10 Common Beagle Behavior Problems and Solutions

Does your beagle ignore you? Or perhaps worse, doesn’t tend to listen to your commands? It’s pretty common that your little buddy gets a little out of hand at times, especially since beagles are super enthusiastic and cheerful by nature.

Thus, It can become very frustrating for any dog owner to fix bad habits their puppies have acquired. However, with proper strategy and consistency, your beagle can learn good manners!

Sooner or later, you will find that dogs understand what’s right and wrong according to you. Besides, it’s best to train your dog as early as possible. So, it’s essential that, as an owner, you are able to convey instructions correctly for your beagle to follow.


10 Beagle Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

1. Barking

Beagle Barking

The most common behavioral problem with Beagles is barking. They do so for various reasons. As you must know, beagles are bubbly and energetic.

Hence, they love attention. It’s normal for all dogs, but the case is a bit different for beagles. The more you’ll try to voice out your disapproval, the more they bark. This is because acknowledging their barking encourages them to do so.

As a result, no matter how many times you stop them, it just won’t work.

How To Fix It?

Considering that any verbal confrontation will have the opposite effect on your beagle, try to avoid it. You can leave them alone. As there’s no form of stimulation, beagles get bored and stop. This eventually makes the barking problem go away.

If, however, your puppy continues to do so, then it’s suggested that you keep ignoring them. You can turn around or act like nothing’s bothering you.

After getting no response from your side repeatedly, your dog will understand that barking isn’t appreciated. Also, remember to treat your dog later when they have calmed down.


2. Chewing on stuff

Beagle Chewing on stuff
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Another frequent habit of teethed beagles is that they’ll chew on anything. This can be annoying and dangerous.

Regardless, puppies like to chew on stuff as it makes them feel pleased. This may be fun to your dog but isn’t to you or, most importantly, your home.

Dogs can chew anything right from furniture to electronics causing damage. Similarly, they could accidentally swallow harmful objects. Hence it’s vital to put an end to it.

How To Fix It?

Beagles just cannot stop their chewing habit. So owners need to give their puppy toys instead. This will keep them busy and your house safe.

There are a variety of well-rated toys available that will distract your dog.


3. Ignoring commands

Beagle Ignoring commands

Beagles can be quite notorious and are often involved in some mischief. Given their inquisitive nature, beagles are incredibly fond of exploring.

There are a few reasons as to why your beagle may be ignoring your commands.

Foremost, it could be that the beagle is unable to understand your commands. Irrespective of whether the beagle is young or trained, if your puppy is not associating training words such as ‘Sit’ or ‘Stay’ with them being commanded, they may ignore them.

Another reason could be not receiving rewards. Since beagles are particularly intelligent dogs, they could stop giving attention to your commands if you do not treat them.

Not only this but beagles may also ignore commands that involve doing activities that they dislike, like trimming nails.

How To Fix It?

1. Give them commands when they are attentive

Please do not choose to give commands at random occasions or when they are not observant of them, this increases the chances of you being ignored.


2. Build a habit

Maintaining a daily session focused on training your beagle is a great way to make them accustomed to listening to them.

You may have to start things gradually and compliment their efforts. Ensure that you are using training words, especially when providing meals, to encourage them to obey you.


4. Pulling at the leash while walking

Beagle Pulling at the leash while walking

Beagles are one of the most instinct-driven and energetic breeds of dogs. These two characteristics are the main catalysts for them to pull the leash opposite the desired direction.

Even the slightest bit of foreign smell can alert them and cause them to follow it, regardless of its direction or place.

How To Fix It?

A simple way to fix this problem is loose leash walking. The method enables dogs to learn about healthy walking practices, for example, staying nearby to you.

Whenever your dog pulls the leash, halt in your steps. Apart from this, you could even go in the opposite direction to let them know they cannot wander anywhere.

Altogether, this will help your dog be less stubborn.


5. Puppy biting

Puppy biting

Dogs have many innate behaviors, and biting is one of them. It’s just a way of communicating for them but is painful for us.

Once your beagle learns how to bite, they always do it. Overall, it’s relatively difficult to keep reminding them it’s not good.

How To Fix It?

An effective way to tackle this issue is to inform your beagle it’s not okay verbally. Subsequently, it would help not give them any attention to showcase your disagreement with their action.

Gradually, your dog will understand that biting hurts you.


6. Jumping on visitors

Beagles Jumping on visitors

As stated earlier, Beagles are highly energetic. Their pumped-up nature and instantaneous excitements cause them to jump on children or even adults regardless of their relation to them.

Beagles of all sizes can jump on your visitors or even house members at times.

How To Fix It?

Getting beagles to use up all of their pent-up energy in daily walks and exercises is an excellent way for them to calm down and not react wildly.

Further, making it a habit for your beagle to visit others can help it remember and stay calm the next you meet them.


7. Aggressive behavior

Beagle Aggressive behavior

While beagles are mild-tempered, there is a reason that even they lash out at moments.

Beagles, by nature, are designed for hunting in packs, and they show their dominance in the family by being aggressive.

The initial days of care usually determine whether they are going to be aggressive and dominant or not.

How To Fix It?

The best way to stop/reduce beagles from asserting their dominance is by showing that you’re the leader of the family.

Please don’t be too harsh on your dog but at the same time, let it know about certain boundaries they cannot cross.

Placing restrictions on their entry in certain areas, always walking ahead of them during walks are some good techniques that you can make use of.


8. Digging

Beagle Digging

As mentioned before, beagles have instincts. They can be tough to change but can be modified.

Just like biting or chewing, dogs often dig on the ground. Digging doesn’t really fall into the category of bad behavior. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to control where they dig.

It’s a fun activity for the beagles but can become a headache for the owner, especially if you have a backyard. Since dogs can dig anywhere, they like.

How To Fix It?

The primary way to stop this habit is by learning the underlying reason as to why your dog is digging.

Beagles can dig for fun, hide food, take cool shelter, etc. Examine the reason for your beagle to be digging all the time and take respective action accordingly.

If they’re doing it for fun, exhaust them with good exercise outside. If the reason is hiding food, cut down on their extra treats by giving them smaller bits that cannot be buried.

If the weather is too hot, ensure they have good shade indoors before they make their own.


9. Begging

If you are eating, beagles often look at the table and start begging or whining for food. It’s evident that dogs would like to taste the pasta you’re having.

But it’s unsuitable for their health. Also, beagles shouldn’t get what they are asking for while whining cutely.

How To Fix It?

All members of the family must decline such demands from beagles. There’s no other way to stop their whines.

It may seem difficult at times but trust me; once they know it’s not helping, they won’t respect it.


10. Separation anxiety

Beagles are social dogs and enjoy being in a crowd of people. You’ll notice it when you take them outdoors for a walk or play!

Simply put, beagles are relatively comfortable with socializing daily. Therefore, when you are leaving for work or aren’t around them for a while, it makes them anxious.

Beagles begin feeling lonely and separated from you. So, they try all kinds of things to get your attention anyhow. This could also lead to them being aggressive.

How To Fix It?

To fix this problem, you can make them busy with toys or tasks. By doing this, beagles get distracted and do not feel lonely.

It’s a quick and easy solution to make your beagle calm in such situations.



In a nutshell, these were some major behavioral issues that arise with beagles. We discussed how crucial it is to communicate with your dog in a healthy manner.

Also, owners should make sure to put across their objections regarding their inappropriate behavior. Beagles then know who’s in charge and what they must follow. It’s easier to train and strengthen your bond this way. Are beagles easy to teach or not? Share your thoughts below!

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