Are Dogs Allowed in Walmart? (Pet Owners Guide!)

Are Dogs Allowed in Walmart? Quench your curiosity now!

Walmart is like that one store you entirely rely on for your daily requirements, also the most well-known and valuable brand in the world. Walmart also has a-z stuff for dogs, and this can make you wonder if dogs are allowed there or not?

Only certain dogs are allowed inside Walmart!

In this article, you will know which dogs are allowed in Walmart, which are not, and why! Also, Walmart’s official statement.


The Official Statement from Walmart

The Americans with Inabilities Act characterizes benefit dogs as those that help as a portion of their obligations to our clients.

Walmart acknowledges these dogs in its stores, and we esteem the vital part they play in numerous of our customers’ lives.

We don’t permit pets in our stores. So fundamentally, the brief reply is no, puppies are not permitted in Walmart. Only service animals are allowed in.


Can a puppy be allowed into Walmart?

Can a puppy be allowed into Walmart

You might wonder what harm a puppy can make into any store when most of the time, he’s got o be in your hands or the crate most of the time. Besides looking extremely cute and innocent, they are still not allowed inside as they fall in the category of ordinary dogs.

Therefore, the short answer is no; a puppy is not allowed into Walmart.


6 reasons why your dog is not allowed in Walmart

1. FDA’s food service codes:


The FDA food service code states that allowing animals into food stores is unhygienic. Mainly because dogs drool, leave their hairs behind, sniff around, and so on.

There are many fresh food and beverages available in the store, which raise the risk of being contaminated by the presence of dogs.


2. Safety:

Each dog has its individuality, and you can’t predict when they will unleash their exploring, anxiety, curiosity, behaviour, or they might even get scared in a different social setting.

So dogs might get terrified by certain vibes or people, which can make them bark or, even worse, bite and chase!

On the other hand, not all people like to be around dogs; some people are so scared that they change their directions if a dog is in their way.


3. Pee-poo incidents:

Dogs are innocent creatures, making them more vulnerable to pee and poo accidents, especially if it’s a new place with many strangers.


4. Leash:

Sometimes, when dogs are not adequately leash trained, they are subjected to create more trouble; since Walmart is crowded most of the time, there are excellent chances that your dog’s leash could get tangled into anyone’s leg.


5. Dog allergies:

Dog allergies

Dogs do not use restrooms or wear clothing; they distribute their poop.

The germs, allergies, and parasites found in dog faeces are twenty times higher than those found in human stool.

Therefore, According to studies conducted by the University of Bari in Italy and the University of Denver in Colorado, dog poop is responsible for 50% of diseases in urban places such as Naples and Detroit.


6. Other reasons:

  • Falling Hair
  • Poop
  • Slobber
  • Piddling against stuff
  • Biting of customers
  • Customers with allergies and phobias
  • Bumping things over
  • Noise
  • Chewing on furniture

These were some obvious reasons why Walmart won’t allow any pet, even if your dog is trained and poses no harm to the other customers; not all dog owners can guarantee the same!


Service dogs: what are they?

Service dog

Dogs that are trained to assist people with disabilities so that they can fully participate in everyday life

For example:

  • giving stability for someone who has difficulties walking,
  • picking up objects for someone who uses a wheelchair,
  • stopping a youngster with autism from wandering away,
  • notifying a person with hearing loss when someone approaches from behind.


Can you train any dog to become a service dog?

Training a dog to be a service dog is a process; you can’t just get up one day and think that my Chihuahua should be a service dog! As that’s certainly not possible.

Dogs require public access training, work tasks, socialization, and obedience training to qualify as service dogs.


Can Walmart ask for proof for a service dog?

The short answer is no, Walmart cannot ask a person to prove his disabilities, nor can they ask for a special identification card or training documentation for the dog.

The employees of Walmart can only ask about the function and task your service dog performs! In some places like California, it’s necessary for your service dog to wear bright-colored jackets, leashes, or tags.

However, this is not enforced everywhere!


Does Walmart allow all service dogs?

There are eight types of service dogs:

  1. Autism Service Dogs
  2. Mobility Assistance Dogs
  3. PTSD Service Dogs.
  4. Hearing Dogs
  5. Diabetic Alert Dogs
  6. Seizure Response Dogs
  7. Guide Dogs
  8. Allergy Detection Dogs

Yes, all kinds of service dogs are allowed in Walmart. However, there are some rules.


Rules for service dogs inside Walmart:

  1. The handler is solely responsible for taking care of the service dog. You need to care for your service dog’s toileting, feeding and grooming, and veterinary care.
  2. Service dogs are not allowed to bark or wander too much!
  3. You cannot carry your service dog in a trolley or stroller.
  4. They are not allowed in the area where the food is being prepared.
  5. The staff has all rights reserved if they want to make any zone a pet-free zone.


The best breeds for service dogs:

  • German Shepherds.
  • Great Danes.
  • Border Collies.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs
  • Golden Retrievers.
  • Labradors (American and English)


Does Walmart allow emotional support dogs?

No, emotional support dogs are not allowed in Walmart; according to the ADA guidelines, they don’t come under the category of service animals.

Emotional support dogs are primarily for people who have invisible disabilities.

Moreover, a person needs to have a certificate from a mental health professional for their emotional or mental disability.

The ESA(emotional support animals) cannot accompany their owners in Walmart, malls, restaurants, etc.

The best breed for emotional support dogs:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Golden Retriever.
  • Corgi
  • Beagle
  • Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Can I leave my dog outside Walmart?

Under the law, dogs must not be tethered, fastened, chained, tied, or restrained to a dog house, tree, fence, or any other stationary object.

No dog should be left alone outside the Walmart; many things could go wrong, or someone can even kidnap your baby; you never know as these cute creatures can wag their tail to anyone!

However, we understand the emergencies you might get into, and here are a few ways to make it a safe experience!

  1. Being a dog lover, we hate saying this word, but you can tie your dog to a spot where you can keep an eye on him.
  2. Make it quick, don’t take too long to run your errands; if it’s taking long, go out and check on your buddy.
  3. Microchipped your dog so that you could trace him quickly if he managed to escape the rope.



1. Why are dogs not allowed in Walmart?

Dogs are not allowed in Walmart due to the FDA food service code states that allowing animals into food stores is unhygienic.


2. Can you take emotional support dogs in Walmart?

No, you can’t; according to the ADA guidelines, they don’t come under the category of service animals.


3. Does Walmart ask for papers of service dogs?

Nevertheless, Walmart only allows service dogs, but they have no right to ask for proof.


4. Is there a test that service dogs must pass?

The majority of service dog public access tests involve a lot of things and scenarios, but the team only needs an 80 percent grade to pass. This means that any service dog, regardless of size or job function, should be able to meet the requirements.



You might think that it’s quite unfair; dogs are dogs; why discriminate among them? But the truth is that even service dogs have to follow certain guidelines in order to be in a Walmart.

So the bottom line is, Walmart is not a place suitable for bringing your dogs in, no hard feelings.

However, the idea of having a pet-friendly zone outside Walmart should be welcomed, as many dog owners could fall in jeopardy of where to keep their dogs while they go buy some essentials.

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