Are Most Beagles Lap Dogs?

The simple answer is yes.

Beagles are very friendly, social, and love human touch. They initially hunted beside humans and slept near them for warmth and safety. In addition to this, their compact size makes them the perfect cuddle buddy.

Therefore, they have all the qualities to be a lapdog. However, every dog is different and may have different tendencies.

So, let’s first understand what lapdogs are and read the qualities that make Beagles a great choice for lapdogs.


What Are Lap Dogs?

Simply put, lapdogs are dogs that can and like to sit on laps. They are dogs that love to cuddle with their owners on their lap. These dogs are very affectionate and love companionship.

Lapdogs have a good temperament and a size that is perfect for being held or sitting on your lap. Apart from this, they are very loving and enjoy being close to their owners.

Moreover, Lapdogs are naturally inclined to sit on laps. Apparently, this is ingrained in their genes and personality.

Naturally, such dogs will be clingy and may follow you everywhere.

Whether your dog is a lapdog depends on their disposition, size, energy level, and whether they like to engage in this activity or not.


4 Reasons Why Beagles Are Best Lap Dogs?

Both their personality and physical attributes make Beagles the best lap dogs. Let’s take a look.

1. Affectionate

Affectionate Beagle
Photo By brutus_and_olive

Beagles love human contact. They want to be around you all time and that’s why they tend to follow you everywhere. These dogs show us that they love us through their affection. They will lick you, nuzzle you and cuddle with you.

It is why they make fantastic lapdogs. They will come and cuddle with you on your lap for no reason at all. It is a sheer need to be close to you. Moreover, Beagles have no problem sharing space.

With Beagles, affection will run both ways. They want you to pet them and sleep next to them. Since they love warm and cozy spaces, they have a reputation to burrow under the blankets.


2. Social

Beagles have tremendous potential to be lapdogs because they are very social. They love to be around people and you will often find them as the life of the party. Since they traveled and lived in packs, they would do everything together: eating, hunting, and sleeping.

It is likely that they retained this social trait. Therefore, Beagles are socially comfortable.

Extrovert animals like these love to make friends. They make great family dogs. They are outgoing and get along with everyone.

Since they are social animals, if left alone for a long time, they can become anxious or stressed. To find the comfort they will seek you out.

Naturally, they will love bonding time and the best one is curling up on your lap.


3. Don’t Shed A Lot

Beagles have short hair and a short coat. Even if their fur is dense, they don’t shed a lot. Their hair is very easy to maintain. All you have to do is give them a bath once a month and brush their hair every week.

They tend to shed more in spring, so you can limit your cuddle sessions on your lap at that time.


4. Clingy

Clingy Beagle
Photo By ediethebeagle

We already know Beagles are affectionate and love to show it. In addition to this, they are also quite clingy. They don’t like it when you leave them alone for a long time. Since they prefer to be with you all the time, they will sleep next to you under the covers or hang out on your lap.

Beagles are also prone to separation anxiety. So, they might cling to you out of stress or anxiety. In such cases, you become a source of comfort and reassurance.

Beagles love attention and they want it from you because you are their “human pack”.


Other Breeds That Make Great Lap Dogs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavaliers are one of the world’s friendliest dogs. Just like Beagles, they tend to follow their owners. They are happy to cuddle with you or sit on your lap. With a stable temperament, Cavaliers get along with children and other animals.

Moreover, their small size makes them suitable as lapdogs. They have an outgoing personality and are easy to groom.




Pugs might look grumpy with their wrinkly face but they have a strong fondness for their owners. They are happiest when they are spending time with them.

Pugs may look hefty but they only weigh around 14-18 Ibs. These dogs are the perfect size for cuddling. They like to snuggle on the sofa with their owners or take a nap with them.

They also don’t mind being held and have a friendly nature.




Chihuahuas are known for snapping at people but don’t let their bark fool you. Loyal and devoted, they are amazing companion dogs.

They are lightweight as they weigh between 3-6 pounds. So, they are easy to keep on your laps. They are active but you won’t have to take them out much because they can get exercise indoors.

Chihuahuas might not have great patience with kids but they are deeply affectionate with their owners. They like your attention and love to cuddle with humans.



Beagles can be amazing lapdogs because they have great characteristics to suit your needs.

You can check all the boxes for Beagles to be the best lapdogs. Their mild temperament, affectionate nature, and convenient size contribute to this. Although Beagles are athletic, they can be temporary couch potatoes.

Other dogs like Cavalier King Charles, Pugs, and Chihuahuas are extraordinary contenders. All the qualities we listed make them excellent lapdogs.

So, if it’s a new pet, Beagles are a very good choice.

However, if they are old ones, remember that you cannot make them sit on your lap. You have to train them into doing it. Otherwise, they will be hesitant to even try and might end up hating it.

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