5 Ways to Help Teething Beagle Puppy – Beagle Puppy Teething Stages, Age and Timeline

Did you know Beagles are born toothless, and when they grow old, they have 42 teeth? Yes, they have 10 more teeth than us!

Teething can be an unpleasant experience for your Beagle. They will go through problems and may act differently as a result. They may become aggressive and nibble at your hand.

So, how can you help your little Beagle?

You can give him ice cubes to help with the pain and chew toys to get rid of the irritation. Wait! Do you want to know more?

Then take a look at this article; we have provided five practical ways to help your Beagle dog from teething!


Beagle teething process

Beagle teething process
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Teething is when baby teeth naturally start falling out of the mouth due to the emergence of adult teeth, also called permanent teeth.

Just like in humans, teeth occur in canines too. Beagles also go through the same. It is pretty frustrating for parents and for them as well.

When baby teeth start moving from the gum line, it causes immense pain, making your baby Beagle extremely uncomfortable.

You may see your Beagles behaving differently during this phase. To ease the pain, they will chew unusual objects; they may become aggressive.

As a responsible pet owner, you must take care of them. They need your love and care. And, you must know how to deal with such a situation calmly. No worries that we will teach you in this article.


Beagle puppy teething timeline

As per research, we have bifurcated Beagles’ teething process stage-wise.

Well, you have to be pretty sure about the teething process because if Beagle puppies fail to get rid of baby teeth, it can lead to another problem. Meaning, they will have two rows of teeth, both adult and baby teeth.

I hope you don’t come across such a condition, but, in case you do, then you must take him to the vet.

Birth to 2 weeks old

Beagles are born with zero teeth, and the teeth don’t grow till they have reached two weeks of age.

Baby Beagle will remain with his mother and breeder during this point.


2 to 4 weeks old

At this stage, they will start having room for baby teeth (milk teeth). These baby teeth are tiny and sharp.

By this week, Beagles go through significant change, like their eyes start to open.


5 to 8 weeks old

Once baby Beagles have crossed 5 to 8 weeks, they will have the entire set of 28 teeth in their mouth.

First, they will have incisors, then canine, and lastly, premolars. Once they have canines, you can start to feed them solid foods.


9 to 12 weeks old

In the 9 to 12 weeks, they will start growing permanent teeth referred to as adult teeth.

Adult teeth will start replacing milk teeth by now. It is a painful phase because it will cause mouth irritation.

Baby Beagles will start mouthing anything they get. They can destroy your couch, clothes, etc., to get rid of mouth irritation.


6 to 8 months old

After eight months, the Beagles will have an entire set of 42 teeth. These sets will last long till their life if they don’t lose it while fighting with other dogs or due to periodontal diseases.

Even after eight months, if you still witness any baby teeth, then in such a case, you must visit the vet and get them removed.


5 ways to help your teething puppy

We’ll show you how to deal with teething in this part. As you know, adult teeth will gradually take over from milk teeth when Beagles reach nine weeks of age.

Falling out of milk teeth will undoubtedly cause pain. To alleviate this pain, we have listed five distinct solutions.

1. Chew Toys

Beagle Chew Toys
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Chewing toys is a great alternative to keep your furniture and house safe from teeth marks.

It will also help your Beagle puppy to get relieved by satisfying his chewing urge.

You must buy those chew toys which are safe for baby teeth. There are many teething puppies chewing toys designed of softer materials to protect newborn teeth.

You can get Interactive Chew Corn Toy; it is effective for chewing because of the zigzag shape. Plus, it has a whistle inside, so whenever your Beagle presses the toy, it will blow out the voice, enticing her to play more and chew more.

Make sure to rotate your toys and offer different shaped chew toys to your Beagle.

You can also buy MewaJump Dog Chew Toys. It is made of safe, natural rubber and provides relief while teething. You can pass this to him and redirect his energy from chewing the wrong things.


2. Frozen Carrot

Beagle Chewing Frozen Carrot
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Moving on next, offer your Beagle a few pieces of frozen carrots. They are alluring and full of vitamins and minerals, plus it also helps gum soreness.

It will help to soothe pain caused in his gum line and calm down her mouth irritation because of the cooling effect.


3. Flavored Ice Cube

Flavorful cubes of ice are also a great alternative to ease gum pain and allure your Beagle because it will keep slippering, and he can have fun.

Put chicken broth in the ice tray and let it freeze for some time. And, it’s ready now. Your pet can have it all.


4. Chew Treats

Beagle Chew Treats
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Offer your Beagle tasty and healthy chew treats. You can give him a bone too.

If you are not interested in the bone, then you purchase N-Bone Puppy Teething Treats. The soft texture is gentle on a Beagle’s new teeth and aids in the relief of teething pain and sore gums. Plus, it’s tasty and a healthy option too! Isn’t it great?


5. Frozen Hand Towel

The last option is to use your house hand towel. Yes, you can give it to Beagle, but not like this. You have to soak it in water and freeze it till it gets cold. Then give it to him.

The texture and cooling effect will help his gum line. But, there is one condition for using this alternative.

It needs your presence and supervision because if he gets aggressive, he may churn it into small size and probably swallow it, which is highly unsafe.


Stop puppy biting

Remember when you got your cute little Beagle at home how nicely he would sleep in your lap.

But, soon after nine weeks, once he has 42 white pearls, he will nibble you, chew your hand, which can be quite painful for you.

Your skin may have bruises and scars. So, how to deal with it.

  • You can train your Beagle right from the beginning how to socialize with humans.
  • Beagles have a lot of energy. Make sure to direct their energy in playing or taking them on walks.
  • You can also use the time out method. While playing, if Beagle yelps your hand, take your hand away from his mouth and go away for a few minutes.

You can also leave the room. Then come back and play again. Again if your dog repeats and nibbles your hand, repeat the step. Slowly, it will get registered in your dog’s mind and won’t do it.

  • Try to distract with toys too. When your Beagle is about to bite, you give him a toy to distract him from chewing your hands and direct his energy.
  • Use a positive reinforcement trick. Offer your Beagle a treat whenever he obeys your order.

When he comes to you for playing, command him to obey your order when he follows it; please give him a treat, repeat this step, and once he starts following your command, then you can stop.


Stop your Beagle from destroying your house

It is vital to prevent your Beagles from destroying your house because they often chew non-edible objects, which can cause trouble to their stomach, and in severe cases, you may take them for an operation.

Therefore, follow the listed below steps to prevent your Beagle from devastating your house.

1. Invest in Playpen

You can limit his access by using a playpen. A playpen will help him to learn to stay in his defined area.


2. Beagle proof your house

All those things have higher chances of getting chewed. Keep them away from your Beagle.

Stuff like shoes, bags, clothes, books, and AC remotes is a big no-no for them. Keep them at an alleviated place where they cannot easily reach.

If electric cords are lying in your house, then use PetCable Pet-Resistant Cord Protector. It will cover electric wires and won’t hurt your Beagle.


3. Apply Deterrent Spray

If your Beagle scratches the couch corner or bed corner, then you can apply deterrent spray on it to keep your house safe. Try using Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Spray. It is safe, and I have personally used it while training my Beagle.

Spray this lemon liquid on things, and the anti-chew formula will repel him not to come again near that object.


Final Thoughts

As you know, Beagles cannot communicate like us humans, and so they use body language to tell you that they are struggling with teething.

When your Beagle starts teething, you can offer him a few frozen carrots to soothe gum line pain, give him chewy treats to kill his chewing urge, and most importantly, train him and redirect his energy.

I have used all these methods, and therefore, they are safe and effective.

Please share our article with other Beagle owners if you enjoyed it.

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