Can Dogs Eat Sushi?

Can Dogs Eat Sushi

Sushi is a well-known delicacy all around the world. Whether it is cooked with the use of seafood, raw fish, or even vegetables, it is enjoyed by many.It can be cut rolled or hand-rolled or even come with tempura or maybe without it. But, we do know that we humans do enjoy eating sushi. What …

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Can Dogs Eat Tacos?

Can Dogs Eat Tacos

Have you been craving some beef tacos or plain-old Mexican tacos? Well, you can surely pick one for yourself as you drive back from the doggy park. After all that chasing and playing fetch with your pooch, you surely deserve a tasty snack. However, as you enjoy this delightful treat, your pooch would surely give …

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Can Dogs Eat Tortilla?

Can Dogs Eat Tortilla

Are you planning a tortilla party with your friends coming over? Well, isn’t that a treat for your senses? But, wait! Did you get something for your pooch? You surely cannot feed them tortillas, though. Your mind must be troubled with questions as to the safety-related to feeding tortillas to the dogs. So, are tortillas …

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Can Dogs Eat Jam?

Can Dogs Eat Jam

When you hurry to make it to your office, the go-to breakfast is either bread-butter or bread-jam. However, although this light breakfast is good for your health, the story could be very different for your pets, specifically, your dogs. So, can your dog eat jam? Well, you won’t cause any harm to your pooch if …

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Can Dogs Eat Artichokes?

Can Dogs Eat Artichokes

When it comes to human health, artichokes are loaded with healthy minerals, vitamins, and elements such as fiber. Although they might look a bit funny, they sure are easy to eat and cook. However, one question that would surely pop up in your mind is whether it is the right choice for your dog as …

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Can Dogs Take Phenergan?

Can Dogs Take Phenergan

Phenergan, also known as Promethazine in medical terms,is used primarily for the treatment of allergic reactions, nausea, & vomiting/motion sickness induced due to any underlying illnesses. If you ever had such an episode with your pooch, your doctor must have recommended the use of Phenergan. Apart from the generic usage, the medication is also fed …

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Pitbull Chihuahua Mix The Complete Guide

Pitbull Chihuahua Mix

The Pitbull Chihuahua mix is a remarkable hybrid of two purebred breeds and commonly known as a designer dog. This breed is also considered to be a trendypurse dog. Carrying the temperaments of friendliness, loyalty, sensitivity, and sociability, these dogs make the perfect companion for your family. Also, being a low maintenance breed, it has …

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