Can take up between 1000 to 1400 calories a day
Common Health Issues Renal atrophy, Deafness, Epilepsy, Collie eye, Skin and Coat allergies

Facts About Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

The Pit bulls Border Collie hybrid, they are smart, healthy and very affectionate towards everyone. Border Collies are the most energetic and intelligent dogs in the world. If you want all this quality in your pet, you should definitely go for this breed. But what do you get from a mix of the dumb pit bull with the wise Border collie? Here are a few facts about this breed that you need to know about these dogs if you are planning to bring one at home.

  • There is always a chance of getting what you never wanted. This breed mix is a hybrid cross between the intelligent and alert parent with the affectionate but mischievous one which makes high chances of this dog turning into mischievous one. It will all depend on how you raise them.
  • When it comes to getting along with strangers or other dogs Pitbull Border Collies will easily get used to it. They are very social and affectionate towards everyone and known for their friendly and responsive nature.
  • Pit bulls Border Collie are very loyal towards their owner. They are very defensive when it comes to the safety of their loved ones.
  • Bright and Energetic Personality – They are packed with a lot of energy and require both mental and physical stimulation to maintain health.
  • They are very prone to be loved and taken care of, and always need proper attention from the owners.
  • Because of their energy, training them properly at an early age is recommended.
  • This breed suffers from separation anxiety, so it’s not recommended to leave this dog alone for long periods of time.
  • PitBull Border Collies mix has sensitive skin and needs proper grooming.


About the Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

The PitBull Border Collies mix gets its looks from Border Collie, semi erect ears and muscular body. These doggies are very intelligent, and will always keep you on your toes. The breed will be great as playmates with your kids and will become a valuable addition to your life. They are great as watch dogs.

Be prepared to be shocked by this breed’s superintelligence, if your dog outsmarts you with its wit. The only downside is that they can bark more when they sense a threat, combined with their defensive nature and protective instinct. Nevertheless, with proper training at a young age, the minor downside can be avoided.


Appearance of Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

It’s hard to guess exactly what the offspring would look like each time you cross two different breeds. The offspring can take on the physical characteristics of any one or both parent breed. The best way to predict that, is by taking a closer look to all the physical features of the parental generation.

In this hybrid breed, no matter which parent controls the trait, the size will hardly differ. Because both the parents are almost of the same height and age, it would be hard to detect the difference. A medium-sized breed of dogs will be the Border Collie Pitbull cross. Usually they grow up to your shoulder length from 15-16 inch tall and weigh under 50 pounds.

They are robust but graceful and well-balanced athletic dogs. They take the Pitbull and their enthusiastic herding parent The Collie after the molosser parent. His ears are mostly erect or semi-erect, the shape of the eye could be oval to round, and each color of eye may not be the same! He’ll probably have small feet of modest size and medium length nails.

The coat color of the Pitbull Border Collie hybrid is based upon the coat color of the parent breed. Border Collies are usually colored in black and white. Pit bulls can be white, black, gray, blue, fawn, tan or brindle in either colour. His coat is mostly rough and smooth curled hairs with rigid textured hair that could be almost any combination of any colors mentioned above with a number of markings. The size of hairs fall under medium to short length. Pitbull Border Collie’s tails are always carried low and the size of tails is medium to long. Your doggy would typically have a heavy muzzle and a snap of a scissor, or a mild overbite. The colors of the eyes can be different.


History and Origin of Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

It is very hard to track the history of any hybrid breed and especially when the breed is fairly new . This is the race’s first-generation, and when you mix two different purebred breeds, it is called first-generation crossbreeding. In order to predict traits and behaviour of the new breed we have to know about their parental breed history. Just like with all mixed-breed dogs the prediction of the final resultant only depends on the probability and in most cases the results are not even the same. These ferociously smart canines originated from fellow herders and pets. The Border Collie and the Pit Bull Terrier both have England-born parent breeds.

The Border collie has been ranked the smartest dog on earth. The history of border collie strats from the first century when the Romans brought their shepherding dogs to England. They were big in size, and very smart. The Border collie is a sheepdog bred on the English-Scottish border (as the name suggests). In the farms, English and Scottish herders enjoyed the intellect and enthusiasm of this dog. They are actually canine “workaholics,” making them invaluable for their duties as shepherds. The Border Collie is commonly referred to by many as the “king of herding dogs.”

On the other hand, the Pitbull Terrier isn’t having such a fond start. The Pitbull Terrier was first recognized under the name of Staffordshire Terrier by the United Kennel Club in 1898 and then by the American Kennel Club in 1936. In old times people used this breed as a guard, cattle catcher, livestock carrier, and mostly as a loyal companion for their long journey. Later during WORLD WAR I, Pitbulls were used as mascots for the American Army, due to their intense loyalty and courage. They featured on propaganda posters used for recruiting and for selling war bonds.

The breed name was eventually changed to the American Staffordshire Terrier in 1972 as breeders had created a much larger and tougher variant of the Staffordshire Terrier and decided to differentiate between the two breeds. Initially, butchers used the Staffordshire Terrier to handle horses, as well as hunters to help protect wild boar and other sports. He is also an English dog whose primary occupation has been fighting bulls and bears at games on stake. The Border Collie Pit originated in the United States, and today they live as their family’s pets and guardians.

The American Pit Bull Terrier is still not recognized by the American Kennel Club although the American Dog Breeders Association and the United Kennel Club have marked them with breed recognition. Others claim this is due to the popularity of the Pit Bull but the AKC claims they don’t accept it because it’s not a “true breed.” The AKC still only recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Is Border Collie Pit Good with Children?

The Border Pit is capable of being a perfect family pet. They have also been known to express love and affection towards children and strangers. The friendly nature and always ready to play attitude makes them perfect for kids. Although their protective nature towards the owner can often turn into a braking session if they feel any danger. Most dog owners will suggest you bring a puppy , It would be easier for them to get comfortable and adjust to a new place and according to your environment. And with simple training at an early age you will be able to control their aggressive behaviour. In general, the Border Pit should be fine with outsiders until their family has welcomed them.


Care of Border Collie Pitbull Mix:

The Border Collie Pit has a modest degree of maintenance owing largely to the parent breed Border Collie ‘s contribution. Since there is probability that the hybrid breed has inherited one or more than one characteristics of both parent breeds.

Food and Nutrition Requirements:

Pit bulls need a diet rich in high-quality proteins. Pit bulls are given less starch in their diet, as it could result in tummy problems. A Border collie relies heavily on a high-energy diet that helps maintain high levels of activity. Proteins are a must in a Collie ‘s diet so be vigilant about raw proteins. Looking at the parent diet Border Collie Pit should be mixed with high-energy carbohydrates and protein-rich. In addition to dry kibbles, we recommend that you add whole foods while feeding your dog to provide them with enough vitamins and antioxidants.

Proteins help muscles grow when the body is fuelled by energy food. Do not bring in a Pit Bull Collie mix with a raw protein diet until consulting a certified vet. The breed is known for extreme chewing and therefore their diet may include bones. Bones will satisfy their craving for chewing all the time.

High-quality, branded kibble is a perfect option for your Pit Bull-Collie breed. The portion size and kind of food will depend on your pup’s growth stage. Every crossbreed dog is likely to inherit the dominant parent traits and, in particular, their diet should be very close to that parent. When your dog is significantly bigger, we’ll suggest that you stick them on a more Pitbull-fit Kibble. Whereas if your dog is on the smaller side, Border Collies are filled with dry kibbles.


Exercise Requirements:

The parent breeds of Border Collie Pit were known to be best hunting and herding canines. So as Border Pits!! They ‘re very highly active puppies! With so much packed energy Pitbull Border Collie Dog needs daily at least an hour of mental and physical stimulation. At least an hour a day you need to go around and take your dog to the park and practice every day. You need to do so as you are raising the combination of two energetic breeds . Play around with their wittiness and searching skills. Go for practice, play tug war or play a quick ‘Hide and Seek’ to sharpen their searching skills.

It may not be the only practical idea to take it to a dog park daily and you can try other places. Spring poles, treadmills and a tug will help. If you can’t do that, you can encourage him to explore a larger yard where you can go out and throw the ball in a big yard and they can burn off the steamin finding that ball. And you can hide things around the house, and let him find it. You can also allot duties to your dog at home, like fetching any cold drink from the counter or throwing that chips packet in the trash can. For mental exercises, you might do puzzle training or any intelligent game.


Training Requirements:

Start early on with the Border Pit obedience training. This breed loves to get instruction, so they can please their owner, they would do exactly what they were instructed. They are extremely trainable when it comes to agility and simple obedience training, and can do nearly as well as their parent Purebred Border Collie. He’s very knowledgeable and keen on learning new tricks. He’s got a great memory and can recall most of the lessons you’ve given him. Training will begin when the Pit Bull-Collie hybrid is merely a puppy.

They will also be very open to the tricks of learning. They’ll probably need a payoff though, so you’ll want to exploit treats to keep their attention. The dog can be full of energy and will do training till the last drop, it doesn’t mean you can exercise strength during practicing.


Grooming Requirements:

The Pitbull Border Collie mix should be relatively quick to groom despite the breed’s short to medium-length coats. The Pitbull Border Collie mix is a combination of shedder parents! And there is a high possibility that he must have inherited any or all of the characteristics of one or both parents of the breed. His coat must be thoroughly brushed to avoid matting or shedding, at least once or twice in a week.

Because your dog will spend a lot of time outside Pit bull-Collie, it will catch pests like fleas and ticks so Vet often suggests checking his coat for ticks or flea dirt, while brushing his coat.Parasites such as ticks and fleas inject histamine into the blood of a dog which can lead to skin reaction. Also, check your dog’s skin allergies may occur from food, drugs, parasites or allergens in the atmosphere.

Your pet should only be bathed or shampooed when needed. Like with other canine breeds, to keep them clean and free of infection, this hybrid also needs routine and frequent teeth check-ups and cleansing, eye and ears check to keep an eye of infection.


Common Health Issues:

A Pitbull Border Collie mix tends to inherit the health issues faced by the parent breeds.Although they are genetically prone to all the parental health issues, but it does not mean they will get them. Here are a few of the health issues that are prone to Pitbull Border Collie mix parent breed. Pit bulls are prone to Cardiac disease, Cognitive problems, Cerebellar ataxia, Dog allergies. Also vulnerable to elbow and hip dysplasia. The Border collie suffers from hip dysplasia and renal atrophy, grom Deafness, Collie eye anomaly and Epilepsy.

This can be avoided with proper nutrition and care by feeding your Pit bull-Collie mix a healthy nutrient rich diet and plenty of physical and mental exercises daily. Try to maintain any type of physical exercise for senior dogs.



Pit bull-Collie mix will be great as family pets, and also be most loyal companions. They ‘re smart, work-driven dogs who do best with a family that has plenty of room to roam outdoors. Their sweet and compassionate natures make them perfect companions for adults and kids alike. Their big brains, tremendous needs for exercise and training do not make them an ideal fit for those entirely new to dog ownership. This is a perfect dog for families with private backyards residing in big homes.

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