Are Beagles Good Swimmers? How to find out?

You must have seen dogs that are excellent swimmers. There are several breeds of dogs who love swimming, and it’s not limited to only one breed. However, are Beagles as good swimmers as Labradors or Retrievers? Let us find out below!

Beagles can be trained enough to swim around in a shallow water source. However, they can’t be excellent swimmers like other dogs. As you know, Beagles come from a hunter-origin i.e., they were bred to be hunting dogs. Their nature makes them more accustomed to forests and drier places where they can run around.

Do not mistake this nature for their stubbornness. Beagles are extremely intelligent dogs that can learn to swim with a little amount of training. Thus, you can follow some of the very easy steps to teach how to swim to your dog. Read further to find out about these steps.


Do Beagles Like Water?



The answer is no. Unfortunately, Beagles are naturally designed to be hunter dogs. Thus, they do not like to get wet or stay wet. They would rather run and chase a target around the forest instead of getting into the water and swimming.

As they are naturally hunting dogs, they do not prefer water bodies around them. Open spaces and green areas are a much better setting for them. This is why Beagles also give a hard time while bathing.

Beagles, however, can learn how to swim with a little amount of training and treats. They only hate the water, so they can swim if they are taught. They are just not too happy about it.


Can Beagles swim naturally?

Can Beagles swim naturally

It is tricky to know if your Beagle is a natural swimmer or not. Some puppies are born with the skill, while others need to be taught. To know if your Beagle pup is a born swimmer, you can put it in shallow water to test. Dogs will naturally start to paddle if they are born with the skill of swimming. Otherwise, you can begin training your Beagle to swim by following certain steps.


How to train Beagles to swim?

How to train Beagles to swim

You can begin your Beagle’s swim training from the puppy stage itself. You can follow these few steps to help your Beagle learn to swim efficiently.

1. Dog life jacket

Before you let your pup near the water, remember to put it in a life jacket. Life jackets are always a good precaution for your dog, while they also build the dog’s confidence in the water.


2. Shallow water practice

Always begin the training by introducing your Beagle to shallow water. A shallow tub or a kid’s inflatable pool are some of the recommended options for you to begin swim training.

The goal is to make your Beagle comfortable with water before teaching him to swim. Thus, you must keep the water level low at first. Let your dog get used to the feeling of water. If it gets nervous or scared, give it some time before trying again.


3. Increase water level

After your dog gets used to the water, you can slowly begin to increase the level of water. Do not increase it all at once. Since your Beagle will be wearing a life jacket, it will start floating once the water level increases.

When a dog realises that its feet are not on the ground in the water, it starts paddling to stay afloat. This is what your Beagle will do as well.


4. Stay around your Beagle

Beagles are not exactly water lovers. Thus training them to swim is a huge task. You must always supervise them while they are in the water. Treat them with snacks and see if they attempt to swim to get their treats.

Do not leave your dog alone in the water. Also, keep an eye on its rear end. If the Beagle’s rear body begins to sink in the water, it will lose balance and the whole body will sink.

Never leave your Beagle alone in the water. Since this training is supposed to build your dog’s confidence, you must not leave it alone as it may affect the Beagle’s confidence.


Is swimming good for Beagles?

Is swimming good for Beagles

Swimming is always a great exercise for all kinds of dogs. Little 10-15 minutes of swimming sessions are a good amount of workout for your Beagle. Swimming will save you from extra minutes of exercise with your Beagle, who will be completely drained due to swimming.

Swimming can help your Beagle in stretching its joints and muscles. It can relieve a lot of tension in the body.

In the summers, swimming is a great option since dogs already feel very hot. Other than that, swimming is also a great exercise to keep your Beagle’s lungs and hearts healthy. Swimmer dogs are much less at risk of heart diseases and they have no breathing issues with their lungs.


Disadvantages of swimming for a Beagle

Since Beagles do not like swimming or water at all, it is hard to get them to the pool at first. They will try swimming, however, they do not tend to stay in the water for a long time.

Chlorine infused swimming pools are not well for their eyes and other sensitive body parts.

Saltwater or algae from the sea can also damage your dog’s fur and skin. Thus, make sure that you bathe your Beagle as soon as it returns from swimming.

Sometimes, even if you try hard, some Beagles are stubborn enough to not learn swimming at all. Let’s hope it gets better for the Beagle if you give it enough practice.



Beagles are super energetic and social. However, when it comes to swimming or bathing, they prefer staying away from the water. Other than that, they are not natural swimmers. It is very rare that you will find a Beagle who is naturally good at swimming.

Beagles are supposed to be hunting/pack dogs who are made for running around free in the woods or wide space. This is why Beagles do not like to swim. However, with the help of treats and games, you can try training your Beagle to learn how to swim. They are stubborn but they are also hungry for attention and love. Thus, they will obey you as long as you are giving your complete attention to them.

Beagles have a very unique personality, and we hope you get to train your Beagle with ease after reading our article! Do share it with other dog owners who are looking for advice on swim training their fur buddies.

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